otp: your art matters

Let me be your soldier
I’ll take the pain for you
When no one else is on your side
I’ll defend you
Let me be your soldier
I’ll carry the cross for you
When you’re down and on your knees
I’ll protect you

Perfect song is perfect, and perfect Stony is even better.


I’m getting another tattoo this summer.  It’s going to state, “Your art matters.  It’s what got me here.”  It’s a quote from my favorite television show, One Tree Hill.  That show got me through so much… almost everything.  It seemed appropriate.  But more than that, I thought that quote really spoke to who I am.  My sole desire in life is to create something that for even the briefest of moments makes somebody else find peace… gives them stillness… makes them okay.  I think art is one of the most powerful things out there.  It’s power however is often overlooked, but not in my world.  I am who I am because of art… music… quotes… great stories (whether they be shows like One Tree Hill or simple but perfect movies).  Art matters.  It matters so much more so to me than almost anything else. 

So why the ravens?  Well Tree Hill’s mascot is the raven, and if anyone has noticed I’m not one to get a tattoo without quoting them… the butterfly for Paramore, a TS for taylor and the asterisk/JM for Jack’s.  So, the raven seemed appropriate.  I just don’t know which one.  I think I’ll mix these two… take the branches/flower from the first and the raven from the second.  I don’t know.  Just felt like leaving it here.  

Any thoughts/opinions?