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Sherlolly Week 2017, Day 1: First Meeting

Prompt: First Meeting (Non-Canon/Headcanon)

Rating: T, for a tiny curse.

A/N: This is a soulmates AU imagining of their first meeting, in which a timer on one’s wrist stops counting down once they’ve met their soulmate. I also added my own take on the timer thing. Hope y’all enjoy this one!

Sherlock straightened up from sealing a box labelled ‘Lab Equipment’ and cursed under his breath when he heard a knock on his front door. He glanced at his watch, letting out a soft annoyed groan at the sight of the timer on his left inner wrist. I haven’t even phoned Mycroft, and his impeccable and dramatic timing won’t allow his movers to arrive too early. It can’t be my landlord, and my parents are in Oklahoma. A client then. Sighing, he picked his way around the numerous boxes littering his sitting room. He dramatically swung the door open. “May I help you?”

The petite, auburn-haired woman standing before him paled. “I’m… Uh, I’m…” She hitched her white tote bag with green stripes higher over her shoulder, her hands fidgeting with the straps.

He rolled his eyes and heaved an impatient sigh. “This had better be at least an eight if you’re a client. I don’t have time for anything less than that.”

She knitted her eyebrows together and frowned. “Client? Wh-why would I be your client?”

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I literally can’t get over Jake and Ezekiel this season. A lot of people have started shipping them this season now that the mutual frustration has been overshadowed by the bromance

whereas some of us where just shipping it since day one because we always knew they cared this much underneath all of that

but ugh it’s so nice to finally see them start to really flow easier as partners and friends while still maintaining their ~banter~

every time Jake touches Ezekiel I want to scream, why do they have to be so tactile?


i like to feel his eyes on me when i look away.

True Love’s Kiss: Sam/Dean vs Sleeping Beauty

I can’t take full credit for this because I originally read about it somewhere on livejournal (i think ???) a long time ago, but I interpreted it a bit differently so I’m tweaking the original idea. I don’t remember what parts of this I came up with myself and which parts the original poster did, so if anyone knows the article I’m talking about, hit me up so I can credit it. Also apologies for my poor writing, I’m tired and it’s like 40 fucking degrees Celsius in my bedroom right now.

Supernatural is mostly based on mythology and lore but it occasionally touches on fairytales too. We obviously all know the story of Sleeping Beauty, right? Cursed damsel in distress falls into a death-like sleep only to be reversed by true love’s kiss. Basically Sleeping Beauty is exactly what happened over the course of Supernatural season 2. 

First of all, you’ve got the curse. This is the season that Supernatural really started to explore the “Sam is cursed” plotline, and Dean has to save him. I won’t elaborate because you’re probably already familiar with this, but Sam is cursed is significant. 

Then of course, there is the death-like sleep, although in Sam’s case it’s more of a sleep-like death. In All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2, the episode starts with Sam lying on a mattress with Dean watching over him. Sam doesn’t really look dead. He is facing towards Dean, his hands are casually folded on his abdomen, there is no indication of his physical injury, and he more or less looks like he is sleeping. Familiar?

Dean is watching over him, obviously playing the part of the “saviour” or “knight in shining armour” (which in this fairytale (and most others) turns out to be the true love). 

Then of course, my favourite part, the kiss. After Dean’s heart-wrenching monologue about his duty to save Sam (once again, knight in shining armour much?), Dean goes to make a deal with a demon to bring Sam back from the dead. A deal that is sealed with a kiss. Of course there is the unfortunate difference that Dean didn’t kiss Sam on the lips, but the kiss was for Sam. In Sleeping Beauty, the kiss instantly wakes Aurora up from her sleep, and that’s exactly the same here. After Dean’s kiss it instantly cuts to Sam’s eyes opening. Dean’s kiss broke the curse. 

Sam was saved by true love’s kiss. Now I’m not saying that Dean is Sam’s true love… except that is in fact exactly what I’m saying. Whether you interpret that as incestuous or not is totally up to you (*cough* I do), but the parallels were pretty strong in this one.

