This Brittana fandom is the best. All it takes is a two second clip to send us all into a raving frenzie! I love it! BRING ON BRITTANUARY! The wedding of the century.

This is what we have all suffered and endured for, their love kept us going. Where canon let us down fanfiction picked us up and reminded us of their love and now we shall be rewarded for our faith in them. BRITTANA IS ENDGAME


Before Heya/Brittana, I only believed in coincidences, but they are living proof that fate really does exist. Heather only had one job to do and that was teach the Single Ladies dance. Is it a coincidence that she ended up being hired as the third cheerleader they were looking for? Maybe. But it’s not a coincidence that Heather and Naya had the chemistry they had to be able to execute the roles they were playing. It was fate that brought them together because they could’ve picked literally anybody to play that role but they picked Heather. And some people may think Heya isn’t real, but I agree with Naya when she said ‘fate has laid a hand’ and I believe fate will bring them together again as it did once before.