collecting falling stars + [listen] i’m glad i fell into your lap // so am i

01. like you lots - lany || 02. texas - magic man || 03. 400 lux - lorde || 04. blue (feat. alex hope) - troye sivan || 05. cavalier (the 1975 remix) - james vincent mcmorrow || 06. medicine - the 1975 || 07. all i want - dawn golden || 08. latch (acoustic) - sam smith || 09. firefly - ed sheeran || 10. if i tremble - front porch step || 11. for isaac - maeve kelly || 12. from eden - hozier || 13. home - one direction || 14. wild (feat. alessia cara) - troye sivan || 15. tear in my heart - twenty one pilots || 16. cardiac arrest - bad suns

riley matthews week + favorite relationship (3/3)

New Aesthetic: Eren and Mikasa’s Hands

like in Chugakkou in Mikasa’s fantasy– you seeeee how after Eren puts his hand in hers her thumb ever so slightly touches his hand (’:

And in Ep. 25 you can see how much she’s missed him and how long she’s been yearning to share a moment, I mean just look at the way she squeezes his hand like that, so powerfully get so gently like she’s never gonna let go…

And here, in Ep. 22, it’s as if Mikasa’s telling Eren that everything’s gonna be okay despite the losses, and that she’ll always be there for him with that waaay she holds his hand like that, and whether it’s out of exhaustion (which at the time, is admittedly more likely) he just lets her, but I’d like to think that somewhere subconsciously he felt a little better because he knew that she’d always be by his side, and 

T^T I need more Eremika in my life *sobs*

Neck Raspberry!! ✨💋💕😆😆😆


riley & lucas | steal my girl. (+3x09)
video by: @hilaryerhard


Root x Shaw | The Intensity Of Their Gaze In The Most Intimate Moment…

…Speaks Volumes.

Shaw’s Emotional Vulnerability x Root’s Steadfast Reassurance

That is why Root is Shaw’s SAFE PLACE….

…Consciously AND Subconsciously.

SM town concert day 2

This day was a better day than yesterday, although it wasn’t ba-cham moments that leave you mind blown or whatever, these were good enough for me

I’M NOT EVEN GOING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT NOT GETTING A VIDEO CAUSE I’M TAKING ALL THAT I CAN GET!!! But this sounds so angsty. Like Chanyeol’s trying to act like everything’s ok with the usual hi five they do in some dances but Baekhyun who knows things really aren’t find wants to hold on to Chanyeol’s hand longer, because he wants to feel his comfort, but then he can’t get what he wants because they’re still doing a performance.


Ok moving on, let’s got to the chanbaek stares~

Look at the adorable puppy way Baekhyun is looking at Chanyeol. Idk why but it’s just so sweet to me, as Chanyeol’s attention is on something else Baekhyun takes that chance to just steal a glance at Chanyeol. Those puppy eyes URGGHHHHH

Standing close but also so far away ;-;

Another angle of the previous picture (a more hd one :P)

Chanyeol just stealing a glance at dorky Baekhyun, but there’s never any eye contact whyyyyyyyy

So for all the stares (even tho there was so little that I see) I’ve noticed that none of them have that sad vibe or feeling of longing, just the regular cuteness, so maybe nothing bad happened between them, maybe they just decided to hang out with their seniors instead of themselves (but that picture looked like Chanyeol was looking at Baekhyun while Baekhyun was acting all standoffish maybe I saw that wrong) so hopefully they’re fine. At least they stole more glances and were closer today, that makes me happy :)

Let’s keep believing in Chanbaek shall we?