So like... I'm super put out that my Hinny fic list isn't here anymore... And since I worked on if FOREVER, I decided to post it AGAIN (and it is still on my blog. Just FYI) Thank God Almighty for copy and paste.

Every fic (should) have Romione, as I don’t read anything that doesn’t! So no worried guys! :D

Ginny is furious when her family hires Agent Harry Potter as her bodyguard. But, as the threat levels rise, so does the chemistry between them. Will they succumb to the heat between them and, against all odds, forget the past to find a future? 

It’s got a great plot, some serious stuff going down, but it’s also really funny and it’s got some hot sex scenes(; Just finished it today. DEFINITELY on the favorites list. 

Two strangers. One, a reluctant and lonely hero trying to find a purpose in life. The other, a young woman who wants to find herself and come to terms with her haunted past. What will happen when these two get to know each other? Will they help each other? 

Written by the every so popular Hinny writer, hgfan1111. It’s not too angsty, but really sweet and it gives you warm and fuzzy Hinny feelings. I love AU, and though it does have a touch of angst in all the right places, it’s also light-hearted and warm. One of my favorite AU’s.

Ginny Weasley has been missing for over three years when Harry Potter finds her. Why did she leave and will Harry be able to convince her to come home. And why is it so important to him when she is so resistent to to his entreaties?

This is the type of fanfiction you’re hesitant to start because it’s incomplete, but you read it anyway thinking you won’t love it all that much, and then you read and realize just howwrong you were. I wouldn’t recommend it if you hate incredible unfinished fanfictions, because that is exactly what this is. 

It’s incredibly angsty, and I’ve cried more than once while reading this fic. But it’s also got unforgettable characters and a tale that will break your heart, but have you so in love with this story you won’t be able to stop reading. This is most definitely one of my all-time favorites. I only wish it were longer, and it were finished. 

  • Foolish (ff.net) Multi-chap, Completed, AUish

Can love survive, no matter what someone does to destroy it?

I started at 10, and stayed up until 6 in the morning to finish. It was that good. 

Definitely angsty. It will make you cry and stomp all over your Hinny feelings, but it is SOworth it. It has so much angst, but so much love. It doesn’t involve the Weasley’s as much, but these incredible characters will latch on to your heart it almost makes up for it.Lovelovelove it. 

Harry and Ginny struggle to make sense of their friendship and where it might lead amidst a swirl of friends, relationships, classes, emotions, and overcoming the darkness within. A story about friendship, love, and everything in between. 7th Year. 

This tale stomps all over your shipping heart. It’s angsty and heart-wrenching and sometimes I just wanted to quit because of my feelings. But it’s also got a great plot, action and of course, that gut-wrenching romance. But be warned, it’s a slow, angsty process. But well written and a really great read. 

“He spotted Ginny two tables away; she was sitting with her head on her mother’s shoulder: There would be time to talk later, hours and days and maybe years in which to talk.” – DH pg. 745. He didn’t think it would be that easy…did he? 

This was the first Hinny fanfic I ever read, and made me completely fall in love with this couple. It changed my perspective on them and I will be forever grateful to this fic for taking a big part in creating my love for Hinny. 

Angsty, but lovely. It’s post the Hogwarts battle and takes a different route that most fics do. It’s a tale about love, acceptance, jealousy, control, trust and of course, angst. But it’s a beautiful journey that is worth every minute. This one holds a special place in my heart. 

Ginny falls into a toilet. Harry helps her out. That’s how the morning started. Who knew it could get any worse? 

Written by one of my favorite authors on ff.net, if you’re looking for something really quick and light-hearted, this is it! This author has this incredible way of writing Ginny that’s really different, but really, really great. It’s hilarious. Like, a legit hilarious. :D

Ginny isn’t a happy camper. What with a half naked flying dwarf following her around, butterdishes and mashed potatoes forming conspiracies against her, and the eminent doom her eyebrows are facing, Valentine’s is looking pretty shabby.

