Inspired by the success of the Percy Jackson Ship Weeks—Welcome to the Harry Potter Ship Weeks! We thought it would be a nice idea to do this in celebration of the announcement of the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ film series :) Some basic guidelines:

  • You can participate by contributing anything you want—fanfiction, graphics, gifsets, art etc. Just get the creative juices flowing!
  • You can join in at any point in time and choose which weeks you want to participate in.
  • You can make as many contributions to each week as you like. 
  • We have only included the major canon ships because there would be far too many otherwise, but feel free to make things for any ship you want during the free ship week, be it any canon ships we missed or non-canon ships as well.
  • As you may have noticed, some of the more minor ships are combined to share a week as there’s a large number of them.
  • If your post may require trigger warnings, please list them at the beginning of the post, as a matter of courtesy. 
  • Please remember to tag everything with 'hpshipweeks’, this is the tag we will be tracking, not separate ship tags. Keep in mind that you need to put this within the first five tags on your post or it won’t show up in the tracked tag.

If you have any more questions, feel free to send us a message at hp-shipweeks.tumblr.com, and follow us for updates!

PLEASE REBLOG THIS TO SPREAD THE WORD, even if you might personally not want to participate. The idea is to get as many people involved as possible and produce lovely things for everyone in the fandom to enjoy :)

A ship and an otp are two totally different things. A ship is something that you think about every once in a while that makes you smile for a bit and then you don’t think about it again for a week or so. An otp is something that makes you sob for hours on end as you stay up until 3 in the morning reading fanfiction as you lie in your bed in a puddle of your own tears contemplating you life choices. 


What would Hermione see if she looked into the Mirror of Erised?

Well, […] at the moment, as you know, Harry, Ron, and Hermione have just finished their penultimate year at Hogwarts and Hermione and Ron have told Harry that they’re going to go with him wherever he goes next. So at the moment I think that Hermione would see most likely the three of them alive and unscathed and Voldemort finished. […] But I think that Hermione would also see herself closely entwined… with… another… person […]. I think you can probably guess who

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