otp: you've always counted and i've always trusted you

Sherlolly Week 2017, Day 1: First Meeting

Prompt: First Meeting (Non-Canon/Headcanon)

Rating: T, for a tiny curse.

A/N: This is a soulmates AU imagining of their first meeting, in which a timer on one’s wrist stops counting down once they’ve met their soulmate. I also added my own take on the timer thing. Hope y’all enjoy this one!

Sherlock straightened up from sealing a box labelled ‘Lab Equipment’ and cursed under his breath when he heard a knock on his front door. He glanced at his watch, letting out a soft annoyed groan at the sight of the timer on his left inner wrist. I haven’t even phoned Mycroft, and his impeccable and dramatic timing won’t allow his movers to arrive too early. It can’t be my landlord, and my parents are in Oklahoma. A client then. Sighing, he picked his way around the numerous boxes littering his sitting room. He dramatically swung the door open. “May I help you?”

The petite, auburn-haired woman standing before him paled. “I’m… Uh, I’m…” She hitched her white tote bag with green stripes higher over her shoulder, her hands fidgeting with the straps.

He rolled his eyes and heaved an impatient sigh. “This had better be at least an eight if you’re a client. I don’t have time for anything less than that.”

She knitted her eyebrows together and frowned. “Client? Wh-why would I be your client?”

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House’s mind palace vs Sherlock’s mind palace


OTP: You do count
OTP: You’ve always counted
OTP: I’ve always trusted you
OTP: What do you need?
OTP: The one person who mattered the most
OTP: Consulting Detective and his Pathologist
OTP: Say you’re sorry!
OTP: Sorry about your engagement
OTP: Hooper…Holmes
OTP: Godparents

Sherlolly Week 2017, Day 7: Free Choice

Prompt: Free Choice (Non-Canon/Headcanon)

Rating: T, for mild sexuality

A/N: This is a modern royalty AU, in which Molly and Anthea are half-sisters and Sherlock is supposed to marry Anthea to forge an alliance between their kingdoms, with a little bit of Mythea. TBH, I actually wrote more Mythea than I intended, but this is still more of a Sherlolly fic. Hope y’all like this one!

Sat on a love seat facing the double doors of the Queen’s Study, Prince Sherlock interlaced his fingers with Princess Molly’s. He had wanted to pace along the hall, but he opted to sit with his precious (and equally anxious) princess instead. He had been trying to distract himself by checking his emails, but to no avail. He glanced at his older brother, Crown Prince Mycroft, who was leaning against the opposite wall and was speaking quietly with Crown Princess Anthea. In their short acquaintance, he had never seen her ignore her phone; but, now, she held her phone in one hand and caressed the hand gripping the handle of his brother’s ever-trusty umbrella with the other. To his left, their respective youngest sisters, Princesses Eurus and Skye, whispered and giggled with each other. He rolled his eyes and wished that they would stop sexting their boyfriends when his future with his Molly was at risk.

He was supposed to marry Crown Princess Anthea to forge an alliance between the Kingdom of Albion and the Queendom of Scotia. He had been violently opposed to the arrangement, because he did not want to be anyone’s consort, let alone the future Queen of Scotia’s. But his mother, Queen Margaret, had told him that, since his brother absolutely refused to marry anybody and he was next in line, he had to marry the Crown Princess. So he finally relented and agreed to visit Scotia with his entire family to meet his fiancée. He liked her well enough, but he thought that she would have been a better match for his brother. But he had promised his mother and he would keep his word, although he much preferred to remain a bachelor and focus on his work as the kingdom’s Chief Detective.

That is, until he met Princess Molly. He had been drawn to her the moment he laid eyes on her. And when he spoke with her, he found out how kind and intelligent she was. He liked how she was considered the rebellious princess, because she would rather work as the queendom’s Chief Coroner than participate in politics. He was surprised to find that she saw through his façade and that she accepted his good qualities and his flaws. He also rather liked it when she challenged him and chastised him for his rude behaviour, mostly because everyone else would just let him do what he wanted. He loved that she could comfort him, calm him down, help quiet his mind, or drive him mad with her kisses and her touch.

He had never met anyone like Princess Molly, and he could not help falling in love with her. To his infinite surprise and joy, she loved him too.

