otp: you're still in love with me

i just love how there was such a stark contrast between jake telling amy he still has feelings for her (”i know you’re with teddy and nothing is going to happen, i just wanted you to know”) vs teddy telling amy he still has feelings for her (”why are you with him” “will you marry me”)

Imagine Your OTP#2
  • Person A friend: How the hell are you two still dating?
  • Person A: Why do you ask that?
  • Person A friend: Because sometimes you're a walking annoyance.
  • Person A: You must know some things about a relationship. If he still supports you means that he loves you.
  • Person A friend: That makes no sense.
  • Person A: Shhh, just look. HONEY I WANT A MILKSHAKE.
  • Peron B: I'm bussy now.
  • Person A: Pleaseee, I want my Milkshake now.
  • Person B: *Appears with a milkshake. Here you have Darling.
  • Person A: See. He loves me.
Trying to explain OTPs
  • Friend: So I don't get the difference between shipping and OTPs? Like they're the same thing?
  • Me: No, think of someone you think is cute together.
  • Friend: Uh, ok.
  • Me: You ship them, but times that by about a thousand and they're you're OTP.
  • Friend: I still don't get it.
  • Me: Ok so think of something that you love.
  • Friend: Got it, cake.
  • Me: Now does it make you happy to see that cake everyday? Would you die for that cake? Would you travel thousands of miles just to see that cake? Would you get on your hands and knees and crawl into the fiery pits of Hell for that cake?
  • Friend: But it's just cake.
  • Me: Oh my god.

Look, Zack… You’ve tried so hard to give me my dream wedding. But my real dream is to have a husband who would do anything in his power to make me happy. And that’s you. I love you, Kelly. I love you, too. 

Ok but how come no one is acknowledging the way Barry is looking at Iris in the scene? He’s literally staring at her like she’s the only woman in the world. There could be an earthquake going on and Barry would still be so captivated by her face. He’s so in love with her omg, i’m wheezing so hard 😭😭. Get you somebody that looks at you the way Barry looks at Iris.

Peter speaking the truth
  • Rest of the pack: *states that they're in Scott's pack*
  • Peter: I'm not in the pack, but no one likes a Nazi.
  • Me: Look at you Peter being relevant af. Speak the truth, my friend. Maybe you're not so bad after all.......nah, I still don't really like you, but you just helped yourself right there.
  • Bellamy to Clarke in 3x16: Clarke, you're not acting like someone who just saved the world.
  • Jasper to Raven in 4x01: Saved the world, you're supposed to celebrate. Think that's a rule.
The Moment I said, "They my OTP."
  • Oliver: I just want you to be happy, it's what I've always wanted.
  • Laurel: Then will you please go talk to Tommy for me?
  • Oliver: And say what?
  • Laurel: Say that you and I are over, that you're not still in love with me.
  • Oliver: *slowly shaking his head* I can't.
  • Laurel: Why not?
  • Oliver: Because it wouldn't be true.
  • Oliver: And I have enough lies in my life already. *walks away*
  • Laurel: *deep breath, teary eyed*

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Hey, there's been quite a few Normila's posts recently so I've been kinda emo. Normila was my OTP until I "left the fandom" after the fb interview drama. I still love n follow both, n I keep up with 5H gossip visiting happy blogs like yours (you're a blessing Sophie!). Normila's downfall still confuses and bothers me bc their timeline is weird af: they were so close and publicly affectionate with each other till around Jan of '15, after that they seemed still tight but not in public 1/5

(I’ve the theory, that’s when mgmt subtly started planning solo C, they changed her dorky image and I’m sure she was prohibited to be so “camila” in public), this lasted until about May-June, then they visibly distanced bt by the end of Oct to Dec they were playful again. 

Then the first twitter drama of Jan'16, but they seemed to be getting along again until March. That’s when it went absolutely downhill, there were some sparks here and there (like their “Squeeze” hug in Brazil), bt they’d  mostly barely acknowledge each other existence. Then it all exploded horribly in Aug with the fb interview and all the bullsh*t. That’s when I was like ‘nope, I’m done’. After that I assumed they’d completely ignore each other which was true for most times, n yet from around mid Sept they started to have little moments and they seemed at least in not in an ugly place. Then December happened. I want to think they didn’t depart in sour terms, Mani cried in C’s last performance and she has been the one acknowledging C in public during concerts and then in DWTS (that sh*t got me depressed). I do believe Backstage-Meg theory that mgmt didn’t let C interact with the girls in ‘16 and were responsible for lots of the girls fights. I do wish they at least cherish that beautiful friendship they had. C seemed to be the one reassuring N a lot of times helping her not overthink stuff, n bringing out N’s most affectionate and playful side (cos even now, she doesn’t reciprocate the other girls  the way she did with C, not even L or D). We will never know what happened in the group and I’m sure there were many factors (including fans) that contributed to the current state of all the drama surrounding 5H and the girls. Anyway, bottomline is: I miss Normila so much 💔. Lol, sorry for the essay long post/theory/drama/rant but as I don’t have stan sm anymore and none of my friends like 5H, I don’t have anyone to talk about this. 

