otp: you're one of a kind


5x14 // 5x16 || When love is involved, no sacrifice is too great. Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love, is by far, the truest kind.

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Hi, you're one of my favorite drarry blogs ever and I just want to say that I kinda love you *cue me blushing*, so can you pretty please do a short sweet little thing about my fav otp drarry cuddling and being all cutesy? Tysm ily xxx

Hi anon! You are my first anon ever, do you know that!! And such a sweet kind perfect anon at that! I am so, so, so thankful for your lovely message! (tbh I can’t really believe I could be one of your favourite blogs!) I did write up something small for you and I hope you like it. Cuddling and cuteness aren’t exactly my forte if I’m completely honest, so I hope this doesn’t suck.  :) <3

Harry had never imagined he could have mornings like the one he was waking into now. Soft sunlight was flittering through the curtains, he was slowly emerging from a deep fulfilling sleep and he was breathing in the soft familiar scent of the man beside him.

There was just one thing that was wrong, he realized sleepily. He was cold.

The morning chill made him shiver slightly and he groaned. Draco had hoarded all the blankets on his side again. He extended his arm towards the body beside him, eyes still closed, and took hold of the blanket and pulled gently. ‘’Draco, ‘’ he mumbled ‘’ M’ cold.’’ The body didn’t budge.

‘’Draco,’’ he said loudly and pulled on the blankets harder. Draco muttered something that sounded awfully like shut up Potter and rolled closer to Harry, still not relinquishing his hold on the blankets though. Apparently, Harry will have to wrestle with a sleeping Draco again to get any warmth.

He cracked his eyes open, grabbed the blanket with both hands and yanked hard. This startled Draco into waking; his eyes flew open, he lifted his head in confusion, but before he could protest, Harry was already under the blankets pressing himself against Draco’s warm soft body. He sighed in contentment. 

Draco, however, flinched as cold feet found his warm legs and settled between them, ‘’Get your cold feet away from me,’’ he grumbled, while wrapping an arm around Harry’s torso and burying his head against the thick black hair. Harry snuggled closer into the warmth his eyes already fluttering shut again and whispered, ‘’S’your fault. You’re the blanket thief.’’

Before sleep overcame him again he could feel a faint chuckle shaking the body wrapped around him and a faint kiss pressed into his hair.

He had never imagined he could have mornings like this, because they were better than anyone could ever imagine.

The Moment I said, "They my OTP."
  • Oliver: I just want you to be happy, it's what I've always wanted.
  • Laurel: Then will you please go talk to Tommy for me?
  • Oliver: And say what?
  • Laurel: Say that you and I are over, that you're not still in love with me.
  • Oliver: *slowly shaking his head* I can't.
  • Laurel: Why not?
  • Oliver: Because it wouldn't be true.
  • Oliver: And I have enough lies in my life already. *walks away*
  • Laurel: *deep breath, teary eyed*

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Oh my god you are so talented, like this is legit the best style I've ever seen. Oh my god, I'm actually in love with it. I can't with all this goodness and talent. You must have a soul of happiness and purity and grace if you can make all these gorgeous pieces of art. Keep doing what you're doing because it's one of the most amazing thing I've seen in this fandom. So good. So great. So talented. You deserve all the good in the world for giving us all this beauty!!!!!!!!! Love this blog!!!!!!!!!

Such a nice thing to say, thank you very much. I feel so honored…Just like Naruto and Sasuke. Thank you!


When Rick lays down it’s usually on his front, so sometimes Negan will take it upon himself to lay dirECTLY ON TOP OF HIM.

At first Rick HATES it and always tells him to ‘get the fuck OFF’ because it might not be by much, but Negan is bigger than him.

But Negan ignores him and keeps doing it any way till one day Rick realizes he no longer finds it annoying, but sweet. And Negan’s weight isn’t crushing so much as it’s kind of comforting, and dear god he’s lost his damn mind


you stayed up waitin’, anticipatin’, and pacin’
but I was, chasing paper
caught up in the game


daylight | nyssa + laurel

So I have always wanted to make a video like this and I felt like this was the perfect song to use. I still ship Nyssa and Sara, but there is a deep bond between Laurel and Nyssa. They both stumbled into the other when their lives were in turmoil and ended up learning a great deal from one another.

