remember that time eli and clare got back together and they were just so happy to re-express their love again that they fell asleep on the phone and woke up the next morning as sleepy giggly messes (ಥ︿ಥ✿)

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makoami slowdancing w height difference and total eclipse of the heart playing in the background

I WAS LIKE “OMG” AND THEN I WAS LIKE “O M G” GEE I SURE DO WONDER WHO THIS IS anyway this took f o r e v e r and I now have listened to Total Eclipse more than any human ever should PLEASE ENJOY

After the dance - and it always had a “the” attached to it in Mako’s head; it had been something all on its own level, her own bare shoulders and the flashing lights and Ami’s laughter and it was like someone had choreographed it for them rather than the spontaneous moment it actually had been - after the dance, the others had tried to recreate the moment, tried to get them to dance together again, Mina with a wicked grin, Rei with grudging admiration, Usagi with wide, wondering eyes. Mako always shrugged and looked at the ceiling with an embarrassed smile while Ami stared at the floor, red-faced, and tried to guide their attention back to the homework at hand.

It finally worked, several years later, and it might have been absolutely perfect if it weren’t Mamoru and Usagi’s wedding.

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