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anonymous asked:

Yo if it's not too much trouble I was wondering if you could caption posts with fancy font ? I love this blog so much but I'm dyslexic and have a lot of trouble reading fonts that aren't simple rip

hi there! this is an excellent suggestion, thank you for sending the ask in. i will make an effort from this point on to caption all of our original posts.

non-dyslexic followers, you can actually help out in this instance, if you’re so inclined! if you see any original love from darkpos posts emerge from the queue with a cursive or fancy font, feel free to add captions in your reblogs!

freckled-pixels  asked:

i love all of you bc's that you do <33 yours are the best and youre so amazing ;-;

…..I have no words for how sweet this is & how happy it makes me! I always feel so clueless & boring :p Love you, doll!!! ♥

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