Redemption || Spider-Man & Deadpool

Well, if Santa could see the good in him, so could Peter.

At least, that was what he was thinking until he saw the man gleefully tearing into a pariah with his sword while shooting two others in the face. There was a part in that crazy man’s body, lodged deep down, that was good. Peter had experienced it first hand, but it didn’t change the fact that there was a little too much enjoyment in the activity to qualify entirely for the nice list.

Then again, Santa was kind of hard core, so who knows.

Peter waited for the right time to drop from the roof, landing on one of the pariah’s that had attempted to circle Deadpool from the back. “So.”

Peter started from behind him, webbing past the merc to get ankle shots on the next two incoming targets. “Heard you and I were a package deal for Santa’s party. Are we supposed to wear matching outfits, then?”

chrisdoritoevans asked:

So I just spent the last two days on Ao3 binge reading first all your Imagine Tony and Bucky prompt fills, then the Ancient Warrior Bucky series, and now this series (I'm about to embark on the 60k monstrosity that is Regression Analysis jfc) and can I just say I WAS MUCH HAPPIER BEFORE THERE WAS A MOMENT BECAME A THING. I WAS PERFECTLY HAPPY PUTTING MY OTP STONY ASIDE FOR THIS GLORIOUS ALTERNATE-OTP AND THEN YOU GAVE ME SAD STEVE FEELS. I'M SO UPSET. THAT INSTALLMENT MADE ME BAWL. YOU ARE EVIL.

Ahh, but am I evil? Or am I actually giving you exactly what has been lacking in a lot of other explorations of this relationship dynamic? (Or… am I full of @#$%? haha) 

Really, though, I don’t see a lot of stories addressing other pairings without the resolution becoming “well, now you’re an OT3, all better.” I get off on feels, and this felt like more of a “real” scenario, thus allowing me to be more emotionally invested, thus allowing me to get my feels fix. *thunder crashes somewhere ominously*

There Was A Moment hurts pretty bad, but not just for the sake of hurting. Little clues about it were interlaced in other installments, and it lays the groundwork for the monster you’re about to head into. Regression Analysis wouldn’t be able to happen without There Was A Moment. And Regression Analysis is pretty important for other things that happen within this universe. 

Anyway, I am sorry to have made it hurt so bad, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it hurting so good? 

Also, HI! You’re amazing for not only digging so deep into my AO3 land, but also for reaching out!! Totally makes my day. :)

When I was throwing together an outfit for a small but important stage performance tonight, I suddenly discovered a new person in the mirror. A person who is pretty much like the me I’ve known for many, many years, but… reversed? I haven’t quite found the words to describe what happened there, but what I saw was both entirely familiar (almost an “oh, there you are” moment about myself) and completely new. It was quite memorable indeed.

So I’m sharing this moment with you (and hope there will be more/better words about it later). If only because it involved a bowtie with skulls and crossbones-made-from-scissors and inspired a deliberately Kurt Hummel-esque gesture later on.

thecouchwitch asked:

I think youre the greatest dude i ever met, even if i did think you were a girl for like the first few months of our friendship. Youre kind and sweet and really funny and speaking to you is my motivation for getting up in the morning so we can fangasm about boostle and guyle and maxwell lord. You are honestly my best most closest friend and your very presence makes my somewhat shitty life enjoyable and i couldnt ask for a better sector partner, even if we are in different corps. I love you. <:3c

good you better love me cause youre stuck with me