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Hey, just passing by to say I really like our art and also I wanted to thank you for the Coloring Mermay book. My mom struggles with her physical and mental health a lot and she wants to start drawing but she finds it difficult so I printed some of your mermay illustrations for her to paint and she had a lot of fun and didn't get frustrated. So again, thank you for your art ♥


Hullo anon and thank you! And awh happy to hear that it helped/your mom had fun : ]

Advice/info from my vegan doctor

🌿vegans are overall more sound of health than non vegans and are less prone to all sorts of health issues like high cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, etc

🌿the only way to get (bad) cholesterol is from animal products OR when your own body produces it (your body produces both good and bad cholesterol!)

🌿VEGANS DO NOT NEED TO TAKE VITAMINS! vitamins are extremely unregulated, and it’s so much more likely that you will take a vitamin that has too much of something and will poison you or cause other health problems rather than it helping you. Unless you have an extremely limited diet or a precondition, you are almost certainly getting everything you need! Vegans usually have a MORE balanced and nutrient rich diet than non vegans. The average person, vegan or not, doesnt need to worry about vitamins. But if you feel off - see your doctor first before taking any sort of vitamin supplement.

🌿studies have shown that if you could have one food to survive off of for the rest of your life, it would be SWEET POTATOES. Why? They are one of the most nutritionally sound foods in the world. The Okinawan people have a history of living 100+ years on average and a huge staple in their diet was sweet potato! Also, aside from all the other vitamins and nutrients found in sweet potatoes, they are packed with beta-carotene which can help prevent cancer. A study showed that people who ate enough beta-carotene per day (found in 1/3 of a sweet potato) were almost 70% less likely to develop breast cancer than people who didn’t consume as much beta-carotene. Additionally, you should NOT just go out and buy a beta-carotene supplement! Vitamins and nutrients you get from supplements are not the same as when you absorb the nutrients from food. Beta-carotene supplements have actually shown to make it more likely for people who smoke to develop lung cancer… Summary? Throw out the supplements and vitamins (unless otherwise specified by your doctor) and start stocking up on sweet potatoes! They are versatile and can be made sweet or savory (you can seriously season them any way you want and it’s delicious, last night I had curry seasoned sweet potatoes), can be used in a huge variety of recipes -like vegan Mac n cheese- and can also just be microwaved for a quick meal! (Pro tip: a cheap, fast, filling and nutritional meal is a microwaved sweet potato with a side of seasoned beans (always rinse beans first before cooking))

I will add more to this as I continue to see my doctor!