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She Should Be
  • **221B Baker Street. Sherlock and Archie are sitting on the couch, with his laptop on the coffee table in front of them. Rosie is dozing in her Moses basket next to Sherlock.**
  • Archie: *browses through crime scene photos* Is Dr Hooper coming over?
  • Sherlock: *on his phone* Yes. *glances at Archie with a smile* Molly's promised to bring a heart after work. We're experimenting on it once your parents pick you up.
  • Archie: *nods* My mum watches this show called 'Murdoch Mysteries'. It's about Detective Murdoch, who's like you if you were a Canadian copper in the old-timey era.
  • Sherlock: What kind of 'old-timey' era? Regency? Victorian? Edwardian?
  • Archie: Victorian, I think.
  • Sherlock: *types on his phone* What about this Murdoch character?
  • Archie: He uses new, scientific methods to solve murders, just like on 'CSI'. But his methods are only called that cos they're in the Victorian era and his boss prefers old-school ways of solving murders.
  • Sherlock: *puts his phone down next to his laptop* What does that have to do with Molly coming over later?
  • Archie: Detective Murdoch has a girlfriend. She looks at the corpses at crime scenes and works on them at the morgue to find out what killed them and stuff. They get along great as friends. She supports him all the time, and he trusts her skills and knowledge. She helps him out a lot too. Dr Ogden's like Dr Hooper. That's why she's your girlfriend!
  • Sherlock: *stares at Archie* Molly isn't my girlfriend!
  • Archie: *turns to Sherlock* She's not?! *stares at the photo of a severed head* *frowns* Oh. *glances at Sherlock and shrugs* She should be.
  • Molly: *walks in carrying a small cooler* Hello, boys! *looks sheepish when Rosie starts to fuss* Whoops! *goes over to the basket to pick up the crying baby* Sorry, Rosie!
  • Sherlock: *stands up* *takes the cooler from Molly* She'll need feeding soon, so I'll go warm her bottle.
  • Sherlock & Molly: *work together to change Rosie's nappies, feed her, and put her back to sleep*
  • Archie: *opens folder of more gruesome photos* *mumbles to himself* Yep, she's his girlfriend.
  • **Later, after the Watsons and Archie's parents pick up the kids.**
  • Sherlock: *gathers Molly in his arms and kisses her*
  • Molly: *kisses him back after a moment* *gives him a shocked look when they come up for air* Wh-what was that for?!
  • Sherlock: *smirks* Archie helped me realise something.
  • Molly: Realise what?
  • Sherlock: That you should be my girlfriend. Or wife, if you pref––Mmmmmmmph!
  • Molly: *snogs the daylights out of him*
Anyone who says Sherlolly doesn't deserve to be canon because Sherlock treats Molly badly and he'll only push her around if they finally got together must not have seen - or must have completely ignored - Series 3 and the Christmas scene from A Scandal in Belgravia.

Molly has grown so much since this moment:


She called him out on his appalling behaviour and got him to apologise without yelling at or getting nasty with him. This is also the first time he apologised to anyone in the show.


She got him to apologise with just one look. One. Look.


She could tease him and mess around with him. Seriously. He was about to apologise when he saw her smile!

She stood up to him on behalf of the people who love and care about him.


She demanded him to apologise.


She didn’t back down even when he tried to deflect her anger by commenting on her failed engagement.


While it’s not actually Molly, he still retained the memory of her slaps in his mind palace and used it to force himself to focus, which helped him make good choices that kept him alive.


Now tell me: Is Molly Hooper the kind of woman who’d let Sherlock Holmes treat her badly and push her around?

Also, have you all forgotten these?







In Series 3, Sherlock treated Molly a little more kindly than he did in the first two series. He made sure that she would never think she didn’t count to him again. After everything they’ve been through, do you really think he’ll try to push her around and treat her badly in Series 4 or ever again? 

Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 7: Free Choice

A/N: I’ve been working on this fic for a while. I meant to post it as a ficlet in chat form, but I couldn’t finish the first draft. Until yesterday. (Yay!) Also, there’s a little bit of Mythea in this.

