hc where keith spends his birthday locked up in his room because “birthdays are nothing but a reminder of another year of my life i spent alone so he’s sitting on his bed sharpening his blade when suddenly the door to slides open to reveal lance standing on the other side, holding a familiar red jacket he thought was gone for good in his hands, smiling at him “hey, man” and if little things like these were sometimes all it took for keith to think that maybe, but just maybe, he finally wasn’t alone anymore, no one needed to know

Sweet OTP Things

Give me more sweet OTP things.

Give me more of Person A nuzzling into Person B’s neck because they’re cold and tired, and Person B m e l t i n g.

Give me more slow dancing with no music, arms wrapped tightly around each other, breaths mingling.

Give me more of Person A playing with Person B’s fingers because they’re bored, tracing the skin, examining the scars.

Give me more soft kisses, lips barely touching, just chaste little things that leave both parties irrationally breathless.

Give me more humming in the kitchen, making brownies at 3 AM for no reason at all.

Give me more holding hands, that simple act nearly overwhelming one or both of them, thumbs stroking over knuckles, fingers interlacing.

Give me more of Person A helping Person B with simple tasks, like brushing their hair, or putting on jewelry, where it’s obviously an excuse to be close to each other, but neither are complaining. 

Give me more picking out baby names, painting nurseries, and cradling their children.

Angst can be fun, and of course, passionate make-outs have their place, but please, I beg of you, GIVE ME MORE SWEET OTP MOMENTS!

  • <p> <b>Otp:</b> *does a thing*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *hugs*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *has adorable relationship*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *stares into each others eyes*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *has a cute moment*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *literally inches away from each other*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *isn't cannon*<p/><b>Me:</b> *screaming internally*<p/></p>