otp: you're the only heart i know


if you fall, i will catch you
i’ll be waiting
time after time

♪ kh editors’ challenge! - day # 13: a graphic using manga content

When you're notp is slowly becoming a ship you like

*me watching vampire diaries*

Mind: damon and bonnie would make a nice couple. Is there any fanfics.

Heart: No, delena is your otp. Damon and elena belong together.

Mind: but… bamon is hot

Heart: so is delena and don’t only base off looks.

Mind: you know you like that love/hate relationships.

Heart: that’s how elena and damon was in the first couple of seasons.

And that’s how I got a headache and a heartache on thrusday night. I don’t want to ship bamon,but I can’t help it.