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❝I think we were meant to be but we did it wrong.❞ [x]


└ We migrate from member stroking to butt & crotch contact. (^_^)

Do you ever think about the fact that Magnus and Alec found each other in this mess of a world and now they are happy together?? Because I do, all the time.‬ Magnus had closed himself up to feeling anything and Alec used to think he couldn’t have what he wanted, but they found each other and now look at them! They are happy and in love. Of course things haven’t been easy for them, but that’s life, man, it tends to put obstacles in the way to make sure that in the end you know with certainty what are the things worth fighting for—and their love is one of them. It’s so pure, honest and healthy that giving it up isn’t even an option. Not in this lifetime. They have that epic kind of love that we all aspire to find someday, and I feel blessed to be able to have a glimpse into their lives because every time I see them together on screen I am reminded that love, that love that poets have used as inspiration for centuries, is possible and that it’s there…just waiting to be found.‬

give me a plot where muse a is a spitfire of a girl with a fiery temper and a winner’s mentality, who comes from a working class family and muse b is an obnoxious, arrogant upper class boy with a world of expectations upon his shoulders. both have been in fierce competition since they first met, both determined to be the top of the class, and both having to work together on the same co-ed sports team. final year of high school/college and muse a gets given the captaincy of the team, which muse b obviously despises but has to put up with for the sake of the team. over a break of sorts, muse a realises that muse b has strengths when it comes to the tactics/plays that they need to utilise in their games, so swallows her pride and asks for his help- they spend a lot of time together trying not to tear each others heads off (and realising the other isn’t so bad after all) before returning to school and returning to ignoring one another but for their snide comments in the classroom etc. cue them fighting and arguing during practices and everyone else on the team rolling their eyes and telling them to ‘get a room’ because lbr, the sexual tension is pretty much unbearable. the two of them are the only ones left on the pitch/field after one such practice, and they continue arguing heatedly until muse b surprises them both by kissing muse a in a way that’s too passionate to be a mistake. so ensues a period of avoidance and confusion and sexual tension that nobody knows what to do with.


….that you should want to live your whole life through, broken and blue…(x)


you stayed up waitin’, anticipatin’, and pacin’
but I was, chasing paper
caught up in the game

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Do you have any bluesey fic recs?





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What I really want from GoldenQueen

With this article I want to justify GoldenQueen relationship on Once Upon a Time, at least I’d like to try. And why? I’ve seen quite a lot of hate towards them in the past few months and I just had this idea in my mind to sum it all up and show what I am really like. 


Every time I tell someone who stands for another ship from OUAT “I ship GoldenQueen”, they’re like “Alright… I never thought of them like that, it’s gross to me” and stuff like this. (I mean, not always but more than I’d like) 

Firstly, it’s not as important but how can’t they see it? I think the chemistry is pretty obvious ever since the second episode of season 1! It’s kinda irrelevant but still… How do you not see it?! Maybe you’re just denying… 

Now we’re getting to the relevant point. OUAT showed us GoldenQueen in 6A but only in this sort of twisted way of a sexual relationship. So now there are basically two groups of fans - those who thought it was hot and those who thought it was gross and ew. Oh and of course, then there are we, the true GQ shippers who stand for the ship from the very beginning of s1. I think it was hot and everything and I loved it and enjoyed it so much, cause they finally got them some more screen time in this different way which I appreciated very much. 

But don’t get me wrong, this is not how I imagine GQ relationship. Firstly there must be obviously some kind of the sexy dynamic they share, which other ships don’t necessarily have. They’re never gonna be like Snowing, these cute kisses, and soft cuddles. They’re never gonna be just like this. But they can also be like this, but also like that. Okay, this is a bit confusing, I just wanna say that GoldenQueen is sort of Dark Snowing. They have so many Snowing parallels and a similar fate and I’ve seen a lot of post saying this. 

I’d like Rumple and Gina to be soft, gentle and romantic with each other but their relationship also needs to show this hot dynamic. That’s the combination I want! 

I wanted to write this, to sum it all up because I’ve seen a lot of misunderstanding with GQ shippers lately. The others (not everyone, but I’ve met a lot of them) think we GQ shippers have twisted minds, have some kinks and stuff like that. Well, basically we do have sort of kink but who doesn’t? Do you think Rumbellers don’t imagine RB doing “stuff”, the exact stuff GQners imagine? Of course, they do.

Another thing GQ “haters” say: “Ew, don’t you see the age difference?” At this point, I’m getting straight to RB again. The age difference between Belle and Rumple is okay and between Gina and him not? Come on! Belle is even much younger than Regina and nobody cares! And what about Emma and Hook? In the musical episode, have you seen Hook meeting Snow and Charming? Emma was the baby inside of Snow’s belly! How’s this? The age difference is definitely not an argument. ;) Anyways I’ve been seeing this lately maybe too much and it makes me sick. 

So here you have it. See? We’re not some perverts, we’re just like the rest of the fandom. Shipping GQ is no different from shipping OQ, CS, RB, SQ, … 

I just had a little bit justifying mood today, I don’t have it often, I just felt the responsibility to fight for my OTP. Hopefully, you're gonna understand what I wanted to express. If you have some arguments, go on, put them down for me, I don’t bite. :) Just wanted to see if my fellow GQners see it in the same way. 

GoldenQueen is a healthy relationship between former teacher and his student, their each other’s perfect match and we should stand by our fandom and support it. 

That’s it. 

The way we fall together, you and I,
It is like gravity.

It is a force that can reach into the furthest corner of space and time;
Gravity will never let go. We have done that,
You and I.
I see our fingers brush in the middle of a sandstorm on a distant planet and when your hand takes mine,
I can feel both our bodies singing with our shared stubbornness. Together, we have bridged the whole universe.

Gravity can never truly be removed from an environment. It is not like light, nor sound. There is nothing anybody can do to take it away.
I am sitting on the lab floor as my entire world falls apart,
(I see a flare appear in the sky,)
And I take your hand.

You do not see gravity. It is quiet,
It does not shout. What Newton saw underneath his apple tree was only an effect.
I do not see us fall. Rather, I feel it.
In my bones,
In my heartbeats,
In the way my head seeks out your shoulder and it feels like we have slotted back into place. We are quiet, as your lips brush my hair and I tilt my face upwards to find you.
You are soft, and I obey the laws of physics.

The closer two objects are, the stronger the gravitational pull is between them.
The closer we get together,
The easier it is to fall.

The way we fall together, you and I,
It is like gravity.


—  maybe some things are inevitable
OTP: Because that's who Maya is.

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