otp: you've always been by my side

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I am a huge Adrinette fan. I always have been. It's always been my favorite side of the Love Square and it's always just been safely far above the rest. BUT YOU. This whole month you've made me question my decision and now Marichat is dangerous closer. Your beautiful art and HCs have made me question my otp. But like I'm the best way possible. So thanks. My world has been broaden and my heart a little more full.

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so my plan is working then


being serious, im happy you are enjoying my little headcanons! it’s good to see people liking them even if what i like it’s not their first option. im not doing them to force people to like marichat but for them to see how much fun im having and if they somehow end up having fun like i do then that’s the goal :D

thanks again for your words!


AU Meme: Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart are best friends. They have always been best friends and have planned since childhood to spend their lives together, buying houses next to each other and growing old side by side. At least, that was the plan. Things become a little bit more complicated when Hannah meets Mamrie Hart. With the possible blooming romance, the friendship begins to fracture.