What is chemistry?

Riley Matthews

+ Lucas Friar

= Chemistry








and so much more but can’t fit it all in one post.


Ps. We still need a hug! But I added another angst, because lately they have way too much of it.

The Perfect Squad in my Dash!!!

So, has some people that is too perfect and I really want to give BIG SHOUT OUT to these kiddos that I love so much:

5secondsofsxgods - allthe5sosthings - areyou-shorasailorofmanyships - auslly-our-juliet - bluehope2013 - calumownsmyass - calvmhqqd - canwedance-onelastdance - crazy-4-u-r5 - curls-andcurves - daddy-lashton - dasassygurl - dawsonplusmoon - deathlyseaofinstruments - hemmingscrazy - heyitsrockylynch - hercules-ash-can-go-the-distance - hushemmo - iwannabeacaligirl - iwantmalum - m-e-t-a-b-o-l-i-s-m-s - maiascallie - makemebeautiful66 - mymusiclove101 - r5-or-nothing - r5-secs-of-thevamps - r5sosthevamps - raurasharie - reallyshor - reallyxgrier - rikerssmiles - shutupcliffords - smileymuke - whatdoihavetodotoberikerschoice 

These are the ones that I remember at the moment! But hey I love you all cute potatoes  💜💜💜


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I hope that something on here might help you! Stay strong I love you ♥♥♥