if you are neutral, kurt/adam, 600words: Adam takes a moment to battle Santana’s effemiphobia. 

Could be seen as taking place after ’whatever happens here’.


Adam would be the first to admit that Kurt can be a bit snappish when he’s under pressure. He isn’t mindlessly cruel, doesn’t find joy in making anyone cry but he’s sharp in his fury and cold when he’s been hurt.

Santana delights in Kurt’s temper- Adam’s seen her go from despondent channel surfing to unholy glee at the sight of Kurt’s ire. She loves him, Adam would know this without bearing witness to five years of their friendship, but the way she expresses her love leaves a sour taste in his mouth.

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a thousand words for love, kurt/adam, 1500+words: prompt: Kurt and Adam make conflicting plans for each other on their first valentine’s day together. 

Thanks to shadowc44 for the awesome prompt. I’m really bad at sticking to them completely, because how do you even plan a secret valentine’s day thing without the other person doing it to? but I tried?


Adam’s sat through numerous rounds of rom-com re-runs. A lonely group valentine’s celebration, a night spent cheering up a broken-hearted friend or a last-ditch effort to wake up an uninspired soul.

Not a single movie had ever prepared him for celebrating his first valentine’s day with Kurt.

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whatever happens here, kurt/adam, 1100words: Kurt and Adam attend the wedding of a co-worker on Christmas Eve. 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, KADAM FANS. You guys are all amazing and I love you lots.


“It’s a ’cool toned, pastel themed ceremony’,” Kurt mutters under his breath as they slide into an empty pew. “She’s so pretentious- it’s a winter wedding.”

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