Written by the same author of the one-shot above, another hilarious fic that’s amazing for a good laugh and a slightly quick read. Again, her take on Ginny and Harry is flawless and the trouble that these characters get into is unbelievable funny. Light hearted and bound to make you laugh, I highly recommend this fic. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. After waiting years to tell Ginny the truth, Harry is driven to desperation when she doesn’t believe him. 

Another light-hearted fic, this is a different angle with Harry’s perspective on him actually being in love with Ginny for ages, and not knowing how to go about telling her he loves her. With the Weasley boys help, and a bit of alcohol, a plan is set and you know that with this kind of situation, chaos will be ensued. Really funny, and a quick read. 

Harry Potter is 16 years old. He already defeated Voldemort, with the help of his Godfather Sirius Black. Now he is in for the biggest challenge of his life: attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

Completely different take on Harry Potter, heavy plot with a lot of action, but it incorporates a lot of Harry and Ginny’s relationship and expresses the importance of it in this fic. This Harry has come from a completley different childhood, therefore incredibly different than the Harry we know and love. But this Harry completely wraps himself around your heart and before you know it, you’ve fallen hard for this character. A really unique fic, and you’re guaranteed to love it. 

  • Need (ff.net) Multi-chap, Completed, AU

Their nightmares and demons bound them together. Their love helped them to survive. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley knew they needed each other the trouble was in admitting it.

Really intense fic, but one of my absolute favorites because of it. Angsty, intense, hot and everything a good fic should be, this is it. Slow in getting Harry and Ginny together officially, but well worth the wait. It’s just… Really, really, really REALLY good. It makes your heart hurt, but in a good way. It’s also got a really great plot and some awesome action. L O V E it.   

Ginny Weasely is stuck as Maid of Honor in two separate, highly unconventonal weddings. She’s none too happy about the situation, as it only reminds her that she is Without a Wizard. To top things off, she’s hungry, and she’s not allowed to eat her hat… 

Remember those two fanfic recs a couple of bullet points above where I ranted and raved about them being hilarious and written by the same author?

This one takes the cake. 

This fic is also written by her, (charmingly-holly) and it is my absolute FAVORITE written by her. The other two are hilarious, but this one is so funny it’s left me in tears. Like… If you were to ever pick one funny, light hearted fic, pick THIS one. It’s not completed, but it doesn’t leave you on a terrible cliffhanger, and it’s just so well written and full of laughter, it’d be a crime not to read it. 

For years Ginny Weasley has tried to stop her feelings for Harry Potter. She’s even uprooted her life. But what happens when it’s time to come face to face with him again? 

Incredibly detailed and really well written, this one also has a really special place in my heart. It was the second Hinny fic I read, and I really love this one. Another angsty fic, it shows Ginny’s struggles with loving Harry, and their long painful journey to finding one another. This one is pretty close to my heart with more unforgettable characters and a love that seemed almost impossible, only proving to be incredibly beautiful. Highly recommend this fic. 

At the end of the summer before her fifth year, the twins offer Ginny one of their new products: a Forget Me Do Chew, a troublesome little sweet that she’s all too tempted to use on Harry… 

Light hearted and sweet, I adore this one-shot. I don’t read too many, as I prefer muti-chapters, but this one just grabbed my Hinny heart and squeezed it. It’s fluffy and it makes you squeal with giddiness at all the Hinny feelings. Perfect for a small Hinny fix to make you smile. 

“I can’t stand the idea of marriage, it’s like an allergy or something. It makes me uncomfortable, and then I start to itch, then my eyes water, and sometimes I sneeze.” Ginny has a bit of a commitment issue…can anyone sway her? 

Funny and light hearted with a touch of angst and some serious commitment issues, this fic is all about finding love at the unexpected. I really loved reading this. It’s not incredibly lone, but long enough to keep you reading with all those Hinny feelings fluttering around in your chest. 

When they say goodbye, many things are left unsaid. Four years later, Harry has defeated Voldemort and returned to the Burrow…only to find that Ginny Weasley has moved on… With Draco Malfoy. 

