A very scientific analysis of the fate of my major otps

I’m convinced that I always choose OTPs that end in nothing but pain and destruction. Bear with me, I’m testing my theory here. 

Ron and Hermione (HP): end together and married!! typically treated unfairly by fandom ever since. not their fault. 8/10 

Jane and Lisbon ( TM): a lot of pain, but end married!!! Can’t stop smiling and hugging!!!!! THEY’RE HAVING A BABY HOLY SHIT, are they the only ones who ever got a truly happy ending??? 1000000/10 

Percy and Annabeth (PJO): teeeechnically, no ending yet?? BUT despite a lot of pain and destruction are finally happy and might be left alone now?? It’s kinda up in the air. 7.5/10 

Han and Leia (SW): screwed over by canon. emo punk ass son. one of them’s dead. they didn’t deserve this. 0.5/10 

Mulder and Scully (TXF): still no definitive ending. It’s been over 20 years. No canon moment shown on screen of them getting together. They break up. This terrible and I am in pain. 2/10

Cassian and Jyn (RO): both dead. what the fuck is this. -100000000/10