  • otp: we have history together
  • otp: you won't be sad forever
  • otp: it was epic
  • otp: we're a work in progress
  • otp: i can't lose the way i feel about you
  • otp: it's real
  • otp: i completely forget what i am
  • otp: when it's real you can't walk away
  • otp: don't walk away
  • otp: don't hide from me
  • otp: you are the woman that i love
  • otp: you bought me flowers
  • otp: i trust you
  • otp: you were saving my life and i was saving yours
  • otp: i just want to spend as much time with you as possible
  • otp: it's your choice
  • otp: you have nothing to worry about
  • otp: i came back to this town to start a life with you
  • otp: it's just so nice to see you laugh
  • otp: come with me
  • otp: but i love you
  • otp: it's you and me stefan always
  • otp: always
  • otp: you're staring; i'm gazing
  • otp: because i love you so much
  • otp: with stefan she was home
  • otp: i can't think of a better reason to die
  • otp: because you and i fell in love
  • otp: i don't want us to ever be apart anymore
  • otp: this is a future memory
  • otp: i just want you to fight for it
  • otp: i will always protect elena
  • otp: it matters
  • otp: i'd want to be with you forever
  • otp: close your eyes
  • otp: i'm not gonna let elena lose anybody else
  • otp: i just want to know that he's alive
  • otp: hold onto that
  • otp: never let that go
  • otp: he'd never give up on me
  • otp: i'm not gonna give up on him
  • otp: come home
  • otp: where else would i be?
  • otp: you love her
  • otp: you'd do anything for her and you have
  • otp: you owe me that
  • otp: i owe you everything
  • otp: you are the one thing that has kept me from giving up
  • otp: nothing is stronger than your love for this one girl
  • otp: i know who you really are better than anyone else
  • otp: i'm not giving up
  • otp: i knew you'd catch me
  • otp: i still have hope
  • otp: you have to get your hope back
  • otp: you had me
  • otp: that kind of love never dies
  • otp: you're the one who saved me
  • otp: i love her
  • otp: i don't believe that you feel nothing
  • otp: i never stopped loving you
  • otp: i will always love you
  • otp: some guy i used to date
  • otp: some girl i used to date
  • otp: you have me
  • otp: she's a pretty special girl
  • otp: you're her better option
  • otp: you should love the person that makes you glad that you're alive
  • otp: being with stefan somehow i figured it out
  • otp: just in case there is no later
  • otp: i love him
  • otp: i never unfell for him
  • otp: i was coming back for you
  • otp: i'm smiling; me too
  • otp: the best choice i ever made
  • otp: i'll be with you forever
  • otp: one day at a time
  • otp: your hands on my body
  • otp: you're so cheery
  • otp: you're the one getting me through this
  • otp: you just have to hold on
  • otp: i just need you to trust me
  • otp: stefan is your epic love
  • otp: now that's love
  • otp: he fought so hard he actually managed to resist
  • otp: i envy the love that you and elena share
  • otp: all i see is stefan and elena
  • otp: you know how badly i wanted a human life with you
  • otp: she didn't give up on me
  • otp: i won't give up on her
  • otp: i never thought i'd feel that way again until elena
  • otp: i just can't seem to shake her
  • otp: you just have to find that one thing inside of you that makes you want to live
  • otp: welcome back
  • otp: she's the love of my life
  • otp: i'd go back to her in a heartbeat
  • otp: you never gave up on me
  • otp: i owed you one
  • otp: don't give up
  • otp: these are the moments that keep me from falling apart
  • otp: stefan has elena
  • otp: this is where we collided
  • otp: you're smart you're pretty you're funny
  • otp: how do i not remember you?
  • otp: you were the perfect boyfriend
  • otp: you respected my choices
  • otp: i told you not to hide
  • otp: you may not remember but i do
  • otp: i got you
  • otp: i won't let her hurt you i promise
  • otp: your instincts were always to protect me
  • otp: you know me better than anybody else
  • otp: i do know you
  • otp: i wanted it to be you
  • otp: that kind of love can change your whole life
  • otp: every atom in my body told me that it was the right thing
  • otp: we were the perfect fit
  • otp: she wasn't you
  • otp: the life we had was amazing
  • otp: it was real
  • otp: we fell in love on our own
  • otp: i'll always love you

in high school, wally shamelessly eats ramen 24/7, but like– not the real kind, I’m talking 2-minute-microwave stuff– like twenty servings a day and it drives dick NUTS

