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Hi Marco! Do you know what John meant when he said that "How do you sleep?" was about him? Like... there's no denying it was about Paul.

When John wrote ‘How do you sleep’ we all know that the song was about Paul, then the same year in an interview he said that he and Paul were fine with it and that all the anger and the rivalry was made up by the press that was trying to manipulate them into competing against each other.

In 1980 he admitted that the song was just about himself. With this confession he tried to say, that whenever he was mad at Paul, the problem was himself, not Paul. I’ll try to explain it with Paul’s words: he gave an interview in which he said that when they had an argument, in the end John said sorry explaining that it was all his fault.

“ One of my great memories of John is from when we were having some argument. I was disagreeing and we were calling each other names. We let it settle for a second and then he lowered his glasses and he said: “It’s only me.” And then he put his glasses back on again. To me, that was John. Those were the moments when I actually saw him without the facade, the armor, which I loved as well, like anyone else. It was a beautiful suit of armor. But it was wonderful when he let the visor down and you’d just see the John Lennon that he was frightened to reveal to the world.” 

So when he said that How do you sleep was about him, it means that he really didn’t mean all the bad words he wrote for Paul, in the end he was angry at himself and at the way their relationship ended during the Beatles break up.

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heya, i was just wondering (and correct me if i'm wrong) but didn't Paul make a song/do something in response to How Do You Sleep? i'm pretty sure that i remember seeing/reading somewhere that he made/joked about/was going to release but didn't a song called Just Fine, Actually? i'm pretty sure i'm incorrect and it's just my mind getting mixed up but i'm not sure so i thought i'd ask you as you know a lot about the beatles!! (have a nice day) x

No, ‘How do you sleep’ was a response to McCartney’s “Too Many People” from his album Ram (“Too many people preaching practices” and “You took your lucky break and broke it in two”.

The ‘Just fine, actually’ is referred to an interview Paul made in 2008 with The Times, in which he said:

 "The answer to John “How do you sleep” was well - I was sleeping very well at the time. Before John died I got back a good relationship with him. That was very special. The arguments we had didn’t matter. We were able to just take the piss about all those songs; they weren’t that harsh.”

How Do You Sleep
The Stone Roses
How Do You Sleep

How Do You Sleep - The Stone Roses

Now try and picture this, as I gave you a kiss
The apple in your mouth slipped in mine
The orchestra played the sweetest serenade
We laughed as we put away your wine

So raise your glasses, here’s a toast to wasted lives
May all their ghost come back to haunt you
And tell you how they died

How do you sleep 
How do you last the night and keep the dogs at bay
How do you feel 
When you close your eyes and try and drift away
Does it feel any better now, does it mean any more
When the angel of death comes knock, knocking
And banging at your door


I found the letter you wrote me, it still smells just like you. Damn those sweet memories, how do you, how do you sleep?