She’s Got You High - Scorpius/Lily Fanfic


Chapter 4

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Year 4

Scorpius had decided, he was going stag. That was why he was sitting at a table full of couples chatting, while he just played with the food that was still on his plate. Lucky for him, Lily Potter had also decided to go to the ball alone, as she had decided that all men were idiots and she couldn’t stand to go with any of them. So Scor had spent the first half of the night making fun of the couples surrounding them and laughing at the people that were slightly drunk.

“Potter” a deep voice said from behind the pair. It was Sander Goyle, a tall surly boy (if you could even call him that), with a head of black hair and an angry scowl. 

“Goyle?” Lily asked in a questioning tone.

“You don’t deserve to be on that team. That was my spot” he almost growled. Scor doubted he had ever seen Lily move faster, she was out of her chair and standing chest to chest with the older boy within a second.

“Your spot? And why would that be your spot?”

Quidditch try outs for the Slytherin team hd been earlier that year, and Lily had gotten seeker position without a second thought, she was by far the best there. But Sanders Goyle  couldn’t seem to except the fact that a 12/13 year old girl was a better seeker than him. Ever since he had been saying that Lily had only gotten on the team because she was a Potter, and it seemed like he had finally snapped.

“I’m a better seeker than you. You only got on that team because you related to the oh so great Harry Potter”. Lily was livid, but Scor could tell by the growing smirk that she had a plan.

“Is that so? So if we were to say, verse each other now you’d be able to beat me no problem?”

“Of course” Goyle said.

“Okay then, lets go”


Scor knew what she was doing, and it was a bad idea.

“Come on Lily, not tonight”

“Shush Scor, Goyle here thinks he can beat me. How ‘bout this, three on three, who ever wins gets to be the Slytherin seeker?”.

They had attracted a crowd and people seemed more interested in the battle going on between the young red head and the ruff boy than the band performing.


“Great, 15 minutes, on the Quidditch pitch”


If Lily was anything she was proud. She would never turn down a fight, especially when someone was offending her. That was why she was storming down to the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch with Scorpius Malfoy, James and Albus Potter, Maya and Alfie Jordan, Colton Finnigan and Xaiver Wood right at her heels.

“Come on Lil, please don’t do this, it’s so stupid” Al whined at his sister,

“It’s not stupid. He thinks I’m not good enough to be on the team, I’m going to prove him wrong”.

“Everyone knows you deserve to be on the team. You’re just going to hurt yourself. He’s massive”.

“Lucky I’m not a boxing match then” Lily said, tying her long red hair up in a pony tale.

“I’m not having a part in this” Al said, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Good, Scor, James, get your brooms”

“I’m on your team?” Scor asked, his voice rising almost in hysteria.

“Well you are on the quidditch team, right?”

“Yeah, of course, I’ll just, yeah”.

The two Potters and the Malfoy boy made their way towards the broom shed and took out their equipment in silence.

“Sure you wanna do this Lil?”, all Lily did was raise her eyebrow in response to James’ question.

Somehow, it seemed like half of the Hogwarts population had heard about the make shift game, and had filled up the stands around the pitch.

“Welcome to the Potter versus Goyle three on three match” Xaiver Woods voice boomed around the stadium. 

“On the Potter team, Lily Potter, James Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. Lily is the very skilled seeker for the Slytherin team, and seems to be attempting to play in a floor length dress? No, there she is, just ripped the bottom half off and she’s ready to go. Next is James Potter, seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, who, by the way, just lost the captaincy to my sister Eleanor Wood. And an unusual choice with the last member of the Potter team, I’m sure we all thought it was going to be Albus Potter, Slytherin chaser, but no, Scorpius Malfoy the other Slytherin chaser is joining the team. On the Goyle side we have Sanders Goyle, who had missed out on a place on the Slytherin team for the 5th year running. Maximillian Crabbe, Slytherin beater and Damien Horen, Ravenclaw keeper. Interesting team. Now I’ve been told that these two teams are playing for the seeker position on the Slytherin team, which is currently held by Lily Potter. And they’re off”.

Scorpius had always loved flying. The feeling of wind blowing in his face and the weightlessness of being in the air made him feel free. But that night, Scorpius couldn’t stop worrying. It was obvious Lily was the better player out of the two, but Goyle was big, and almost four years older, he could easily hurt her.