I mean, if you’re gonna eat as much as that guy does, you’d think you’d at least go for something with a little nutrients!

dick is always making them “real” food on date nights and at one point tries to get iris to talk some sense into him (but iris explains that there is no way she is able to make that much food for one kid, so if top ramen works– hey, she’s not complaining)

wally thinks it’s cute to get dick riled up so it always turns into an argument for them– “you have no taste buds” “hm I’ll taste your buds” “man, that doesn’t even remotely make sense!” “you’re one to talk– ‘aster’? really?” “its the opposite of disaster!! unlike your cooking!” but it’s the hot kind that always ends up with one of them on the couch while the other straddles them with his legs

and then

dick graduates hs and the college life hits him and–

wally does not stop teasing him about it for YEARS because now, whenever he visits dick– that’s all they eat

(alfred would be horrified)

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aah how would the rfa + v and saeran react to the male!mc being extremely shy and awkward around his partner, stuttering and darting his eyes anywhere but said partner especially when he tries talking to them? and like he'd also be horrible at showing + giving affection; i.e they'd hug him and he wouldn't know how to properly hug them back so he'd just stand there/barely hug back awkwardly? + him getting all flustered when they so much as hold his hand even slightly lolol rip him :,D


  • He would find you absolutely adorable
  • He’s a big fan of pda, so he would try to hold your hand and kiss your cheek in public just to see the blush on your face
  • If he saw that you were very uncomfortable with it though, he would respect your boundaries and tone it down a notch 
  • There will be a lot of selfies with the two of you being sickly cute, and he would keep every single one of them
  • If you were ever intimidated by all of his fans, he would stand up for you. He is not afraid to show the world how much he loves you
  • “Excuse me, but you're making my boyfriend uncomfortable, so would you move over? :) :) :)” 


  • He’s kind of the same honestly
  • You two become the cute blush-y couple everyone loves
  • People who sees you in the streets always smiles at you, and old people will adore you
  • People are always telling you to get over your shyness and just do something anything you are a couple come on
  • You are everyones otp basically 
  • Still, he wants to be seen as a manly man by you, so even if you are taller and more muscular than him he will try to “take the lead” and initiate affection 
  • Over time, when the two of you become more comfortable around each other, things will calm down a bit. When Yoosung hugs you now, he will just smile at you instead of blushing and freaking out
  • (Character development +1)


  • He wouldn’t really understand why you were so shy
  • He thought you were kindest and most gentle guy he had ever met, so why did you have to be so reluctant?
  • He isn’t really big on pda, so he would understand you getting flustered over that, but at home? In his living room?? He just wanted to give his lover a hug, he didn’t expect you to be so… tense 
  • He would ask you if you are ok, and tell you that you could always talk to him if something was bothering you
  • When you told him that you were just embarrassed, he would chuckle and say that you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to
  • He might take the chance to tease you a bit though, just because you’re so cute


  • He’s a natural teaser. He would tease you non-stop no matter what your reactions were
  • Like, even if you were a cold-hearted thug or a mafia member or something:
  • Yup, he would still tease you
  • He had to admit though, he did find it more entertaining when he got your adorable blush as a bonus
  • He is really weak for cute things. Cute people, animals, everything. So he would just love your adorable and shy nature
  • Sometimes he just wanted to shout it out to the world
  • “Look how cute my boyfriend is!”
  • But he would still want you to be comfortable, and over time he would help you get more confident in your own skin


  • He would  l o v e   i t
  • He loves your cuteness and innocence, he finds it very endearing 
  • While not being the type to tease (he’s too soft and precious), he would rather just smile at you in amusement
  • If you do something particularly cute he will physically “aww” at you, and probably give you a hug
  • “You’re just too adorable” 
  • He would respect you if you didn’t want to show affection in public, but that didn’t stop him from smothering you in hugs and kisses when you were alone
  • He tells you to just ‘take things at your own pace’, and that he only wants the best for you