Rating: T

Disclaimer: As per usual, I own nothing. Everything belongs to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, BBC, Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss. If I owned Sherlock and Molly Hooper, then there would be a lot more Sherlolly in the show. All mistakes are mine. Reviews and constructive criticism are welcome.

Mycroft crossed his legs and glared at his brother. Sighing heavily, the former glanced at his watch. “Sherlock, I don’t have all day.”

The detective rolled his eyes. “Why? What coup are you planning today? Are you supposed to be rigging an election or something?” He lifted his left eyebrow. “You’re not behind the rise of racially motivated crimes and police brutality in America, are you?”

“I have nothing to do with what’s happening in America.” He winced, as if disappointed with himself for answering his brother’s questions. He sat back and took a deep breath. “Miss Hooper has been frequenting this flat for several months.”


“And you have been seen in her building multiple times.”

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Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 2: Established Sherlolly can’t keep their hands to themselves

A/N: Also for sherlockian87, who was looking for fluffy fics earlier. Hope it’s fluffy enough.

Rating: Strong T

Disclaimer: As per usual, I own nothing. Everything belongs to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, BBC, Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss. If I owned Sherlock and Molly Hooper, then there would be a lot more Sherlolly in the show. All mistakes are mine. Reviews and constructive criticism are welcome.

“Stop it, Sherlock,” Molly told him while removing his hands from her waist.

“But it’s been a few weeks since we spent a significant amount of time together,” he grumbled as he kissed her cheek and placed his hands on her hips. “The cases that took me away from London required considerable time and concentration to solve. If not for the daily check-ins, we wouldn’t get to communicate at all.” He took a deep breath before planting a kiss on top of her head. “Anyway, I’ve missed you.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet!” she cooed, prompting him to roll his eyes. “I’ve missed you too. But I’m at work. My boss could see us.”

He looked round the lab and smirked at her. “I don’t see anyone else here. Also, I locked the door while you were doing your paperwork. And your boss is too busy dealing with several scheduling conflicts, so I doubt he’ll––”

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Sherlolly Week 2016, Day 7: Free Choice

Prompt: Free Choice (Non-Canon/Headcanon)

Rating: T, for references to sexual situations

A/N: This fic is based on this prompt:

Molly roused from her sleep when the mattress dipped. She shut her eyes as Sherlock’s hand ran across her bare back. She fought the urge to smile when he planted a kiss on her shoulder.

His mobile buzzed, and she heard him unlock his phone. She raised her eyebrow when she heard him softly groan in annoyance. Listening to the keyboard clicks, she wondered why he was not getting up and getting dressed like she expected, especially if that was Greg telling him about a case.

To her surprise, she only heard a soft thud as he replaced his phone on the bedside table and the creak of the bed as he rolled over. She bit her lower lip to prevent her from moaning when the hand curling round her waist sent shivers down her spine and made her throb.

“Goodnight, my Molly,” he whispered before he tenderly kissed her neck.

She was drifting off back to sleep when she felt his finger touch her back. She raised her eyebrow again when he began tracing patterns on her skin. At first, it felt like he was tracing her name, nearly making her break into a grin. Then he began tracing other letters, causing her to open her eyes and bite down on her lip to stop her from gasping.

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Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 6: Sherlock Appreciation Day

Sherlock chuckled as he slipped his fingers between hers. “Please tell me that you haven’t forgotten what I told you the night before I jumped off Barts’ roof.”

Her cheeks slightly coloured. “No, I haven’t,” she answered in a quiet voice.

“Good. That’s true, you know. Even when I didn’t realise it myself and even if I didn’t show it for years, you have always mattered to me. I’ve always trusted your intelligence, your judgement, your instincts. I have always trusted you. You have been an invaluable part of my work and my life. You’ve saved my life twice now. You’ve––”


“Well, when you helped me fake my death.” He disentangled their fingers and caressed her cheek. “And when I got shot, you appeared in my mind palace and kept me focused in the three seconds it took for me to collapse. So thank you for slapping me earlier that day.”

