otp: you're the love of my life


I haven’t been this worried about a vote since Lambert versus Allen. Kurt needs this election to get into NYADA. More importantly, he’s clearly the superior candidate. I mean… come on. […] Nobody cares, they’re all so lost in their own worlds that they can’t see how important this is to me. Elections have consequences. And the consequences of Brittany winning this election is that I’ll have to move to New York without my best gay. What if I need an emergency makeover or a last-minute souffle?


and i love you more than i did before

                                                    and then today i don’t see your face

                                                                           nothing’s changed, no one could take your place

You’re the love of my life, everything I have and everything I am, is yours, forever.
—  Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)

I wouldn’t trade our days together for anything in the world, Morgan. You’re the love of my life and I honestly have no words to explain how I feel about you.
Everything fell into place so perfect as friends , and then as a couple. Thank you for every fun, sweet, loving, happy moment with you. 💘💭 vegan-boy