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Get to know me meme | (2/5) actors → James McAvoy

« My ambition is to be happy. I feel like doing Macbeth is hugely ambitious, but there are those who would say that if I were truly ambitious I’d have moved to LA five years ago and tried to become Leonardo Dicaprio or Russell Crowe. I don’t know. I do want that. I do want to secure my place within the industry and be making films ten, twenty years from now. But i also want to be happy. »

halffizzbin replied to your post: was oldspag taken too?

spaggel SPAGGEL hi I’m relly really drunk but I just want you to know that I cherish you YOU ARE PERFECT AND I LOVE YOU my fingers are numb thank you for drawing me walruses omg I’m so grateful for your general existence

juilie poo-lie so sweet and gooey. I love you like chewy.

HEY YOU, YOU ARE A WONDER AS WELL. And i love your little face and your little mind and your little heart and little hands and little shots all in your belly getting you wasted. <3<3<3<3<3

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This is the Amazing Person Award! Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain~ nothing will happen, but it’s so sweet to know someone thinks you’re amazing inside and outside. (Spam, spam, spam! :D)