otp: you're a star


“She′s gone.”


I told you I didn’t want you to come with me. And I told you I didn’t care. I feel… responsible for you. You shouldn’t. I know. I’ve never been responsible for anyone before. Who knew it would be so deadly? If they catch you, I won’t let them kill you. I swear it. What will you say in my defense? That you’re innocent. And… kind. Kind? And that you’re a good friend.

Can you believe that we got:

1) sassy, banter-and-innuendo-jokes-detective Rosvolio in the brothel and tavern

2) keeping-up-appearances fake!relationship Rosvolio with Ben asking Lord Capulet to escort Ros out for the day

3) heartbreaking, tearful confessions and admissions of secrets and feelings at Ros’ old home and the balcony

4) sudden rushes of protective instincts and a need to save each other in the battle-framing scene “I can help you!” “For the love of god,… save yourself!”

5) Ros standing up for and defending Ben, even against her prince and other LI, out of a sense of truth, loyalty, and not that she’d admit it affection for him

6) the ENTIRETY of the balcony scene, including
   a. meeting under the threat of death
   b. a desperate plea (plus tears!!)
   c. running away together
   d. dramatic, emotional admissions of like, trust, & affection “you’re all i have”
   e. the fact that it’s a balcony scene at all. a balcony scene. in a Shakespeare-        versed adaptation

All in ONE single episode?!??!?

  • Rey: *in a crowd and can't find Kylo* This calls for drastic measures.
  • Rey: *sits down and meditates, whispering under her breath* I need a teacher... I wish to learn the ways of the Force...
  • Kylo: SCAVENGER!!! *sprints forward and trips over his cape in an attempt to reach Rey*
  • Rey: There he is.

I’d also just like to take a moment to appreciate the extra bonus risk Benvolio takes in going to Rosaline’s balcony to talk to her. Because on top of all the other shit; the proclamation of his impending death; the entire city hunting him down; his being completely betrayed by the person he thought for sure he can trust;

On top of all that, if any of Rosaline’s family members caught him outside on their grounds, much less whisper-shouting up at the new heir of their house, they would have killed him on the spot. No chance to prove his innocence; no time to explain, or bargain, or beg, he would have been run through faster than you can say “Hamlet”.

But he still goes. He still goes, and he still risks this on top of everything else he’s already risking, everything else he’s already lost, to ask a woman who by all accounts despises him to run away from her home and her family because she is all he has and he can’t bear to lose the strange, hesitant bond he’s beginning to feel for her too.


Luke sighed. “‘How did it happen’?” he asked, his attention falling on Finn. “He found something else to worship, other than the First Order.”

“But… there’s nothing keeping them together,” Finn said, glancing at Rey. Her hand ran over the fur of the wolf that lay beside her. So much had happened, in time they’d been separated. He remembered how one spoke of the other; with no affection, but urgency, focus. Confusion. Guilt found him.

“The two of them created each other,” Luke said gently, sensing his emotions. “And no connection can run deeper than that.”

reylo + ladyhawke au

After their battle on Starkiller Base, Kylo becomes entranced by the scavenger, Rey. As punishment, Snoke uses an ancient Dark power to place a curse on the two: by day, Rey will be a hawk, while he, Kylo, will become a wolf at the turn of the evening. Trapped now in this existence, Kylo and Rey, now on the run from the war consuming the galaxy, travel with Finn, the ex-Stormtrooper and Luke, Rey’s master and Kylo’s estranged uncle, from planet to planet, in the hopes of finding the source of Snoke’s power and a way to break the curse.