Things I want to know about my TC

•favorite color?
•how long has he liked this color?
•any particular reason why?

•favorite animal?
•any particular reason why?
•how long has he liked this animal?

•favorite mythical animal?
•any particular reason why?
•does he believe in ghosts?

•favorite song?
•favorite genre of music?
•favorite artist?
•favorite album?

•favorite food?
•how does he like his burgers?
-Tomatoes and lettuce?
-Bacon and cheese?
•chicken strips or nuggets?
•favorite place to get chicken/burgers?
•fries with or without ketchup?
•is he an adventurous eater?
•does he like sushi?
•favorite kind of pizza?
•pineapple on pizza or no?
•favorite chips?
•favorite candy?
•fruity candy or chocolate?
•sour things or no?
•spicy things or no?
•favorite soda?
•does he like smoothies?
•what about boba?
•how does he like his coffee?
•favorite Starbucks drink?
•tea, coffee or both?

•what was the name of his first dog?
•what was the breed?
•why doesn’t he like cats?
•did he have a bad experience with one?
•how many dogs has he had?
•favorite breed?

•where was he born?
•how long did he live there?
•did he ever have to move as a kid?
•if so, why and where to?
•does he miss the place he grew up?
•how often does he visit?

•which college did he go to?
•what was his major?
•did he have any bad roommates?
•if so, any stories?

•when did he decide he wanted to teach?
•how long has he been teaching?
•how long has he loved biology?

•how old was he when he lost his virginity?
•was it with a male or female?
•was it enjoyable?
•top or bottom?

•how many people has he dated?
•has he ever had his heart broken?
•favorite date idea?

•what was his first tattoo?
•how many does he have?
•any secret tattoos?
•does he regret any?
•can I design one for him?

•favorite video game?
•nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox?
•first videogame he ever played?
•favorite videogame franchise/series?
•good or bad at Mario cart?
•has he ever played Pokemon?
-If yes, which game? Does he still play?
-If no, why not?
•which Pokemon go team?

•how long can he sit and watch a show before getting bored?
•favorite TV series?
•favorite Netflix series?
•favorite movie?
•favorite Harry Potter movie?
•favorite anime?
•favorite game of thrones character?
•favorite sci-fi movie?
•disaster movies- yay or nay?
•would he watch the entire LOTR series with me?

•does he like reading?
•favorite book?
•favorite book series?
•favorite Harry Potter book?

•sunset or sunrise?
•thoughts on clouds?
•rainy or sunny weather?
•is he afraid of thunderstorms?
•hot or cold weather?

•east or west coast?
•favorite place to vacation?
•is he afraid of flying?
•any interesting airport stories?
•mountains or the beach?
•how many states has he been to?
•ever traveled out of the country? Where?

•does he like stargazing?
•thoughts on light pollution?
•thoughts on the possibility of complex alien life?
•thoughts on black holes?
•thoughts on time travel?
•thoughts on the multiverse theory?

I love my secondary faves bc the Caps are basically a league of their own, what does a regulation loss feel like? What bad patch at the beginning of the season? And then you’ve got the Wings, Bruins, and Jets who are just like.., are we going to play well? Or are we going to forget we’re good at this? Let’s just lose almost as many (or more) as we win!!! Playoffs what?? Are those??? Like thank ya’ll for keeping me honest

Harry and Louis were best friends from day one. People who said they were the best of friends weren’t wrong per se. They just didn’t realize that they’re the kind of best friends that also share beds, get married and have children together.

But imagine watching from backstage and being mortified as you witness Michael tumble to the stage floor in pain. You’d smile happily as he took it like a champ and finished the setlist but you knew by his face that he was in pain. At the end of the show you’d help Luke get him to the dressing room and hold his hand as someone checked his ankle and confirmed it was sprained. You’d gently caress and kiss his hand every once in a while, helping him through the pain of having to rotate his ankle a few times. Once it was wrapped up, you’d hold ice to it and scold him for not being more careful to which he replies “I’m punk rock, babe. ‘Careful’ isn’t a thing, however…they do say kisses make everything better.” You rolled your eyes and leaned up, letting him give you a soft kiss. “I think I feel better already nurse.” He’d smile, watching you change the now melted back of ice. “Shut up, idiot.” You’d reply but your tone contradicted your words, as your love for him was evident in them.

I Love You and Your Crazy

AU where Scorpius and Albus are still best friends, but Albus was put in a mental hospital after he started rambling about a magical world full of witches and wizards.


It’s been three months since Albus was put in St. Mungo’s Mental Hospital. For three months, Scorpius had to deal with losing his one and only best friend. For three months, people have come up to Scorpius saying “I’m sorry for your loss,” as if Albus was dead. As if he was gone for good. As if he’d never get him back.