It had been several minutes, James had scored a couple of goals, Scor was too nervous to focus on the game. He just flew around watching Lily, hoping that she wouldn’t get injured. 

“And Lily and Goyle have spotter the snitch”. Scor stopped to watch Lily and Sanders push and shove each other, tying to be the first to get to the snitch.

“And sadly it looks like Goyle will get the snitch, unless, no!” Xaiver yelled as Lily did the only thing left to do. Stand on the end of her broom and jump straight out into the black night, stretching out for the snitch. And then she fell, hitting the ground with a sickening thud.

And all of a sudden, the entire crowd waited with baited breath to see what had become of the youngest Potter. Scorpius couldn’t breath as he landed on the pitch, throwing away his broom as he raced towards Lily’s crumpled body.

“Lily! Lily!” Albus Potters voice sounded around the silent stadium as he ran down from his seat following James Potter towards their little sister.

Scorpius kneeled next to her unmoving body, she looked so much more pale then normal, she was covered in dirt and some blood. And all of a sudden her eyes flew open and her hands thrust out into the air, showing the crowd the snitch she had risked her life to catch. 

“I got it. I get to stay on the team” Lily said looking up at Scorpius.

“That wouldn’t have mattered if you killed yourself on the way down”

“I’m fine” she muttered.

“Stay laying down, we’ll get Madam Pomfrey down here to check you out” Scor said.

“I don’t need to be checked out, I’m perfectly fine”

“Stay down or I’ll freeze you” James growled “how could you be so stupid?”

“Piss of James” Lily said, pushing herself up off the ground until she was standing “Come on Scor” she took the older Slytherins hand and lead him towards the Hogwarts building as James yelled at her from a distance.



“Why am I coming with you?” Scor asked when they were out of sight from the rest of the crowd.

“Because you need to give me a piggy back to the infirmary” 

“And whys that?” he asked, kneeling down on the ground so Lily could climb onto his back

“Because I think I’ve broken my leg”,


“How did you do this Miss Potter?” Madam Pomfrey asked as Scorp sat Lily down on the bed.

“Too much dancing”

“So it had nothing to do with say an illegal quidditch game”

“Nothing” Lily responded.

“Umm” she sighed, frowning at Scorp and Lily “Drink this, I’ll be back in a moment” she handed Lily and orange bottle and rushed out of the room.

“So” Scorp said, sitting on the end of the bed.


“We’re back here again” he said, trying to break the silence.

“Yeah” Lily laughed.

“Mr. Malfoy, you best be off” Madam Pomfrey yelled across the infirmary as a group of extremely drunk students stumbled in and one vomited on the pristine floor.

“See ya Lil” Scor said, going to get off the bed.



“Come here”. 

Scorpius stood up and walked over right next to Lily. See leaned out and pecked him on the check.



Laying in bed that night listening to Al rant about how difficult his sister was Scorp couldn’t help but wonder, what might have happened if he had gotten the chance to dance with Lily Luna Potter than night?

She’s Got You High - Scorpius/Lily Fanfic


Chapter One

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“When you’re dancing with someone and your feet get sore and your legs start to shake and you feel so exhausted your going to pass out, you know their not the one. When you’re dancing with someone you love,  truly love from the bottom of your heart, you won’t notice when your feet start bleeding, you won’t notice your legs are shaking like a leaf or that you feel so tired you could sleep for a week, because being that close to the person you love will have you on such a high that you won’t even notice”.

This is what Draco Malfoy told his son at the age of 11. Astoria Malfoy slapped Draco on the arm, telling him to stop talking such rubbish, but her eyes were alight with happiness and his face was split with a smile, so they had to be doing something right. 


Year One

Scorpius Malfoy was distraught when it was announced that on the 2nd of May, Hogwarts would be holding their annual ball in honour of the Battle of Hogwarts. Every student was to attend.

He had no one to go with. Who would want to go to a ball with a scrawny first year? Apparently no one, as there was only two days to go and no one had asked Scorpius to the ball.

“What are we going to do?” he whined to Albus Potter as they sat in the Slytherin common room, away from the crowd of excited first year girls that were chatting about none other than the up coming ball. 

“Either grow up and ask someone or except the fact no one likes you and you’ll be forever alone” Al mumbled, still not looking up from his potions essay.

