BRADLEY: Um, myself and Colin have spent alot of time together the last 2 years. And yesterday, uh Colin was practically asleep, we got into London about 7 in the morning, and we were talking to somebody and I said a joke, the person I was talking to didn’t laugh, but Colin woke up and went HAHAHA. And, it just-it’s just kind of, you know, I find myself knowing, I don’t know, picking on this strange wave length we have going and not being able to step away until- after I go oh my god, we’re a pair of weirdos. 

According to the logic of this show always remember: Stefan and Elena - or any derivative of them - will always find each other.

Silas and Amara

Stefan and Katherine

Stelena - TVD Dream/Alt Universe

Stelena - TVD Universe

I think this  end result is that they will always find each, they’ll always circle back towards each other.   That kind of love transcends friendship, love, romance.   They are each other’s soulmate, two sides of the same coin.

A vibrant smile and a hearty giggle,
But seeing those downcast eyes
Shoos the euphoria away.
Helplessness and sorrow fills the void.
They proceed on their merry way.
Unable to help and unable to do.

A quick glance and a stifled sigh,
And seeing that joyful face
Brings nothing but envy.
Happiness and pleasure are nowhere to be seen
They are replaced with a dark depression.
Unable to get help and unable to do.