See, Albus started off at seeing magic in simple things. He would marvel at the stars in the sky, calling them “patronuses.” At first it didn’t seem like much, but then it became more than a childlike wonder. It became less of seeing a stick and saying it’s a wand and worrying that fictional characters would murder him in his sleep. Scorpius would always listen, no matter how crazy the stories would get.

“Scorpius…. That man, Voldemort, he wants to kill my dad.”

“Scorpius? What if Delphi comes back? We have to make sure we’re safe.”

“Scorpius? When are we going to go to Hogwarts?”

“Scorp? Did you remember your wand?”

“What about our OWL’s?” Half of the words he used where gibberish. He said things like “muggles” and “hippogryphs.” He said them so much, Scorpius started to question if this world was true. One night, he slipped up to his father.

“Dad? Has your scar been hurting?” Albus asked as Harry clutched his head with an enormous headache.

“My…. what?”

“Your scar? You know, the one that connects you to Voldemort?” Everyone stared at Albus as if he had no clothes on. Scorpius averted his eyes, not being able to see the embarrassment registering on Albus’ face. 

“Albus? Are you feeling okay?” his mother asked. That’s when they knew. That’s when they realized that Albus was suffering from a mental illness filled with delusions of a magical world full of happiness, but much darkness. That’s when they decided to give him to the hospital, seeing if they could take care of it.

It’s been three months and they’ve gotten nowhere. The more and more Albus slips, the more and more he forgets the faces of family members and close friends. He forgot who Teddy Lupin was, he looked at Scorpius questioningly when he mentioned their friend, Andrew. He seemed to be under the impression that his dad was dead and his uncle Ron and aunt Hermione where never together. He spoke of Headmistress Mcgonagall as if she was some kind of god and kept muttering about how he was the only Potter in Slytherin. He was so far gone, that people just let him be. Ginny and Lily shed a few tears, but everyone soon got used to life without Albus, making less frequent visits to him. He barely recognized anyone.

But there was one person his face would always light up when he saw him. That person was the one he remembered, no matter how far he slipped between fiction and reality. Albus would recognize Scorpius even in insanity. Scorpius would visit him every day and Albus would greet him with a big hug, speaking of his adventures. Sometimes Albus’ family and friends would come by to see him, but they’d see the special bond Albus and Scorpius shared and would quickly slip out, unnoticed. 

Today was no different from any of the other days. Scorpius walked in and the receptionist nodded him back and soon he found Albus. Albus smiled warmly at him, his whole face lighting up in relief. Scorpius sat down in front of him, Albus’ eyes twinkling in childlike pleasure. He was always like that lately. 

“Hi!” Albus would say cheerfully, for once his attention focus on someone, and not something that nobody could see.

“How are you doing?” Scorpius asks shyly. 

“Great! I was just remembering we have the Yule Ball soon and obviously you’re gonna bring Rose so who would I go with…?” Albus says in a rush. Scorpius has never heard of a “Yule Ball” but he did tell Albus about a school dance coming up, and Albus probably twisted it for his magical land. Scorpius said he would try to work up the nerve to ask out Rose, but everyone knew she hated him. He was an annoyance to her. Something she regarded as a piece of old gum on her shoe. 

“I don’t know Albus,” Scorpius says, playing along. Sometimes he liked to be part of Albus’ games. Yes, they may have darker creatures than the real world, but it always seemed like a place to escape from the fast-paced life he was living. He understood why Albus spent all his time in this fantasy world. 

“The problem is, we don’t know any decent girls, do we? They’ve all made fun of us since the first year.” Technically true. Sadly, in the world we live in, we cannot value people for their smarts or how quick they are on their feet. If they don’t have any athletic capability, they where basically useless. Scorpius, being the big super nerd that he is, was often made fun of for his many breaks spent in libraries surrounded by books. Albus was clumsy on his feet, making him a laughing stock for the whole school. That was how they met. Each put through their own torment, and each finding friendship between the laughing and teasing faces.

“True. You don’t have to even go. We could just stay here and watch a movie?” Scorpius suggests. As long as he don’t have to go to Rose, he’s fine with anything.

“But don’t you want to go, Scorp?” Albus says. It’s true, Scorpius wanted to try and do this instead of being bent behind a book, but if it meant he could be with Albus, it would be worth it. 

“It’s fine Albus.” Albus scoots closer to him, so close that he can feel his breath on his face. 

“No it’s not. You want to go.”

“I’d rather spend that time with you.”

“And who says you can’t do both? You can take me out of here for the night and we can have fun for once in our lives.”

“Albus I don’t know–”

“Just promise me you’ll do it Scorpius.” Scorpius hangs his head.

“Alright. I’ll try,” he murmurs


Thats how they ended up here, at the school, both dressing their best, both dateless. Scorpius casts a nervous glance at Albus. This is the first time he has been around this many people in three months. He was worried that Albus would start having a break down and he’d have to rush him back to the institution. That was the last thing he wanted to do.