“Isn’t it ‘man up’?” Scorp asked.

“You obviously haven’t met my sister, she’s nine and she wouldn’t even go to that ball with you” Al laughed.

“You’re such a prat Al, your best friend is in need”

“Mate you need to find a Hufflepuff that will actually listen to your whining, they’ll care, unlike your loving best friend”


“Yes loving”.

The sudden movement started Al and made him look down at Scorpius who was kneeling in front of him.

“Will you, Albus Severus Potter accompany me, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, to the Hogwarts ball?”

Albus jumped out of his seat, throwing the essay across the room, attracting the attention of a few of his fellow Slytherins.

“Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy I will take you to the ball”, a round of applause was heard as the two friends broke down in laughter.


20 minutes. 20 minutes after he and Al had started jumping around on the dance floor, Scorps’ feet started hurting. 27 minutes and his legs were shacking. 34 minutes and he was tired. He was officially not in love with Albus Potter.

“Mate, I’m done” Scorp puffed as he and Al made their way back to their dinning table. 

“This is shit”

“Should we?” Scorp asked, raising an eyebrow at his friend

“I think we should”.

The dash back to the Slytherin Common room took five minutes instead of the usual 15 and both boys were in bed before the clock even stuck 10pm.

She’s Got You High - Scorpius/Lily Fanfic


Chapter Three

(Chapter One) (Chapter Two) (Chapter Four) (Chapter Five)

Year Three

During Scorpius’ third year at Hogwarts a lot of things changed.

Firstly: over the summer he had spent a lot of time practicing Quidditch. This had resulted in him actually creating arm muscles.

Secondly: he had spent half of the summer in Spain, he had a golden tan and a  spray of freckles on his nose.

Thirdly: his voice had deepened quite a lot.

Fourthly: Lily Luna Potter wan now attending Hogwarts, and she had been sorted into Slytherin.

Scorpius spent a lot of time with the youngest Potter. She was smart and beautiful with a sharp mind and even sharper tongue.

Scorpius admired her more than anything.

That was why he was not at all surprised when a month before the date of 2nd of May, she started receiving Owls at breakfast, all of which were letters from her admirers asking to go to the ball with her. After she received a poem from a Gryffindor fourth year reading “Roses are Red, Lilys are White, come with me Friday and I’ll show you a good night”, James Potter had put his foot down, he would be accompanying his baby sister to the ball. Lily didn’t even seem to care, she just laughed as the letters kept pilling up in front of her.

But Scorpius seemed to have some admirers of his own, as two weeks before the dance Maya Jordan came up to him and to say that Stella Chang and Rose Weasley wanted to go to the ball with him. As well as a lot of the quidditch fans.

“Who should I go with?” Scorp asked Maya.

Maya Jordan was in the same year as Scorpius and even though he was sure she belonged in Slytherin, she was in Gryffindor. She was the daughter of Lee Jordan and was very close to the Weasley/Potters on the account of George Weasley being her Godfather.

“Well you can’t go with Rose, that would be super awkward, not to mention her Dad would definitely maim you. All those other chic’s just want you because you can play quidditch. So you’re left with Stella Chang. But you better be quick, a few blokes are after her”.

“Be quick?  Far out Jordan, I’m not asking her, I can’t just go up and be like ‘hey wanna go to the ball with me?’”

“That is exactly what you will say, look there she is” Maya said as she pushed Scorp towards the small, black haired girl, she couldn’t help but laugh when Scorp tripped over and bumped into Stella Chang.

“Hey Stella, sorry ‘bout that” the white haired boy said, gathering the books that had fallen at his feet.

“That’s alright Scorpius” said the Hufflepuff. Scorpius glanced back at Maya, while he put the last book back in-between bouts of laughter.

“So Stella, do you umm- have anyone to go to the ball with?”

“Oh no, I haven’t found anyone quite yet. What about you?”

“No one. But I was wondering if you’d like to go with me?”

“Go where with you?” asked the airy girl.

“To the ball”.

“Oh, of course, I would love to”

“Okay great”.


Stella agreed to meet outside the Great Hall at 6:30 that night. Scor felt awkward standing on his own with hundreds of couples milling around, but he was put out of his misery when he spotted Stella walking towards him, with another Stella?

