Imagine the pack finishing off their senior year and a few of them elect to enroll in the same university together. When they arrive in the room designated for freshman orientation, Derek Hale struts in loosely clutching a black leather briefcase in hand & charming smile plastered on his face, “Welcome to San Francisco State University. I’m Mr. Hale and today I’ll be in charge of giving you the rundown on all of the essential paperwork you’ll need to complete before you start your first week of classes. I also teach Spanish as well as Intro to Business. Some of you may have the pleasure of taking one of my class while you’re here.” To this day it remains unknown what dropped quicker: Stiles’ jaw from shock or his entire body as he flailed out of his seat.

“Oh my god, Der- Derek?! What the… YOU TEACH?! No wait…did you just pull a Mr. Feeny on us? Are we on a sitcom right now? What even is my life?!”

Derek tries his best to school his expression, every fiber of his being wanting to chuckle and roll his eyes once he spots Stiles. He knew he was there, he received the attendance sheet a week ago. Plus, he could pick out Stiles’ scent from a mile away in the middle of a hurricane with both nostrils plugged. 

“Yes Stiles, I spent my year away finishing up my teaching degree.” 

Derek puts his briefcase on the table, gently popping open the locks.

“Oh and… Mr. Stilinski,” Derek glances up from rummaging in his briefcase, an impish smirk toying at the corners of his mouth, “I’d appreciate it if you referred to me as Mr. Hale while on campus.”

At which point Scott manages to drag Stiles off of the floor and back into his seat, “Dude, control your thoughts. I’m drowning in the stench of your kink-o-meter going haywire. Ugh. Totally did not need to know that that’s what does it for you.” 

Stiles elbows Scott in the ribs as he silently pleads with the universe that the ground will swallow him up, because if Scott can smell him then…

Stiles looks up in time to catch Derek’s nostrils flaring ever so slightly while his lips twitch, biting back a smile and “Oh god…” He slinks lower in his seat, heated blush creeping up his neck and blanketing his face.

Needless to say, Stiles enrolls for all the classes Derek had to offer deciding that he might as well get a complete college experience, major be damned. He may have even signed up for the Model UN club headed by Derek, because he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to verbally spar with Derek once again. And if those debates eventually take on a life of their own outside of an academic setting, with less debating and even less clothing, well neither Stiles nor Derek ever complained about it.

dearest tumblr,

we started this little thing we’ve got going over two years ago.

what began as a once or twice a day conversation quickly turned into something much more.

i now find myself spending endless hours with you. i just can’t help myself. i sift through countless pages, not wanting to miss anything.

you give me a place to put my feelings, post my photos and share whatever might be on my mind at the moment. a warm and cozy place that’s all mine.

and i must admit, i’m a tad bit obsessed with you. you consume my time, when there are other things i should be, could be doing.

it’s really gotten out of hand, this thing we’ve got going on. i know we need to tone it down, put some sort of time limit on our time together, but i just can’t.

you mean entirely too much to me!

so this letter is to tell you how much i care, how much time you’ve taken in my life, and how i wouldn’t have it any other way.

all my love,

grace [in place]

ps. it’s not you, it’s me.

An Announcement

Due to recent realizations, I have determined that my continued association with the Avengers is less than beneficial. I am going to return my focus to science.

It’s not because of disagreements with the other Avengers (well), it’s just that I have come to the conclusion that I do more harm than good and it’s time to bow out.

You can find me in my lab at Grayburn College.

Weekend Plans  |  Chapter 8
By Organization for Transformative Works

Well, friends, this is it. The end of an era. I started this fic well over a year ago, back when I had just dipped a toe into this corner of fandom. I seriously can’t thank you enough. Thank you to everyone who read this, who waited so very patiently between updates, who encouraged me and supported me and was generally amazing. This is the best fandom I’ve ever been a part of. You all win for life. ♡♡♡


I’m shaking and sobbing.  Whew.

Little update

I’m still here!
Between moving and going to London for a week there hasn’t been a lot of writing lately. Some of you know I’ve also been struggling a bit with Tom and Tumblr the past month, I’m learning how to deal and keep my distance but it still comes with a lot of ups and downs. Writing Last Dance helped me deal with a lot of those emotions and made it very clear to me writing is something I absolutely need or I would go completely crazy! 

Right now I’m the perfect example of an incredibly messy writer, I have like 5 new things started over the past weeks, no clue what to do with them yet or if I can even do something with them, but I’m writing :)
And I have also written a small part for the next chapters of Captive and Crimson Bliss so I definitely will be continuing both stories, and I’ve also started a one shot starring someone new…

So I hope you guys stick with me, it makes me very happy that even when I haven’t posted something new in a while I still see new Likes or new Followers in my Activity. (and yes, I check that activity every day)

Speaking of followers, I just surpassed 1600!!! 

Thank you guys so much, on bad days my writing has often saved me but reading your comments or getting a message or likes has often saved me as well, so please know you all mean the world to me and I can’t say this enough: thank you!