otp: you're awesome

Don't give up

This is for authors and artists.

Guys, creating is amazing, and this is an entire new world you’re giving birth to. I think you - and we - don’t realize how important you are - how important this is. This can look not important, not really, this one little fanart, fic, cosplay, fanvid, song… but it is. You surely made someone smile. Someone laugh. Someone cry. Someone feel something. Somehow, you did.
In your art, people can even recognize themselves.

Through fluff, angst, romance, friendship, family, adventure, everything, anything, you just give yourself, and us, the chance to dream. The power of imagination. THAT is wonderful. THAT is what we all need, at some point.

Never stop writing. Never stop drawing. Never stop creating.

This might sometimes be difficult, because you don’t have the inspiration anymore, or maybe you just feel like on this big huge network, no one notices your work. It’s normal. This is the internet. So many informations in here.
But people do notice you.
It just take time, and work. The more you try it over and over again, the better it is. Perhaps, you don’t see it, but you’re permanently improving yourself.

Just keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t be shy, share your work. Keep giving your ideas life, keep giving us life.
Your work is great and we love it.
Don’t give up.

me: *breaks into your house at night*

me: um can we talk about how Lukas brings Philip on a date to the lake to give him even more reasons not to leave Tivoli?!? (and about how surprised Philip seems to be when he finds out that Lukas just wants to hang out and doesn’t need him to build/film anything???) and how he turns into boyfriend mode when he texts him to ask him if he wants a ride to school??! and then breaks up with his girlfriend?!???? and spends all the time with Philip and kisses his forehead and…?¿?

So, i recently reached 1k (i still can’t believe it tysm) and i decided to do a follow forever because wHY NOT? But mosty to thank to all my fav blogs & lovely people out there :3

The bold ones are the ones i see on my dash more often/ my favourites. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

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~Special thank you to these babes~

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Just noticed I’ve reached over 20 000 followers! That’s quite a lot to me… I feel honoured all you people appreciate my posts. But that also means that if you ever felt weird for loving nature, quirky trees, subtle magic, free spirits, comfy hobbit houses, oddly shaped mushrooms, elves dancing under the moonlight, sustainable eco living, amazingly gorgeous cats and misty mountains… you are not alone! ;) <3

Fanfiction and Tumblr have basically ruined/enhanced my life. Now instead of watching a movie or TV show and seeing the couple on screen I’m like “Dude those two chicks are so fucking gay. They are gay as fuck. They are gay for each other. There’s no room for Jesus in that gayness. Cheezus fuck just kiss already. Why aren’t y'all married with like eight kids? Ugh… forget this. I’m going back to my gay fanfiction.”
So thanks fanfiction and tumblr. My life is a gay ass lovely mess because of you gay ass lovely people but I love it.

I just hit 1.5K and I’m so happy and thankful for each and every one of you. I never thought joining this fandom family would make me so happy. You all really mean a lot to me. I love you guys.

I follow a lot of people and I love all of you. I’m really really sorry if I forget you.

So the people in this list are super super awesome and you should follow them. The ones in bold are people that I talk to occasionally and consider friends. I don’t know if you consider me a friend but it’s whatever


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 LASTLY troyesivan AND @tyleroakley (it won’t let me tag him idk) WITHOUT YOU GUYS I WOULDN’T BE A PART OF THIS AMAZING FAMILY.

Thank you again for 1.5K. I love you guys a lot and you can always come talk to me :)