A Mississippi car accident in 1937 cut short the life of Bessie Smith.

She was just 43 years old. But she’d already established her legacy as “Empress of the Blues” — a pioneering American performer who demanded respect and equal pay in a world dominated by men and controlled by whites.

She’d also achieved a degree of infamy for her boozing, her brawling and her sexual appetites.

Queen Latifah — who plays the title role in the HBO movie Bessie, which premieres tonight — has been working for more than 20 years to bring Bessie Smith’s life to the screen and finally pulled it together with writer-director Dee Rees.

stolen kiss

yep that happened. i’m officially no longer a unicorn.

february the 18th was the death of a unicorn.

20 years and it happened in like five seconds.

i don’t even know if i did it or if he did.

and i’m too proud to ask.

lol. i’m a fail


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Trailer

a short story by James Thurber - Directed by / Starring: Ben Stiller

Things I will never understand

Why would you pay for me to be in therapy for 12 years, if you won’t even listen to the advice of the therapists? Why do you insist on shelling out thousands of dollars over time to “fix” me, when you won’t even make an effort to change? Why do you tell the doctors that you’ll work on things, then tell me in an argument that you don’t care what they say? Why is everything my fault all of the time? Why do you refuse to let me leave an argument when I tell you that if I don’t have space I will lose control of my anger? Why do you think that, in order to fix our relationship, I am the only one who needs to put forth an effort?