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Arrow + Lauriver Appreciation Week + Day 1: Favourite Moment(s)

I always look to the little moments with this pairing. They are literally so imperfect, there’s so many flaws. Their moments even though slight are so powerful to their relationship. They show concern for each other, acceptance even if the words aren’t spoken, the desire of wanting to be together but they are always torn apart before being granted that chance. This to me is the perfect kind of build up two characters can have while displaying such a unique chemistry. They don’t act fluffy, their happiness is always ripped apart, they are surrounded by darkness and after everything they still manage to put a smile on their face every single day of their lives. There’s angst, banter, sorrow and many more emotions displayed. They will literally hurt each other with words to try and stop to the other from making which they believe is a bad decision. Even if they aren’t currently together and in a relationship their scenes are believable and extremely compelling. They speak with their eyes and with all of the baggage between the pairing that kind of chemistry isn’t a breeze to pull off, but with Oliver and Laurel it’s expressed so naturally.

  • Iron Bull: I'm just saying, Dorian, you carry around this picture of the Qunari in your mind.
  • Iron Bull: Like you see us as this forbidden, terrible thing, and you're inclined to do the forbidden.
  • Dorian: I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Iron Bull: All I'm saying is, you ever want to explore that, my door's always open.
  • Dorian: You are impossible. This is...(growls).
  • Iron Bull: Good. I like that energy. Stoke those fires, big guy.

lucas friar meets social media’s snapchat // “i won’t be impressed with technology until I can download food, but my girlfriend… yeah, I’m very impressed with my girlfriend.” -something Lucas Friar would probably say. 

Okay so here’s the thing, if Dean likes taylor swift then he must at least be aware of other pop music, like even if he doesn’t like any other artists then he must still have some exposure to pop music in general and maybe even listen to current radio very occasionally? So what if whenever he gets drunk he sings random lyrics of overplayed pop songs to Cas while they’re in bed? And he’s all ‘cas… cas… this is important’

'yes, dean?’


'dean, go to sleep’


'dean we have known each other for a significant period of time’


Insecurities & Texas


Day 3: Riley being insecure in their relationship or Lucas telling Riley the whole story of what got him kicked out of school back in Texas.

“Why you? Because I love you. I love the way you care so selflessly, and the fact that you scream yay when you’re excited. I love that you’ve always got something to smile about and you’re unapologetic for being exactly who you are. Your eyes, and smile.  How you always want to make me better myself every day. Riley, I could go on all day and all night. I love you, and only you. That isn’t going to change.”

“Tell me nothing changes.”

“I can’t Riley. Zay is here and things are going to be different. Things are changing and we’re growing up.”

“Lucas,” she sighs. “This isn’t about growing up right now, this is about the fact that you got kicked out of school for an entire year. No one knew you here? If you came to get a fresh start, okay but… we don’t lie to each other - and we don’t keep secrets. You can trust me.”

“I was defending Zay, and things just got out of hand, okay?” Riley nods, putting her hand on top of his. “I’ve never been a low tempered kind of person, Riley. I would do anything for anyone, and if anything happens to my friends, God if anything happened to you I would have to step in.” He moves his hand to cup her face. “I’m working on being better, okay?” he questions, kissing her forehead. “But I’m just not ready to explain everything yet. One day, I will be but for now all you need to know is that I’m working on things. I hurt someone I didn’t mean to hurt and I paid the consequences for it. But I would never turn back into that ugly side of me. I would never hurt you.”

Riley gives a small smile, removing his hands from her face and biting her lip. “Just as long as you’re not different than I think. Because I think a lot of you.”

“I think a lot of you too,” he replies. Riley leans across the table and kisses his cheek. “So you’re walking me to class?”

“Of course,” he smiles. “Hold hands?” They both rise to their feet and Riley momentarily plays with her fingers.

“I guess we should.”

He smirks, “Try again.”

“I want to very much.”


Fifth Harmony Introduces 1D Day Outtakes ±

I really wanted to make a fan fiction recommendation for Jeff/Annie because these two are super important and there are cute fics out there, my friends!

  • for my favourite fics 
  • ✿ are recommended by other people in my ask! (i may or may not have read them!)
  • broken into long fics (> 10k) and short fics (< 10k)
  • read the tags yourself for triggers/warnings!
  • there will be NC-17 fics in this list but they will be flagged!
  • i will update this when i read new fics.
  • if you have any recommendations, message me. :)
  • created: 5/12/2014

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