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liciaflorrick-blog  asked:

top 5 spencer/mona moments :)


(btw i’m using “moments” here very liberally. and i apologize in advance for all the rambling.)

1. “We are in this together now. I admire you Spencer. Thats why you decide how it ends tonight. You can join the A-Team or you can disappear.”

Their car ride in the s2 finale was perfect to me. mona admired and wanted spencer. from anyone else that’d be heartwarming but if mona admires you, watch out. and my favourite part is looking back at this moment with hindsight because she kept that promise. spencer rejected mona (at least from mona’s perspective) so she systematically peeled away spencer’s identity and sense of self - her reputation, the top academic spot at rosewood high, her friends, toby, even the way she dressed - and wore all of it right in front of spencer and taunted her (“Do you still have any friends, Spencer?”)

thus leading me to my second favourite moment…

2. Mona: “Look at all that’s happened since you turned me down on our little drive up the mountain, but I believe in second chances.”
Spencer: “You don’t have to ask me again, Mona. I’m in.”

Yes the show fucked up this great arc and the above development went practically nowhere, but 3.23 called back to s2 so well and is the culmination of mona’s attention, ending in giving spencer clues, guiding her around radley, playing games with her until spencer, with all her reticence stripped away by mona, agreed to mona’s offer to be on her team. 


OK it’s more or less one-sided but this moment in 3.16 is pure gold. mona looking so satisfied to hear spencer’s pained sobs, knowing she engineered this moment to perfection, while she sips wine and listens to classical music is too wonderfully awful a moment to pass by.


Evening out with a slightly more spencer-centric moment then… this great competition between them in 3.15, spencer fighting back hard and winning a little. any powerplay between them is perfect.

5. All the little moments, talking to or about each other, are brilliant.

after spencer is sweet to mona-

Mona: “You’re like smart smart. I always thought you were just book smart.”

when you look back on this it’s less sweet and more scary, considering this may have been mona seeing her potential and deciding to claim spencer.

any of spencer’s angry or bewildered comments about mona:

Spencer: “Mona is five feet of insidious snark with a side ponytail and I just wanna grab it, and I wanna yank it really, really hard!”

(bonus sexual component lol. plus when that andrew guy told spencer to “spank [mona] tomorrow night” and spencer smiled and thanked him for the pep talk. like.. yeah.)