–– The Last Night Preview

The Red Boxers
  • John: *enters 221B, carrying a laundry basket* Mrs Hudson asked me to bring this up.
  • Sherlock: *glances at him from his armchair* Just put that in my bedroom. *as an afterthought* Please. *closes his eyes*
  • John: *comes back a minute later, clutching a pair of red boxers in his hand* This looks familiar. Is this... mine?
  • Sherlock: *with eyes still closed* No. Look at it closely. *assumes thinking pose*
  • John: *smooths pants over his open palm and inspects the underwear* *his eyes widen* Oh. *turns to his best friend* A bee and a skull? How have I never seen this before?
  • Sherlock: How would you? Molly bought that for me only a few weeks ago.
  • John: *his jaw drops* You... and Molly? Y-you're––
  • Sherlock: Yes.
  • John: *stands in front of Sherlock with his hands on his hips, the other one still clutching the pants* *in a barely concealed angry voice* Please tell me that this is real. I can't let you hurt her, especially after everything she's been through FOR you and BECAUSE of you! Sherlock, Molly loves you! And she deserves better than to be treated like you treated Janine!
  • Sherlock: *opens his eyes* *levels a cool gaze on John* This isn't like the Janine thing. There's no case, and I don't need to pretend that I'm in love with Molly. This is as real as the pants that you're still holding.
  • John: So you're dating Molly for real?
  • Sherlock: *impatiently* Yes!
  • John: *heaves a sigh of relief* Good to hear that. *throws the pants onto Sherlock's lap* Since when?
  • Sherlock: *takes a deep breath* Since she woke up from her coma. Mary was adamant that I didn't waste another minute. So, while I wasn't used to speaking about my feelings... *purses his lips* I made an effort to tell her––as eloquently as I could––that I love her.
  • John: *smirks and crosses his arms* In short, you blurted it out and confused the hell out of her?
  • Sherlock: *pouts* Yes. But, to her credit, she quickly grasped my meaning after I repeated it. She, of course, couldn't properly jump up and snog me, since she just came out of a nine-week coma. But she smiled and squeezed my hand, enough for me to know that she still loved me. We had a proper talk about it once she started to recover. *smiles up at John*
  • John: You waited until her doctor cleared her for more, er, vigorous activities, right?
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* Of course. Bleeding through the sheets usually ruins the mood.
  • John: *chuckles* *beams at Sherlock* I'm happy for the two of you, Sherlock. *lays his hands on his friend's shoulders and forces him to look him in the eye* You are aware that it wouldn't end well for you if you break her heart, right?
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* Yes, yes, I'm fully aware of that. Mary said she wouldn't hesitate to shoot me again if Molly ever comes to her crying because of me.
  • John: And I'll be right with her when she shoots you. *straightens up* So, why did you call me out here? Do we have a case?
  • Sherlock: No. *stands up and leaves his pants on his armchair* We're going to Glasgow to ask Molly's mother for her hand in marriage. *puts on his coat, scarf, and gloves* Well, I will ask, while you and Mary vouch for me. *glances back at his best friend* Come along, John. We have a train to catch.
One Night in Bristol

This Sherlolly fic is for marvelsdemigodsofmerwholock, who is celebrating her 17th birthday today. I hope this is fluffy enough for you. Happy birthday!

Summary: Sherlock falls asleep while working a case in Bristol. He begins talking in his sleep and reveals something to the only other occupant in the room: John Watson.

Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Molly Hooper, John Watson, Mary Morstan, Greg Lestrade, Phillip Anderson

Rating: T, due to a few swear words

Genre: Romance/Humour

A/N: In this fic, Sherlock is in his mind palace, but he falls asleep because he’s been working cases without a break, food, or sleep.

Disclaimer: As per usual, I own nothing. Everything belongs to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, BBC, Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss. If I owned Sherlock and Molly Hooper, then there would be a lot more Sherlolly in the show. All mistakes are mine. I welcome reviews and constructive criticism.


John opened his eyes to the dim motel room ceiling. Sighing, he glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand. Three in the bloody morning. He lifted his head from the pillow and stared at the detective, who still wore his white dress shirt, black trousers, and black socks even as he slept on the other bed. He looked around the room and saw Sherlock’s suit jacket draped over the back of the desk chair. Sheets of paper (the case files, most likely), open books, and a map covered every inch of the large mahogany desk’s surface at the corner of the room. A piece of paper lay on top of the floor lamp, the cover of which was tilted to one side. Someone’s stuck, he deduced.

