otp: you're a coward

I'm stronger than you

“I used to think you were exactly what I needed and wanted
Until I realized how much of a coward you are
Then I knew that no matter how much I wanted it to work it was never going to
Because I am so much more a woman than you could ever be a man
I am so much of a stronger person than you will ever be
Even with this body that hurts every minute of the day
I am so much more stronger than you 
You with your big body and your deep strong voice 
You with your firefighting career that you’re so proud of
You will never be the man I want or need and you will never be stronger than me”

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Most of the time, I tend to blame others for the sadness that I’m feeling.
Most of the time, I forget to look at my own reflection in the mirror.
I am the one who is depriving my happiness.
Why? My parents’ standards and my family’s.
You see? I put the blame on them again.
But it’s my fault. I am the one to blame.
I don’t give a shit about what others are saying, actually.
Those expectations from them are real but who cares?
I’m just afraid of admitting that I’m the one who expects all those damn things besides them.
I’m a coward.
It’s unfair but who the fuck isn’t?

Those kind of people

I hate those kind of people, who’s coward, and weak. I hate those people who’s afraid to admit their mistakes, and hide it from someone else because they think it’s the easy way out. I hate those people who uses their anger, just to get away from something they don’t want to deal with. I hate those people who doesn’t believe in certain things, it just shows that you never really trusted me at all. When I make a mistake, even if it takes me time to tell that person, I would still tell them, face my punishment? Yeah, that’s a hard one, but at least I didn’t lie. I didn’t keep anything from that person.

anonymous asked:

What the fuck is wrong with newer cars? Are you going to come out with some bullshit that they're invalid because they're mass produced? They're not artistic enough because they're not badly crafted by a half-skilled sheet bender? Modern engineering is an art, regardless if the product is made once or a million times. You elitist fucking shithead fuck you.

Excuse me?  Have I ever said anything negative about newer cars? 

There are currently 147,710 posts in my blog and I have never, ever, said that there is anything wrong with newer cars.  In fact, the only thing I’ve ever said is this: 

Which comes from this post.

If you had actually taken the time to browse around my blog a bit you would find that there is a decent mix of vehicles posted. Although most of it is older stuff there are also VWs, Subarus, various other imports, some exotics, and a host of other things.

My opinion on vehicles can be summed up with this image :

You know who the elitist fucking shithead is in this conversation?  You are.

By the way, even though you sent this anonymously like a coward I do track the analytics and page hits on my blog so I do have your IP address.  Send me another message like this and I’ll report you to your provider for harassment.  Now scurry along.

Since the day I met you, I have been crawling on my hands and knees following you wherever you walked, but lately I’ve realized that the soft carpet had turned into sharp rocks and stone and my palms and knees are merely bones and I have a trail of blood following behind me. These past eleven months I’ve been following you, picking up the pieces of yourself that break off and fall, hoping one day you’ll wait for me to catch up so I can put you together again, but all you do it speed up and I fall farther and farther behind. Today I looked around me and realized that I haven’t even picked up all of your pieces; you have girls and boys left and right doing and hoping for the same exact thing as me, but you haven’t even glanced back to realize what is going on. I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know how you move along your life acting as if you’re alone when you aren’t even brave enough to look behind you. We’re falling apart for you and I have decided that my hands and knees can’t take much longer. Soon the bones will break and I won’t be able to follow you even if I tried. I killed myself for you, and you didn’t even give me a chance.
—  I hope you realize what you’ve done

I have too many feelings right now. I just. I realize that it was dumb to expect that you would care. Or go through with it. That it would really happen. That hurting me would matter. I have no evidence, no reason to believe any of that. I just wanted it. I let my hopes get up. I let myself think that maybe this time. Maybe you would care. But that was dumb. And it hurts.