in the 97 liners group chat, probably
  • dokyeom: so anyway theres this girl i like
  • bambam: ohhohohHOHOHFJF ??????
  • mingyu: !!!!!!
  • jaehyun: whats her name? :D
  • jungkook: just go getter like i would bro
  • yugyeom: EAAAAASYYYYYY
  • minghao: jk you meet girls?
  • jungkook: ask my boyfriend
  • jungkook: nochu peace out
  • bambam: wheres the dabbing emoji

what is it about BB/Rae being the “old married couple” in the group WHAA??? for real?? how ????? ?

i don’t care who said it cuz y’all are blind and forgot who the REAL “old married couple” are in the entire Titans team.