Something You Need - (Official Lyric Video)   


Against the Current - Something You Need (acoustic)

Please do yourself a favour and listen to this band.


ACOUSTIC: Against The Current - Something You Need


Here is one of my favorite bands that emerged from YouTube. Against The Current - Something You Need. I love the pop rock-ness to their songs.

Day 23 - Something you need

I haven’t been to any beach or pool this summer (and it’s already may), not even close. AHHAHAH! Is it something I need? Maybe. Maybe for the solitude it gives. Maybe for an escape from the steaming weather (or maybe for that body… HAHHAHA! this drawing is just.. BWAHAHHA!) 30 days before summer ends. See you patrick and spongebob, hopefully! ♥

Man I was so tired and demotivated before drawing this. I guess I managed to channel my “UGH WHY” into this drawing as you can tell from the… questionable drawing skills.

Anyway. Something I need? Guitar lessons. Because every damn time I hear guitar in a song and I think “ooh I love this” I look it up, try it, and I sound… just… awful. And I have been sounding awful for years now.

I swear every time I look at my guitar it looks back at me in disgust.