Here’s another one from John Landis.  We’ve said before that he is the king of movie Easter eggs…well, one that he uses a lot is the phrase “See You Next Wednesday.”  The origins of the phrase are unclear…some say he uses it as a salute to “2001: A Space Odyssey” (it is used during a video phone call in that film).  Anyhow, Landis usually uses it as the title of a movie.  In “The Blues Brothers” it can be spotted twice.  Once on a large billboard that some Illinois state troopers are hiding behind, the other on a theater marque as the “Illinois Nazi’s” car crashes to the ground toward the end of the film.  This second one was lost for years due to pan-and-scan TV versions of the film, but thanks to widescreen, you can spot it again.

See You Next Wednesday

“See You Next Wednesday is a recurring gag in most of the films directed by John Landis, usually referenced as a fictional film. No version of See You Next Wednesday in any Landis film ever looks the same as it did in any previous Landis film.”

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In The Blues Brothers (1980), SYNW is glimpsed on a billboard which also features a huge gorilla. It also appears on the cinema sign behind where the Nazi Pinto crashes through the road. The film is directed by the fictional Carl La Fong, a reference to the W.C. Fields comedy It’s A Gift (1934) and a character name Landis has used as an anonymous credit on a number of his other films.

Not to be confused with “See You Next Tuesday,” which is a subtle way of spelling a naughty word.



METROPOLITAN (1990) dir: Whit Stillman

* One of THE FUTURIST!’s very very favorite motion pictures.

Director/Writer Whit Stillman - born Jan. 25, 1952