That was years ago.
She’s married now- happy now-
(She’s happy, right? She’s supposed to be happy- that’s what happens when you get married… Happiness. She’s totally happy.
Isn’t she?)
-and Heather has a baby, anyway, so it doesn’t even matter. That was years ago.
Feelings change over time, don’t they? They fade, the heart forgets.
But still- when she holds that script in her hand, she can’t help but be reminded of years ago.
(What might have been)
She falls into bed with her, curling into her side like it’s the most natural thing in the world.
(It is.)
She remembers that interview she did so many years ago- about the future, when things weren’t so heavy and the media didn’t care so much about her every breath. When they could be just them, and fool around and play and hold each other and laugh and smile and kiss without anyone thinking too much into it.
(There was too much into it.)
She remembers what she said, what she wanted for them- to end up together. She wanted them to end up together.
(Brittana? Or…?)
When Heather smiles at her, it’s like she’s there.
(It’s funny how feelings never change over time, never fade.)
(The heart never forgets.)