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I love all your fictions, but i think an older fiction is missing from your current masterlists. The only title I can remember of it is "The Darkness We Become" series. It involved both angelcas and hunterdean casting themselves into the pit and under Crowley's domain. But even though they have to turn demonic in order to escape the racks, supercharged fallenangel!Cas and Dean soon become the most feared and respected mates in all of Hell.I read this many months ago and need to find this story.

PART 2: What i really want to find is the fanfic you wrote possibly called “The Darkness We Become”… and yes, this is kindof turning into something of a gentle obsession of mine when I lose an awesome story and can’t find it again. So PLEASE! Help a poor fangirl out. And Blessings Upon Your House.

heyyyy! a couple people have asked about darkness we became, which i did remove from my ao3 because i was unhappy with it. it’s sitting in my google docs. i’m going to rework it, make it soo sooooo soooooo much better, then put it back up once it’s finished.

sorry it randomly disappeared, anon!