He rose from the bed and removed a small bottle of water from the mini fridge. He poured it into a clean glass and downed the cold water. After putting the bottle back in the fridge, he picked up his mobile from the nightstand and went through his messages. He smiled as he typed his reply to Mary’s most recent text.

Just read your message. Hope the baby is fast asleep and not keeping you up. - JW

He waited a few minutes before replacing the phone on the table. Looks like Hannah finally slept through the night.

He was about to lie down again when he heard a sound coming from the other bed. “Sherlock, are you awake?” The only answer he got was a series of unintelligible words from the detective, who suddenly turned onto his back. “What was that?” he asked as he approached the sleeping man.

“Bmmpyomolly,” Sherlock answered.

“Did you just say ‘Molly’?” he asked as he grabbed his mobile and launched the camera. He set the camera to record video and recalled a recent conversation with his wife. Maybe he’s dreaming about Molly. Maybe he’s finally telling her how he feels about her. If I’m right, then I need to document this, he reasoned. I’ll only show this to Mary and Lestrade anyway. Or Sherlock, if I have to. “Sorry, what was that again?” he prompted as he pressed the shutter button.

He mumbled again, a bit more loudly this time. “Because I love you, Molly,” he whined.

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Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 2: Touching/almost touching/invading personal space

“I hope you’ll be very happy, Molly Hooper. You deserve it. After all, not all the men you fall for can turn out to be sociopaths.”

Everything about these images––his forced smile, his gaze as he stepped closer, his sad smile, his lingering kiss, his sad expression after he kissed her cheek––warms my heart and breaks my heart at the same time.

Sherlock tried to be happy for her. He tried to show that he was happy for her. But even his smile didn’t reach his eyes. It’s like he was thinking, “I should be happy for my friend. But I’m not. Why am I not happy?… It’s because I lost my chance with her.”

And then Molly’s face after he kissed her cheek makes me want to cry.

“Maybe it’s just my type.”

I have a feeling that, in this moment, Molly fully realized that she was still in love with Sherlock. When his lips touched her cheek, she knew that she would never be completely happy with Tom. Even though she was trying to move on, she couldn’t deny that her love for Sherlock was greater than her love for Tom. But she didn’t think that he would ever reciprocate her feelings, so she stayed with Tom.

(This is usually the part where I start to cry…)

I removed the Read More, because I think people aren’t seeing the stuff after the cut…

My dash cracked me up this afternoon. 😂😂😂

It is becoming a thing!

penaltywaltz  asked:

Sherlolly or Warstan?

While I do love Warstan, I’m gonna go with Sherlolly!

This ship has completely overtaken my life, ever since she asked him out after she watched him beat a corpse with a riding crop in 12 February 2012. I see Sherlolly everywhere––in songs, in movies and other TV shows, in overheard conversations, etc. It was also the first ship that made me write fanfics, which ended seven years of writer’s block. I also met so many lovely and talented people in this fandom.


He’s staring at her when she’s not even looking…

They seem so comfortable with each other in the lab. I bet they’re drift-compatible…

“What do you need?”


The unforgettable Sherlolly kiss, of course!

That (way too short) locker room scene…

“You’re not being John. You’re being yourself.”

She’s chastising him with one look…

Just look at that sad smile and tender gaze…

Someone’s lurking…

“Oh, I see! You give me the big dark eyes, and the deep, deep voice, and I’m supposed to lie for you.”

I mean, Sherlolly is the OTP to end all OTPs for me!

[All images are my screenshots/edits.]

*clears throat as she tries to compose herself*

Sorry, @penaltywaltz, that this reply took a while. TGIT/HollowBones/TVD and trying to write down why I’d choose Sherlolly over Warstan don’t exactly make a great combination. *wink wink*

Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 7: Why you ship them

“You do count. You’ve always counted, and I’ve always trusted you.”

Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 3: Your favourite filmed kiss

“Thank you, Molly Hooper,” he said in a low voice before he took her head in his hands and lowered his mouth to hers.

Her eyes widened when his Cupid’s bow lips touched her thin and unkissable ones. Is he kissing me? Holy shit, he’s kissing me! She did not wait another moment before she wrapped her arms round his neck and kissed him back.

But it only took a few more moments before he pulled away and chuckled at her frustrated groan. (x)