Remember that one time

Peter and Olivia were almost together… and then it wasn’t really her.

Then, they were together… and William Bell took over her body.

Then, flashforward to the future and they are married… and Olivia dies.

Then, they save the world… and Peter is erased.

Then, Peter comes back… and Olivia doesn’t remember him.

Then, Olivia remembers him and it is beautiful… and then she is shot (but yay for cortexiphan because she comes back from the dead)

Then, Olivia is pregnant (yay everyone is happy)… and flashforward a few decades when the world is ending, no one is happy, their daughter was taken, they’re stuck in amber separately, and they’re divorced.

Then they start getting back together… and Peter becomes an observer.

but then they save the world, and they live happily ever after, though without Walter, which isn’t so happy after all. But they’re together.


(I really miss Fringe)

don’t get me wrong, i’m glad we get another season of may and daisy kicking ass while coulson dads around but i’m mostly terrified of what shenanigans the writers will cook up now to keep fitzsimmons apart 

but you know what, my original otp peter/olivia from fringe managed to survive peter literally getting erased from existence and olivia getting bodysnatched by a saucy alternate universe version of herself so if those two crazy kids can make it, maybe there’s hope for engineering and biochem after all

blackbird-brewster  asked:

Ship game: Fringe

  • otp: peter/olivia, altlivtia/alt lincoln in the original timeline
  • favourite canon pairing: same
  • worst pairing ever: nada
  • guilty pleasure pairing: peter/altlivia, , peter/lincoln, walter/nina maybe?, olivia/altlivtia was a thing lol
  • a pairing you want to see more: etta/simon, lincoln/altlivia, I am still salty about the unseen deleted scene of them and their son. Also Astrid/anyone?…I mean
  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: don’t have, not a lot of shipping variety for this show!
  • favorite non-romantic pair: olivia/broyles, astrid/walter

get to know me meme - [2/5] otps
  ↳ peter bishop & olivia dunham

“Olivia Dunham, my wife, was everything to me.  When we first met, I was a nomad, moving from place to place, job to job.  She gave me a purpose; she taught me to believe in something bigger than myself.”

Tag game

I was tagged by @gl211. Thanks girly. I’m so bad at tagging so just go for it guys.

r u l e s : answer the questions - not restricted to one fandom. tag as many people as you’d like afterwards.

First ever fandom? The first big show I really remember going nuts over and obsessive was LOST. 

First ever ship? Mmmm…the first one I could think of and started writing fan fiction for was Will and Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean. 

First death that made you cry/upset? Charlie from LOST. Are you kidding me guys?!

OTP? Let’s go with current OTPs… Claire/Jamie, Omelia, Emma & Hook, Harvey and Donna. Other OTPs: Josh and Donna, Peter and Olivia, among others…

NOTP? There’s probably soooo many other there. I can’t think of one right now though. 

Least favorite fictional character? I’ve been watching Designated Survivor like a fiend and Peter MacLeish is the devil. 

5 favorite female fictional characters? Amelia Shepherd, Claire Fraser, Donna Moss, Sybil Crawley, and Addison Montgomery

5 favourite male fictional characters? Why are we doing this right now? John Carter, Jack Shepherd, Jack Pearson, Jamie Fraser (in no particular order) and there’s probably plenty more I could list.

5 favorite actors/actresses? I don’t really have any.

4 favorite characters that died/left the show? I guess I’ll stick to Grey’s on this one…Callie, Cristina (just her humor), Addison, and Mark

3 favorite characters from shows you stopped watching? The only show I can think of is ER…John Carter, Mark Greene, and Carol Hathaway

3 favorite characters from shows that have ended?  JUST THREE? Please. I’ll go with Bones on this one…Booth, Brennan and Hodgins 

3 favorite shows you started in the last year? Again THREE? Designated Survivor, This is Us, Timeless

Favorite TV show: Grey’s Anatomy

TV show you want to watch: I usually just watch whatever I want to watch. There’s nothing really on my list right now.