otp: you're the sun

So let me be sure I'm getting this right,

•Blake WILLINGLY opened up to Sun at the end of volume 1 about her past and her fears pertaining to the White Fang (Sun waited for two days until Blake was ready to open up to him)

•Sun has clearly demonstrated that he deeply cares for Blake as a person and that it’s not some superficial “wow you’re super pretty I wanna date you” bullshit

•Blake has shown that she keeps Sun in high regard as somebody who understands her better than anyone else. (when she initially turns down Sun for asking her to the dance, she says “I thought YOU of all people would understand that” meaning she expected Sun of all people to be able to sympathize with the situation she was in)

•Sun views Blake as a strong fighter who is on the same level as him and isn’t a “damsel in distress” who constantly needs saving (ending of volume one when Blake jumps down to confront Roman, Sun stood back and let her control the situation until it was clear she needed back up)

•Blake WILLINGLY decided to go to the dance with Sun (yes Yang’s chat with her did play a role in this, however it was still Blake’s personal decision to listen to Yang’s advice)

•Blake and Sun very clearly enjoyed their time together at the dance

•Their relationship is STILL developing and growing and isn’t officially canon (no pairing is canon as of now)

And people still think this is a “forced” or “one sided” ship?


“You can only chase after one of us.”


hey guys, so people asked me to post it, so here it is, an original song written by me!

“You’re the Sun” is the title, and this is probably my favorite of all of the songs I have written!

please don’t remove the caption or use without my permission. if you want the chords/lyrics, hmu, but if you post them anywhere, please give me credit!

btw if anyone wants to collab on a song with me, I think that would be a ton of fun!! hmu if you are interested!!