otp: you've been beside me the whole damn time


‘Cause I’m pretty sure every minute of every day you’ve been stuck in a lab right beside me. At the Academy, at SciOps, this plane. You’ve been beside me the whole damn time.


You left. I needed help, I needed help with the cloaking. I needed help with lots of other things, and someone to talk…through…at least. You gave up on me.

I don’t really do these things but maaannn, I watched the episode again and some DeCasteFeels hit me. </3 *wails in corner* 


This’s one scene that wasn’t on the board at all, or something we talked about when we were writing, and Lauren is like, ‘I wonder if we could have a scene where Fitz and Simmons are just silent and just, she cries in his arms.’ And you just think of something like that and, and it could be nothing, it could be something that’s easily cut, but because of Elizabeth and Iain, it really works, it makes you feel it.” - Rafe Judkins


Favorite FitzSimmons AOS Episodes - - - FZZT

 “Because I’m pretty sure that every minute of every day, You’ve been stuck in a lab right beside me. At the academy, at sci-ops, this plane. You’ve been beside me the whole damn time!”

“I’m doing what we always do. We’re gonna fix this. Together.”

"You’re the hero.”  

“What if we send a dwarf into the plane from here? It can stow away inside so we can track where the bus is going.”

“Yes. Simmons, excellent suggestion! We can send sleepy he’s our best listener, next to you of course.”


“Jemma Simmons! That guy was smoking hot. Did you guys…?”

“Only once. He has a low body fat percentage and his face is nice and symmetrical but he is a bit boring.”

“I’ve got to admit, when I imagine you and Fitz at school, I just picture the two of you alone working in your lab, eating paste.”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 deleted scene “Simmons had boyfriends”


by MakeStronger3

They go out for drinks, which turns into a date and leads to a morning after with sunrise and kisses.

 Fitzsimmons AU