“Hey Scorpius, so you know my sister Naomi?”. Naomi Chang was Stella’s twin sister in Ravenclaw. They looked identical, long black hair, soft faces and they were both wearing the same yellow dress. They looked identical. There was no way Scorp was going to be able to tell the two girls apart.

“Yeah, we had Care of Magical Creatures together” Scor said as the trio sat down at an empty table. They were soon joined by Al and Jennifer Patil. Jen was also in Hufflepuff and was quite good friends with Stella, the two girls started chatting completely ignoring their dates.

Whispers attracted Scorps attention towards the main entrance. It was James Potter, a mop of messy black hair and a brilliant smile, but that’s not what people were looking at.

Besides James was Lily Potter. Her long red hair was straight and flowing behind her as she moved. She was wearing a knee length green dress that matched the colour of her eyes perfectly and she was glowing. Scor watched as they made their way over to the boys table.

“Hello” Lily said as the siblings sat down across from Scor and Stella.

“Hi James” Jennifer sighed, making Lily raise her eyebrow at the star struck girl “oh and Lily”.

“Jennifer, Stella, Naomi”. There was on thing Lily was not good at and that things was interacting with other females. Scorp wasn’t sure why, maybe it was because she grew up with three brothers (James, Al and Teddy) and like 83 uncles, or maybe she just didn’t like the ones that wanted to use her brothers, which was most of them.

The awkwardness as the table was obvious for the entire meal, James Potter did his best to deflate the tension by cracking jokes and asking the other girls how they were enjoying Hogwarts, but they mostly just whimpered when ever he spoke to them directly, which enraged Lily even more. 

Scorp breathed a sigh of relief when James’ friend Noah Thomas came over to the table and asked the group if they were going to be joining him on the dance floor. Hoping to escape the awkwardness they all jumped at the chance and followed the older boy out to dance.

A tap on Scorps shoulder pulled him up short.

“I’m just gonna run to the bathroom, I’ll be back soon” Stella told him, giving him a closed lipped smile and rushing off in the other direction.

It only seemed like at most 30 seconds when Stella was back by his side.

“You ready to dance?” she looked happier at least.

“Yeah sure”.

Stella was well, very up front. The slightly shy girl that had been around all night was gone, she was a completely different person. She was gripping at Scors arms and was gradually getting closer as the minutes passed by. They had been dancing for about 10 minutes when she lent in towards Scorps face, she was about to kiss him. Scorpius Malfoy was about to get kissed by Stella Chang. He was bracing himself for impact, but it never came, at least not the sort of impact her was waiting for.

Scor was expecting a peck on the lips, that was definitely not what he got. One minute he was standing, next minute he was on his back, blood streaming down his face.

Scorpius had just been punched in the face.


The white sheets were pulled up to just below his chin, and there was a throbbing pain that was spreading across his face that was accompanied by a dull headache. 

“You’re finally awake” the small red head said from the end of his bed.

“What? Where am I?”

“The infirmary”

“What the hell happened?” he asked, sitting up and lightly pressing his nose, which made him wince in pain.

“Well lets just say Stella Chang wasn’t very happy”

“Why wasn’t Stella happy? She was fine, she was about to kiss me and now I’m here”

“Umm, hate to break it to you mate, but you weren’t dancing with Stella” the youngest Potter told Scor.


“Yes” she said, bursting into laughter.

“I was not dancing with Naomi”

“Yes you were. She’s completely psycho, she fricken pretended to be her sister just to dance with you” tears were falling down Lily’s face as she continued to laugh at Scorps confused face.

“I got beaten up by a Hufflepuff?”

“Yep” Lily laughed even more. Scor liked watching her laugh, even if it was at his expense. She was clutching at her stomach, her nose all scrunched up and her eyes were alight. 

“I’m never going to live this down” the older boy moaned.

“Oh, I know, and like everyone saw it. You were leaning in ready for a kiss and then next minutes you’re passed out on the ground, Stella and Naomi were screaming at each other, there was blood everywhere and teachers were running around. It was total chaos”.

The third Hogwarts ball had gone quite terribly, but sitting there with Lily Potter, Scorpius Malfoy wasn’t completely sure if that was the truth. And to think, he hadn’t even danced enough for his feet to get sore.