All the pain we’ve been through just shows how impossible it is for us to let go of each other.
—  Poets Love Her
You will always wander among my thoughts till the day I die.
—  Poets Love Her

listen to me.  

don’t get your hopes up. 

destiel is never going to become canon.  

destiel is never going to become 

destiel is never going to

destiel is never going

destiel is never

destiel is


kixboxer replied to your postkixboxer replied to your photo “THE NEW YURI ON…

does he tell viktor about his endgame after the first episode finishes taping? in the swelling climax at the end of the season does viktor kneel in front of him while he stares blankly down at his last rose and wordlessly present him with a box full of bagels? does yuuri sneeze all over them because crying messes with his sinuses?

kixboxer replied to your post: “kixboxer replied to your photo “THE NEW YURI ON ICE BD CAPS HAVE ME…”

are they not the first bagels he has been presented with on/off set because he has drunkenly told everyone about his failed plan that i guess didn’t really fail after all?

SPOILER ALERT: when yuuri breaks the last two contestants’ hearts, he’s surprised to turn around to see executive producer victor nikiforov on one knee under the white rose-laden archway.  executive producer victor nikiforov is holding a bagel from craft services; it’s onion, yuuri’s favorite.

“this is all i ever wanted,” yuuri says, delicately taking the bagel from his outstretched hand before victor can even ask.

“so you’ll marry me?” victor says.  

“that too,” yuuri says between a mouthful of bagel.  victor almost deflates until yuuri leans down and gives him an onion-flavored kiss, cream cheese at the corner of his lips. 

Two things have become abundantly clear after reading Ian’s interviews.

1. He doesn’t understand fandom culture. 

Not just he doesn’t understand, but he also seems to have no understanding of how we occur. Some of us latch onto a ship so passionately because we have some issues and it makes our day a bit brighter to something to keep us smiling. I think his comments come down to him not understanding that some of us latch onto them because we see our suffering in their characters and draw comfort from their experiences and handling situations. I imagine he believes us to be some amalgamation of the general viewership, and not individual people with individual problems. He therefore also doesn’t understand why we get angry when those characters we love are destroyed in a matter of seconds for *plot* because in his mind there isn’t some great comfort to draw from seeing characters in situations you have dealt with and seeing them ripped apart isn’t as painful… it’s just a “soap”, in his eyes.

2. He does not know how to write women.

If he wanted to show that Rebecca was the victim, he should’ve ensured her writing reflected as much. He hasn’t. Robert has had excellent scenes (imo) where he showed that he regretted it and hated himself and those are not the scenes you give to a character you supposedly want labelled the bad guy. Furthermore, some of the lines given to Rebecca throughout have been down-right homophobic, she has been an awful friend to Aaron, she has consistently showed that she has no real agency and her writing has been shoddy at best. The concept that women are just *people* and not a specific type of character is blatantly lacking in her writing. 

I’m not trying to excuse his comments, more trying to make sense of them. In the end, I do think we’ll get through to the other side and find a way to make sense of this SL, even if it means deleting it from the fanon. No matter what it is good to remember that we are all people, whether on the writing staff, in the fandom, behind the cameras or infront of them, and any hurtful comments will do just that; they will hurt. 

The Nanny Part 5

A/N: So look at me, putting out another filler. But I wanted to give you guys a new chapter and I think this was needed. Don’t worry, this fic will pick up its pace. Love you guys and thank you for being so patient.

Warnings: None 

Word Count:1323

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“This is your new boss?!” Sam asked, as the two of them turned their attention back to you.

Nodding silently, you looked between the two men, confused as to how they knew each other. “How do you know Bucky?” you asked Sam, as he and Bucky sat down, both of them facing you.

Crossing his arms, Sam leaned on the table, shrugging a bit at your question. “Remember how I told you, that a doctor had come in a few weeks ago looking for Chief? Well this is him. And he’s been at the station almost every day so…” he said, letting you piece together the rest.

Nodding your head, you let out a small laugh. Looking at Bucky you realized that other than the wave you gave him, you hadn’t said anything to him. “Hedy Bucky.” You greeted, giving him a small smile.

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