Don’t shoot me! I know this is a big Drinny fic, as Drinny is my guilty pleasure. But hear me out. I really love the subtle Hinny all throughout the fic because it’s so heart breaking. It was really hard for me to read this fic because my shipper heart was being split in two, but it does have an ending that Hinny shippers could enjoy. The first half of the fic has some major Drinny, so if you’re like me and ship both of these couples, this fic is perfect for you. Angst, love, jealously, Drinny and Hinny, this fic is pretty much perfect. 

Ron is with Lavender and Ginny is with Dean. For Hermione and Harry it means Operation Get My Weasley! Some think destiny unfolds by itself but not everyone willing to take that chance, even if heartache and regret is a possibility in the future. 

Written by one of the best, most well known Romione authors in fanfiction, CheekyRoseB, this is a fic with some MAJOR Romione along with Hinny. It’s angsty, filled with drama and quite a read. This is one of my favorite Romione fics, so if you want some major Hinny and Romione, then hello fanfic! This one is perfect for you.

Two hurting, almost broken people reach toward the sunlight. This story has implied sexual violence and a Ginny who is two years younger than she was in canon.

Another one of my absolute favorites. One of my top 5. It’s not completed, but it doesn’t have a terrible cliffhanger either. Another incredibly angsty fic, it involves Ginny and Harry both unknowingly and similarly incredibly broken, only to unexpectedly find the best kind of healing in each other. A beautifully written, heart breaking story, this one is a definite must read. 

  • One Look (harrypotterfanfiction.com) Multi-chap, Completed

This is a story of love. A love that is tested; a love that is threatened; but a love that will not be denied. Can Harry and Ginny find their way back to each other after an old enemy tears them apart and defeat the new enemy who is determined to destroy them? A romance. What is a love story without angst and trouble really? 

Harry and Ginny are cruelly torn apart, only to find themselves together once again. Yet another angsty fic, it’s got a really great mystery and plot that’s bound to keep you up until you finish it. Another heart breaking tale that you’re bound to love- if your shipper heart is still beating when you’re through with it. 

  • Poison & Wine (harrypotterfanfiction.com) Multi-chap, WIP, AUish
There were approximately two reasons as to why I was in a Muggle club, wearing hardly any clothing and skyscraper stilettos. Reason One: Harry Potter, my ex-boyfriend that I still can’t get out of my head. Reason Two: Summer Lewis and Amy Loins, my two idiot best friends. 

Funny, light hearted and angsty all at the same time, it’s a wonder how the author is able to roll all of that into one fic. Again, it doesn’t have a terrible cliffhanger, but it leaves you wanting more. I love the take on Ginny, even if it’s much different than most authors write. It’ll make you laugh, cringe, shake your head, create the urge to shake the characters and it’ll make your Hinny heart hurt. But I love it. 

  • Protection (harrypotterfanfiction.com) Multi-chap, WIP, AU

This is a story about love. Love that is new and love that is old and a love that threatens to destroy everything. In a post-Voldemort world, Harry is assigned to protect Ginny from a dangerous dark wizard who has singled her out. As their love grows, the line between good and evil begins to blur as finding the truth becomes a test of trust. Through AU and canon and everything in between, this is their journey. 

I’ve read a lot of angsty fics, but I think that this one takes the cake. It’s one of those fics where you think you know the plot, and then BAM. It really does sneak up on you. Your world is thrown off balance, over a cliff and into the fiery pits of feelings. It starts off a certain way, then it begins spinning into this incredibly, heavy plot that you wouldn’t think possible. It’s not just about romance, it’s about trust, betrayal, family and as the author put- everything in between. It’s an incredible journey and you will find yourself crying and wishing everything was different. It’s quite emotional, so be prepared if you read it. 

OKAY. I think I’m done. 

Every one of these fanfics are amazing, and I wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t. I’ve got a heart for angst, so it’s obvious that it’s a big part of a lot of the fanfictions up there, but I promise you that every single one of these fanfics is worth the read.  

I hope that if you’ve been looking for a really great Hinny fic, you’ve found one on here that’s interesting to you!

Loving fanfiction is also about sharing the love, so I’m sharing my favorites with you. 


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