otp: your love is my scripture


you’re my heaven / you’re my hell | a Vandermarin fanmix

01. hey little monster, you know it’s all okay, I’m gonna love you, no matter what you say / 02. hold on, please don’t leave me deep in my darkest hour, I know that you need me, so I’ll try to find the power / 03. now you’ll breathe me / 04. all, all I know is, just about a million ways to harm you / 05. I live by you, desire, I stand by you, walk through the fire, your love is my scripture / 06. would you leave me, if I told you what I’ve done? and would you need me, if I told what I’ve become? / 07. I’ll love you psychopathically, I can’t breathe without affection / 08. you wear the crown, be toast of the town, and I’ll take the fall when the walls come down / 09. I was put together wrong, still, I was made for you

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