  • It may be a little awkward at first, but once he got used to it he would just think it’s cute
  • He tends to also get easily embarrassed about things like that, so he couldn’t really complain either
  • He found it to be a rather good thing, actually
  • Since he’s usually the blush-y one, he thinks it’s a nice change to be able to tease someone else about it
  • He’s not as bad as his brother with the teasing though, because he knows how annoying it can be
  • He gets more confident when you’re the shy one too, so he’ll initiate more affection without getting flustered
  • He will always hold your hand, even when you’re in public, and even if your face is redder than his natural hair colour 

(this has been in my inbox for so long, I’m sorry;;)

I kind of really love narutostaph‘s art and this one in particular so hey hey I decided to try and color it 

memories you bury or live by - mapped - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Frottage, Dirty Talk, Post-Season/Series 03, First Kiss, First Time, Outdoor Sex, Fluff and Angst

“I’ve never ridden a horse before,” Silver confesses. “And can you imagine, I’m not particularly keen to start now that I’ve only got one leg.”

Silver has never ridden a horse before. Flint asks Silver to ride with him. One thing leads to another.


Arrow + Lauriver Appreciation Week + Day 1: Favourite Moment(s)

I always look to the little moments with this pairing. They are literally so imperfect, there’s so many flaws. Their moments even though slight are so powerful to their relationship. They show concern for each other, acceptance even if the words aren’t spoken, the desire of wanting to be together but they are always torn apart before being granted that chance. This to me is the perfect kind of build up two characters can have while displaying such a unique chemistry. They don’t act fluffy, their happiness is always ripped apart, they are surrounded by darkness and after everything they still manage to put a smile on their face every single day of their lives. There’s angst, banter, sorrow and many more emotions displayed. They will literally hurt each other with words to try and stop to the other from making which they believe is a bad decision. Even if they aren’t currently together and in a relationship their scenes are believable and extremely compelling. They speak with their eyes and with all of the baggage between the pairing that kind of chemistry isn’t a breeze to pull off, but with Oliver and Laurel it’s expressed so naturally.

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@ carboxyls: hello!! you are my favorite writer ever and i love your taeguk fics with all of my heart n soul and i hope your day is just as brilliant as you are. okay, so i'm not sure if this has been asked before, but why do you ship taeguk? heh heh. like i'm a taeguk shipper myself but i want to know the reason(s) why YOU ship them together. (。・‧̫・。).**♡ okay that's all goodbye i love you i hope you're happy n smiling!

oh my god anon babe this ask so so sweet i almost teared up holy shit (꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ) aaaaaa oh my god i’m gonna tear up for real if i reread it HAHA

hmm! this a pretty hard question and sometimes i wonder myself why i took one look at taeguk back when i first started in army fandom and decided it’s them, this is the otp. okay, let’s see…

  • i adore adore adore otps where person a is generally not touchy or huggy or fond of that kind of thing but they’re a giant softie for a particular person b. not that person a inherently dislikes the physical acts of affection themselves, they’re just not one to engage in it very much unless it’s with someone they really really care about! and taeguk is that otp for me ꒰๑˃͈꒳˂͈๑꒱ jeongguk is just so soft on taehyung hwuhwhuwh
  • as we all know taehyung has this notorious box smile :[] this one, but sometimes he has a crescent smile or just an oddly soft quiet one just when he looks at jeongguk and it’s. omg
  • the way they goof off with each other!!! dubsmashes and the like you know how they do. also in the v app broadcast in osaka jeongguk just STICKS HIS FINGER IN TAEHYUNG’S NOSE like come ON LOL? aaahhhh i love it when two people inexplicably operate on the same wavelength of humor because seeing them interact is (*⌓*) 

actually this list could go on forever but i’m not going to do that to you guys. these are the main reasons though!!!! ah and thank you again for such a kind sweet message thank you so much (꒦ິ⍸꒦ິ) i’m glad to hear you like my stories and i hope i can keep doing that for you! –carboxyls