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"Friends don't look at each other like that." // "I did a bad thing." // "I want you naked. Now." // "Stop yelling at me." // "You shouldn't have done that."

“Friends don’t look at each other like that.”

Although Ty hadn’t been completely honest from the get go, he couldn’t honestly remember when he ever alluded to being friends with Elle. He liked her, sure. They seemed to have a lot in common and she respect his work– unlike a lot of women he happened to bed over the years. People like Ty, however, they didn’t have friends or fall in love. The dangers of the job and the simple fact that there was just no time for any of that shit made it pretty impossible to let people into his life. The boys, the truck, and the people he associated with at the firehouse would be the only people he’d ever consider to be friends– family, for the most part. Ty could honestly say he liked Elle, but friends? He didn’t ever think of her that way. “Friends? I don’t think we’ve spent a day knowing each other being friends. I don’t really do friends. I do people I sleep with and that’s about it. I look at you like I want you. Like you’re gorgeous and I’m a lucky son of a bitch to make my way into your bed every couple of nights. But, we’re not friends, Elle.”

“I did a bad thing.”

Adam couldn’t help but laugh, seeing Grace on the floor of her parents kitchen, covered in what looked like the leftovers from their dinner last night. He couldn’t tell if she’d taken to sleep eating again, or the sheer exhaustion led her to the kitchen to warm the baby’s bottle and supply her with some sort of late night snack. Adam heard the commotion in the kitchen, hoping it wasn’t Grace’s little brother making noise that would wake the baby. What he found there instead had to be one of the greatest things he’d ever encountered. There was a broken plate on the ground, along with his wife and what food didn’t make it into her mouth during her attempt. “I can see you did something, alright. You should be in bed, baby. I didn’t hear her cry or anything. Here,” he mumbled, reaching down a hand to pull her up from the ground, careful to avoid any of the glass that was scattered around them. His fingers picked at the noodles, dropping them on the floor as he went. “Go upstairs, take a shower, and I’ll clean this shit up. Then, I’ll check on her and we’ll spend the rest of the morning sleeping– like parents who actually managed to get their daughter to sleep the entire night through. Go, you crazy thing. I’ll fix your thing.”

“I want you naked. Now.”

Ty almost fell backwards, out of the window he’d been climbing into. Sure, it was a little weird to use the window instead of the front door– but the easy access to her room made getting down to business that much easier. He usually had to pay the toll of a cuddle and conversation, but tonight seemed to be one of those nights where she couldn’t wait. Managing to get into the house without killing himself, Ty pulled off the wife beater he remembered to put on when leaving the station. His pants came next, with careful consideration of the beeper and his cell phone just in case the station got a call. Little breaks like this were few and far between and Ty felt the need to always be alert. After a minute or so, he stood before her, completely naked and more than ready to spend the next couple hours doing what he knew how to do best. “Someone is very happy to see you. Why don’t you join me?”

“Stop yelling at me.”

Looking around the room, it took Ty a second to realize he’d completely spaced out. It’d been a long time since someone wanted to confront him about feelings and commitments. Most of the guys at the station left him be about the fact that he hadn’t settled down, and from the looks of it, didn’t have any sort of intention to. Thinking back to his Uncle Seth, Ty couldn’t remember a single woman staying in their place for longer than twenty-four hours. It hadn’t been any different for Ty– until right this second. “I’m sorry, shit. I didn’t even know I was yelling. I… lost it there for a second. Look Elle,” he started, stopping himself after a second because he hadn’t a single clue what to say to excuse himself. “I don’t do this shit, alright? Talk about things or even see the same chick more than once. You’re already getting something more from me. Can’t that just– can’t that just be enough?”

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

Nodding his head, Adam knew he shouldn’t have. The loud noise and a sleeping baby obviously weren’t too conducive of a pair. He missed it, though– the sound of music wafting over him. Adam missed the ability to plug his guitar into the amp and slam into it until his fingers were tired, or whatever stresser he was trying to avoid was.. completely out of the picture. He quickly drew his bottom lip between his teeth, setting his guitar on the stand and getting up. “I know. I’m sorry. I’ll get her. It’s just been– you know, and I wanted to hear something other than Old McDonald for a change. It won’t happen again, okay?” He forced a smile at her as he passed by, stopping to press a soft kiss to her forehead. 



I make my way across the ICU, standing just one the other side of the automatic doors. I hear the orderly outside explain to Adam that he is not allowed in this part of the hospital. […] His shoulders are hunched over, his legs starting to buckle. Kim, who was hovering near the wall, is suddenly at his side, her arms encircling his falling form. […] Without saying another word, she hoists his arm around her shoulder and shifts his weight onto her. Adam has about a foot and fifty pounds on Kim, but after stumbling for a second, she adjusts to the added burden. She bears it.