This whole scene.

There are going to be many words and many posts about this scene.

Because it is definitely the best scene of Michael Weatherly’s career – or at the very least, the his best work on the series.

So let’s start the pain already.

Right off the bat, you can tell how frantic Tony is: charging into the bullpen but completely unfocused, antsy, looking for something – anything – to do and take action

And then he notices the empty desk, her empty desk, and he stops dead in his tracks (no pun intended).  And let’s face it, it is her desk, even if it’s someone else’s now. It’s always hers to him. The desk has become its own character in her absence.

So the show decides to torture us by flashing a vision of Ziva in that very chair, smiling back at Tony like she did a million times (especially in this particular scene where they were discussing weddings HELP ME), the way he’s always remembered her. Because those are the moments that mattered, the ones he’s always treasured, and the ones he’s missed the most in the last three years. Remember, there were whole episodes about that desk and what it meant to him.

And the fact that they did it so seamlessly – like she were really still there and not a flashback – is what really hurts. Other than the fact that she’s, you know, dead. Because that flicker reminds Tony, and frankly all of us, of what we’ve been missing since she left. It’s that spark, that warmth, that presence. She may be gone in every sense of the word or not, but it’s like she’s still there. And it’s easy to see how Tony feels like he’s losing it, like he’s seeing things.

Because so are we.

And I just have to mention Gibbs here too, because he can see exactly what’s happening. Tony doesn’t even register his presence because he’s caught in his own private storm, and Gibbs knows all too well where Tony is going in this instant. Because Gibbs has been there, and he also knows, has always known what Tony and Ziva were.

This is not going to be good.

I’m not ready.

A very scientific analysis of the fate of my major otps

I’m convinced that I always choose OTPs that end in nothing but pain and destruction. Bear with me, I’m testing my theory here. 

Ron and Hermione (HP): end together and married!! typically treated unfairly by fandom ever since. not their fault. 8/10 

Jane and Lisbon ( TM): a lot of pain, but end married!!! Can’t stop smiling and hugging!!!!! THEY’RE HAVING A BABY HOLY SHIT, are they the only ones who ever got a truly happy ending??? 1000000/10 

Percy and Annabeth (PJO): teeeechnically, no ending yet?? BUT despite a lot of pain and destruction are finally happy and might be left alone now?? It’s kinda up in the air. 7.5/10 

Han and Leia (SW): screwed over by canon. emo punk ass son. one of them’s dead. they didn’t deserve this. 0.5/10 

Mulder and Scully (TXF): still no definitive ending. It’s been over 20 years. No canon moment shown on screen of them getting together. They break up. This terrible and I am in pain. 2/10

Cassian and Jyn (RO): both dead. what the fuck is this. -100000000/10 

Two songs my brain is automatically associating with Olicity right now: 

1. Work Song by Hozier

When my time comes around, lay me gently in the cold dark earth. 

No grave can hold my body down, I’ll crawl home to her. 

2. This Love by Taylor Swift

This love is good. This love is bad. This love is alive back from the dead. 

These hands had to let it go free and this love came back to me. 

anonymous asked:

Crisis Core Seph/Cloud isn't that bad (though Clack is still way better) but it's best as a platonic-ish thingy. The instant it's ff7. Nope. Abuse and scary and freaky and nope. If it's IC it's gonna be some 'puppet' rape and that's just scary.

cc sephcloud ship things wouldn’t be so bad if fan content for it didn’t tend to stick so completely to the weepy uke / strong!tough seme trope that i’m so, so sick to death of. u g h.

so maybe i could hate cc sephcloud a little less than ffvii/ac sephcloud bUT… LOL… idk. why even ship sephcloud when wonderful things like clack and clerith exist u feel–

besides i’m more prone to sticking to my asexual/aromantic sephiroth headcanon??? so shipping him with anyone tends to make my nose wrinkle a bit gfkjdhgkd wheezes.