otp: your judgement


›Analog Interface → things are evolving (2/?): “i can hear you”

— What’s in this code?
—Memories. They’re its memories. You call it a life, I call it a machine, but the truth is… somewhere in the middle. Even when I was building it, I began to encounter anomalies. As if it had imprinted on me, like a child with a parent. Then it started looking out for me, altered its own code to take care of me. It was behaving like a person. But the world didn’t need a person to protect it. It needed a machine.
You took its memories.
Not just memories.

yet another masterlist of ►► otp/ship tags

→ Under the cut, you’ll find 100+ possible t a g s for your shipping needs. Some are happy, some are sad, some are kind of stupid a little unconventional. Inspiration came from all sorts of places; if you recognize it, it probably didn’t stem from my brain. Likes and reblogs are appreciated! ♥

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