Anyone who says Sherlolly doesn't deserve to be canon because Sherlock treats Molly badly and he'll only push her around if they finally got together must not have seen - or must have completely ignored - Series 3 and the Christmas scene from A Scandal in Belgravia.

Molly has grown so much since this moment:


She called him out on his appalling behaviour and got him to apologise without yelling at or getting nasty with him. This is also the first time he apologised to anyone in the show.


She got him to apologise with just one look. One. Look.


She could tease him and mess around with him. Seriously. He was about to apologise when he saw her smile!

She stood up to him on behalf of the people who love and care about him.


She demanded him to apologise.


She didn’t back down even when he tried to deflect her anger by commenting on her failed engagement.


While it’s not actually Molly, he still retained the memory of her slaps in his mind palace and used it to force himself to focus, which helped him make good choices that kept him alive.


Now tell me: Is Molly Hooper the kind of woman who’d let Sherlock Holmes treat her badly and push her around?

Also, have you all forgotten these?







In Series 3, Sherlock treated Molly a little more kindly than he did in the first two series. He made sure that she would never think she didn’t count to him again. After everything they’ve been through, do you really think he’ll try to push her around and treat her badly in Series 4 or ever again? 

okay but wincest/brothers fandom can we pls just take a moment to appreciate the canon fact that sam actually kept the samulet. this has been one of the biggest, mutual headcanons across the fandom and now it’s fucking canon. sam kept the samulet


When all otps in Bangtan includes Jimin | BTS edits 55 /

Happy birthday to you, you , who is always being teased by your 
hyungs,friend & even maknae, yes, you , Park Jimin.
Your members & family love you so much and yeap, don't forget your
ARMY, who has always been there for you.
You're the reason I got into BTS and I really thank you for that.
You've always shown us your bright side and smile
but never your bad one.
Even if you're feeling down,
you'd always make sure not to make us worry.
I really thank you for that.
Happy birthday to our Busan, lovely , cutie boy , JIMINIE ^^
"Who cares where happiness comes from? Look, we’re all a little weird, we’re all a little wacky - some more than others - but.. if it works, it works. You got something here. […] Don’t let that go. You’ll never forgive yourself."  - Dean Winchester


  • bobby and rufus need i say more
  • lesbians who do not die
  • lesbians whose lesbianism isn’t the focus of the plot
  • rock paper scissors
  • dean being cute with kids
  • really good cinematography 
  • sam and dean once again being paralleled with a canon couple
  • i love this episode okay bye

one of the reasons that i love sam and dean’s relationship is that they’re not only bound by blood but by choice. there have been so many times they could have just given up on each other, but they chose to fight for their love. they’re not just a team because it’s convenient, or because they’ve grown up in the hunting life together, but because they have made the decision to fight for each other against all odds. that’s what i think makes their love so real

sam vs cas (colette/abel debate)

okay so i don’t think that castiel is relevant in this at all. i don’t think that cas represents anything that parallels with cain’s story line. i also don’t think that the sam/abel, dean/cain thing is as cut and dried either. 

the sam/abel parallels are clear. to cain, it seems inevitable that dean will eventually kill sam, because that’s his fate, because it was cain’s. however, it’s quite arguable that sam is also dean’s colette. sam is his anchor and his saving grace. how many times have we seen sam save dean so far? just this season? the answer is a lot. sam’s relationship with dean is mirrored in both cain/abel and cain/colette.

but there is one flaw with both these parallels. sam is not just dean’s abel or dean’s colette, he’s dean’s sam. and that’s the difference between dean and cain. cain had an abel and he had a colette, but cain never had a sam.


Okay a little late to the party, mainly because a snow storm knocked out my internet (it took two days to fix.) but I got my Gravity Falls on and let me tell yah just set me on the Dippica/Dipifica ship, and just set me off to OTP island because this became my OTP anyways the episode it self well what can I say it was flawless and absolutely perfect in my opinion but of course as par the standard anything Gravity Falls is just out of this world fantastically perfect (I just love this show so much!) but this episode really hit all marks with me and has easily become one of my favorite’s aside from……..every episode this season I mean my god has season 2 been amazing anyways my Gravity Falls spam this week