I miss them too sweets, I miss them too

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"I'm studying a foreign language and although I'm really bad at it I always remember the phrase for 'I adore you' because it reminds me of you (sometimes when we're together I say it under my breath), but you were talking for a long time and wanted to make sure I was still paying attention so you said my favorite phrase without context, then when I asked you why you said it you answered 'well you say it all the time' and APPARENTLY YOU'RE STUDYING THE SAME LANGUAGE AND KNEW ALL ALONG"


I still not over this Edward Nygma’s looking for a new friend ‘cause he miss Oswald and talking about that with everyone


Think about it, Doctor. One last day with your beloved. Which day would you choose?

Christmas. Christmas Day


otp meme - ¼ ‘everyone can see it’ ships

↳ The Newsroom: Leona Lansing & Charlie Skinner 

  • otp: we have history together
  • otp: you won't be sad forever
  • otp: it was epic
  • otp: we're a work in progress
  • otp: i can't lose the way i feel about you
  • otp: it's real
  • otp: i completely forget what i am
  • otp: when it's real you can't walk away
  • otp: don't walk away
  • otp: don't hide from me
  • otp: you are the woman that i love
  • otp: you bought me flowers
  • otp: i trust you
  • otp: you were saving my life and i was saving yours
  • otp: i just want to spend as much time with you as possible
  • otp: it's your choice
  • otp: you have nothing to worry about
  • otp: i came back to this town to start a life with you
  • otp: it's just so nice to see you laugh
  • otp: come with me
  • otp: but i love you
  • otp: it's you and me stefan always
  • otp: always
  • otp: you're staring; i'm gazing
  • otp: because i love you so much
  • otp: with stefan she was home
  • otp: i can't think of a better reason to die
  • otp: because you and i fell in love
  • otp: i don't want us to ever be apart anymore
  • otp: this is a future memory
  • otp: i just want you to fight for it
  • otp: i will always protect elena
  • otp: it matters
  • otp: i'd want to be with you forever
  • otp: close your eyes
  • otp: i'm not gonna let elena lose anybody else
  • otp: i just want to know that he's alive
  • otp: hold onto that
  • otp: never let that go
  • otp: he'd never give up on me
  • otp: i'm not gonna give up on him
  • otp: come home
  • otp: where else would i be?
  • otp: you love her
  • otp: you'd do anything for her and you have
  • otp: you owe me that
  • otp: i owe you everything
  • otp: you are the one thing that has kept me from giving up
  • otp: nothing is stronger than your love for this one girl
  • otp: i know who you really are better than anyone else
  • otp: i'm not giving up
  • otp: i knew you'd catch me
  • otp: i still have hope
  • otp: you have to get your hope back
  • otp: you had me
  • otp: that kind of love never dies
  • otp: you're the one who saved me
  • otp: i love her
  • otp: i don't believe that you feel nothing
  • otp: i never stopped loving you
  • otp: i will always love you
  • otp: some guy i used to date
  • otp: some girl i used to date
  • otp: you have me
  • otp: she's a pretty special girl
  • otp: you're her better option
  • otp: you should love the person that makes you glad that you're alive
  • otp: being with stefan somehow i figured it out
  • otp: just in case there is no later
  • otp: i love him
  • otp: i never unfell for him
  • otp: i was coming back for you
  • otp: i'm smiling; me too
  • otp: the best choice i ever made
  • otp: i'll be with you forever
  • otp: one day at a time
  • otp: your hands on my body
  • otp: you're so cheery
  • otp: you're the one getting me through this
  • otp: you just have to hold on
  • otp: i just need you to trust me
  • otp: stefan is your epic love
  • otp: now that's love
  • otp: he fought so hard he actually managed to resist
  • otp: i envy the love that you and elena share
  • otp: all i see is stefan and elena
  • otp: you know how badly i wanted a human life with you
  • otp: she didn't give up on me
  • otp: i won't give up on her
  • otp: i never thought i'd feel that way again until elena
  • otp: i just can't seem to shake her
  • otp: you just have to find that one thing inside of you that makes you want to live
  • otp: welcome back
  • otp: she's the love of my life
  • otp: i'd go back to her in a heartbeat
  • otp: you never gave up on me
  • otp: i owed you one
  • otp: don't give up
  • otp: these are the moments that keep me from falling apart
  • otp: stefan has elena
  • otp: this is where we collided
  • otp: you're smart you're pretty you're funny
  • otp: how do i not remember you?
  • otp: you were the perfect boyfriend
  • otp: you respected my choices
  • otp: i told you not to hide
  • otp: you may not remember but i do
  • otp: i got you
  • otp: i won't let her hurt you i promise
  • otp: your instincts were always to protect me
  • otp: you know me better than anybody else
  • otp: i do know you
  • otp: i wanted it to be you
  • otp: that kind of love can change your whole life
  • otp: every atom in my body told me that it was the right thing
  • otp: we were the perfect fit
  • otp: she wasn't you
  • otp: the life we had was amazing
  • otp: it was real
  • otp: we fell in love on our own
  • otp: i'll always love you