Luckily, Albus seemed more like himself like he ever had before. He seemed in his element. 

The party was great, for their first dance. They got drunk on the blaring music and dim lights. They exchanged smiles back and forth, relieved to have the other. Everytime their eyes met, everyone seemed to be holding their breath, waiting for something. Albus and Scorpius never got the hint and they busted out quirky moves to pop songs, laughing the whole way. Every trace of the broken Albus in a mental hospital was gone. This is how it’s supposed to be. 

Everyone saw it coming. Everyone. You would be stupid not to see it. They glanced at each other when the other wasn’t looking, smiles creeping onto their lips. The way Scorpius’ face lit up at Albus’ laugh. The way Albus gently took Scorpius’ hand, dragging him onto the dance floor.

“But Albus, this is a slow dance,” Scorpius says, confused. 

“I know,” Albus says, a dopey grin on his face.

“But won’t it be…. I don’t know….. weird?”

“Not if you make it.” Scorpius did make it awkward. He kept glancing around him, fearing the judgement of others. Albus noticed his wandering eyes and stopped, pulling Scorpius’ chin so he was facing him.

“Don’t worry about them. Just focus on me.”

“But Al–”

“No. It doesn’t matter what they think. They could think you’re a psychopath, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you stay you. Please Scorpius, just let it be.” Scorpius lets it go and they finish the song, ignoring the staring eyes. Half of it was girls, waiting for the fated moment.

“Let’s get going,” Scorpius says, trying to pull Albus away as the song ends. Albus plants his feet and in one fluid motion, he drags Scorpius closer to him, and sloppily places a kiss on his lips. Scorpius’ cheeks go bright red and the whole school seems to cheer. Everyone saw it coming, except the two boys that are now the center of attention. 

Scorpius breaks away, his face still inches away from Albus’.

“You adorable geek,” he says, leaning in to kiss again.

I love you and your crazy,”  He whispers, letting Albus know that this was the best decision he ever made.

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kate no! why would you put that plot out in the universe?? i want this so bad, please write it, i can only imagine liam having to stand to the side while JT gropes zayn and flirts with him shamelessly. making all these inside jokes and all liam can think about is how zayn was his first and oh god, having to watch his musical hero fondle his ex-boyfriend, how painful, knowing that justin gets to hear zayn's hushed whimpers and moans, that he gets to kiss him, that he get to be inside of zayn </3

ANON!!!  And Liam’s just like

And the worst part is that Zayn and JT are JUST HOOK UP BUDDIES, like Justin’s not even Zayn’s BOYFRIEND the way Liam was, and it’s hard enough for Liam to see this bright new shiny version of Zayn that intimidates him a little and secretly turns him on a LOT without being constantly reminded that JT AS A FRIEND-WITH-BENEFITS IS CLEARLY SUPERIOR IN ZAYN’S EYES THAN LIAM-AS-A-BOYFRIEND USED TO BE??  It’s not like Liam could ever take him out to get drunk on $20k champagne.  It’s not like Liam could fly him to Fiji on a whim.  But it’s also not like Liam ever stopped being in love with him.  Liam wants to be happy that Zayn’s seemingly happy, but he mostly just wants to gtfo.

But he’s in too deep – once JT found out that Zayn and Liam have history, he starts taking Liam places with them, and it’s unclear if he means it as a gesture of good will or if he’s just, like – flaunting Zayn??  Like Liam doesn’t want to believe that his ABSOLUTE IDOL is kind of a dick, but sometimes it seems like THERE’S NO OTHER EXPLANATION??

Like that time that Liam walked in on them at an afterparty JT had invited him to, some drunken low-key affair uptown, and Zayn was sitting on Justin’s lap, tipsy and giggle-whispering something into his ear and didn’t notice.  And Justin looked Liam RIGHT in the eyes over Zayn’s shoulder and literally RAISED HIS EYEBROWS, as if to say – what?  “Look what I’ve got?” Liam didn’t stick around to find out.  He quit smoking three years ago but he barreled out of that party and bummed a cig from the first person he could find, and smoked it while staring at his hopelessly unstylish shoes.  

And after that he’s just done.  He can’t stay.  He’s more in love with Zayn than ever, except he obviously can’t say anything since it was LIAM who broke up with Zayn in the first place.  He thought he’d been doing it out of kindness, but it turns out he was just being a complete and total idiot.  So he’s literally sitting on a plane the next day, about to fly back to London, except just before takeoff he gets a text from Justin – and tbh it’s still hard to believe that JUSTIN FUCKING TIMBERLAKE, his ADOLESCENT HERO, is ACTUALLY TEXTING HIM – asking if he wants to work on a track.  With him and Zayn.  “Z says you can sing – wanna lay down some notes?” 

And Liam KNOWS he’s fucked.  He knows it.  But he gets off the plane anyway.