I wanted to be yours, I wanted to be the girl you went to when things were hard and you needed a shoulder to cry on. I wanted to be the one by your side each day, I wanted to hold your hand and never let go. When your world crumbled down I wanted to be the one to help you rebuild it, and rebuild it better than before. Didn’t you see? I wanted you, I wanted you so badly. I saw you and it killed me that I wasn’t yours, because I knew I was what you needed. I wanted to be with you, forever, with no one stopping us. I wanted you.

And I got you

—  Me to you
Lesson #1

People outgrow each other. We do it all the time and it’s not such an awful thing. Sometimes you just have to learn to accept that some people can never be more than fleeting moments. Sometimes you’re just going to have to accept that not everyone you meet is destined to walk beside you for the rest of your life and that’s okay.
Only then will you understand that everybody in your life serves a purpose, whether good or bad. Everybody in your life teaches you something important. However, it’s not always easy to see, so you’re going to have to expand your views and try to understand that shit just doesn’t work out sometimes.
So it’s okay to lose people along the way. Just keep on growing. Be a better you and stop worrying about everybody who couldn’t grow with you. Grow for you.
Remember, “To be great, is to be misunderstood.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson