a concept to consider: magnus having a twin sister, imagine

both having the same warlocks marks bc twins and all, except her magics gold and her eyes are more of a rose colour

sharing their magic, something like parabatai sharing souls but better

constant bickering but they both know they’d lay down they’re lives for each other

her telling the squad when they ask old they are (bc magnus won’t tell them) that they’re like 3000 years old and magnus is just sensitive about being old to which magnus just rolls his eyes

her being with magnus when they found their mama and promising to always protect each other

them comforting each other when they hit their first century and promising each other that no matter how many loved ones they lose, they’ll always have each other

her being offered the position of a high warlock but turning it down bc it’s too much paperwork and she doesn’t have the patience for rude shadowhunters (pointedly looking at clary)

them arguing over who’s the most powerful even though they could both tear the world apart with the snap of their fingers (and being an enemies worst nightmare when they’re together)

I’m completely and utterly infatuated with you. Never in my whole existence did I ever imagine that someone could change my whole perspective and take on life. You’re all I think about. You’re all I need.
Here I sit thinking about us and all we could be while you don’t even have the slightest clue I think about you.


The face’s Chidori makes when she learns Tenga has feelinsg for her really hit me because you can see so much in them.

The first pic is when we hear Tenga’s thoughts and he’s hitting Katsuhira. She was completely oblivious to his feelings for her and she’s slowly realizing them, but she’s not compltely sure though.
And the second pic is when Tenga screams “So what if I like Chidori ?!”, when it hits her. Not only the fact that he’s in love with her, but how awful it must have been for him to whole time. How she wouldn’t stop putting her feelings for Kacchon in his face, how selfish and how unconsiderate she was. She realizes just how much she must have hurted him.

 That’s what I read in her face and honestly it’s not okay.


  • “this wedding is so boring, no one is dancing, everyone looks miserable and its unacceptable so im gonna try and bust a move on the dance floor and encourage people to come out here with me to get this party started and while im trying to drag people out you see me struggling and trying so you come join me with ur horrible dance moves (i love them) and u dance with me and help me get people to get on the dance floor which ends in success bc people are pouring in and we end up dancing with eachother the rest of the night and u are super fucking hot can i have ur number so we can do this again and maybe make out later” au
  • “im at my ex’s wedding and im miserable idk why i came but i did and it was a bad idea so im dwelling at the bar in my sorrows planning on getting very drunk and u are the really goodlooking bartender that i end up talking too and you are really nice and it turns out the wedding wasn’t that bad afterall considering once it was over you were driving me home with your kiss burning on my cheek and the following year im the one sending out the invitation to the ex that im getting married to his wedding bartender so hA im also v happy so thanks asshole ex” au
  • “you are the host of the wedding entertainment and when the dancing/DJ segment comes in yOU KEEP DRAGGING ME OUT ON THE DANCE FLOOR and everytime you saw me sitting back down yOU AGAIN DRAGGED ME OUT why are you doing this to me i want to sit my feet hurt and i feel awkward dancing while you are an amazing dancer leaVE ME TO WATCH EVERYONE DANCE AND DWELL IN LONELINESS And oh why are you bringing me out to slow dance??? oh nO- ok fine yes your hands feel nice in mine and i like being in your arms so this is ok” au
  • “You are in the band at the wedding and you drag me out to sing with you even though this isn’t really a duet but i guess u don’t care (of course u had to pick me why am i not surprised, sad i had to put down my martini im not drunk enough for this) and wE JUST HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL’D THIS SHIT WE SOUND FANTASTIC TOGETHER AND EVERYONE LOVES US I LOVE YOU- i mean i love singing too yeah singing. also ur rlly hot.” au
  • “im the wedding planner of this wedding and im super stressed bc everything isn’t going the way its supposed too and the bride is my best friend and her to be husbands best man/woman is annoying the fuck out of me acting like everythings fine and noTHING IS FALLING APART WHEN IT IS. MONTHS OF PLANNING ALL GOING DOWN THE DRAIN AND HE’S MOCKING ME AND DRINKING FUCKING BEER WHILE I HAVE A BREAK DOWN AND- wait did he really just manage to fix half these problems and make this wedding out to be one of the best i’ve ever been too??? and is he actually doing everything he can to make sure im having fun and not worrying about things??? iS HE ACTUALLY GRABBING MY FACE AND KISSING ME AT THE END OF THE NIGHT???? wow like i said; best wedding i’ve been too” au

 otp: there’s a whole world out there waiting for you

 otp: all you have to do is ask

 otp: happy birthday Caroline

 otp: save a dance for me

 otp: you’re beautiful ,strong, full of life

 otp: I fancy you

otp: a princess, almost as beautiful as you

otp:  I’ll take you, wherever you want

otp: Rome, Paris, Tokyo

otp: thank you for your honesty

otp: a little blond distraction

otp: isn’t she stunning ?

otp: talk to me

otp: get to know me

otp: I dare you

otp: I want to talk about you

otp: your hopes, your deams, 

otp: everything you want in life

otp: that’s why I like you

otp: Klaus has a thing for you ?

otp:  because he is obsessed with you

otp: Caroline will be there

otp: come on, one dance

otp: I won’t bite

otp: perhaps one day , in a year or a century

otp: let me show what the world has to offer

otp:   don’t you have a thing for her ?

otp:  it’s me, you’re safe

otp: thank you

otp: you’re a glorious kisser

otp: he would never have hurt you. I wouldn’t have let him

otp: I was promised a date

otp: you’re perfect

otp: is that our thing ?

otp: we don’t have a thing

otp:  I think you’re worried that Caroline’s never going to forgive you

otp: I know that you’re in love with me

otp: anybody capable of love is capable of being save

otp: I would never hurt you

otp: we are the same

otp:  I’ve shown kindness. forgiveness. pity

otp: because of you Caroline

otp: It was all for you

otp: for some reason cares only about you ?

otp: I did, once

otp: it is really you ?

otp: you took my mind off it. 

otp: You brought me back Caroline

otp: Thank you for your help

otp: friends, then ?

otp: royal caliber

otp:  was it worth it to see her smile,  to make her dream night come true ?

otp:  all I can think about is how much I want to show it to you, 

otp: maybe one day you’ll let me

otp: I intend to be your last. 

otp: However long it takes

otp: Hello Caroline

otp: would you give me the same choice

otp: I won’t. For you

otp: I want you to be honest with me

otp: I will be honest with you about what I want

otp: good

otp: it felt really good to kiss him

otp: I saw the good in Klaus

otp: Klaus was my choice

otp: you have a thing for accent

otp: mommy’s friend

otp: He’ll know me

otp: How is Caroline ?

otp: Hello love

otp: Klaus

otp: it’s not a crime to love what you cannot explain 

otp: I’m not doing this with you

otp: Do you still have feelings for her?

otp: are you going to do the right thing by her?

otp: I called Klaus for help