otp: you will be a part of me forever

more HP reread things: the shit you all knew was coming
  • the very first instance of Harry looking over at the Slytherin table to have a shufty of Draco Malfoy happens after the sorting, i.e. their VERY FIRST night of school. I cannot BELIEVE this. Harry looks over at the Bloody Baron and is like, “he’s sitting next to Malfoy! and Malfoy’s not happy about it! hahaha!!!” that’s the beginning of a puberty-long rabid obsession right there and I’m getting exceedingly misty.
  • it may also interest some of you to know that Harry then goes upstairs to Gryffindor Tower, goes to bed AND PROMPTLY STARTS DREAMING ABOUT MALFOY. they’ve only officially known each other for like four hours and Harry’s already having uncomfortable dreams about getting his head stuck in something and Malfoy laughing at him. this is day fucking one.
  • the first words out of Harry’s mouth when it’s announced that Gryffindor and Slytherin have flying lessons together are “typical. just what I always wanted. to make a fool of myself on a broomstick in front of Malfoy.” WHY is that your FIRST THOUGHT when you find out you’re gonna be FLYING A BROOMSTICK? I’ll give you one clue.
  • “Harry hadn’t had a single letter since Hagrid’s note, something that Malfoy had been quick to notice, of course.” of course? of course??? it’s normal that this 11-year-old boy has nothing better to do at breakfast than stare across the great hall at someone he hates??? “Draco, can you pass the marmalade?” “silence, Goyle, Potter is cracking his boiled egg!”
  • Harry goes to meet Draco for a midnight wizard’s duel wearing his pyjamas and a dressing gown. Draco grasses Harry up rather than actually going, but can we all please take a moment to picture his face if he’d been there to witness Harry Potter turning up to this epic death match in tartan terrycloth? thanks for your time.

I know how you feel about being seen without the leg, but when the fighting truly begins, all that matters is what makes for the greatest… advantage. 

The men… I have to manage how they see me. I understand that’s part of my job. But… 

Sometimes, I still can’t believe that we got to see this scene played out, for several important reasons:

— I’m so glad that including this flashback was a massive improvement of the ambiguity that they left us with in 2x07, because we know that this couple deserved so much more. We’ve seen their connection grow so strongly and their trust and love for each other being affirmed with each challenge. That’s why I personally believed it was so important to show this level of intimacy because it shows how deep that trust for each other goes, especially for Alec who has never experienced a relationship before (let alone one like this with someone who shows affection so deeply)

— The way this scene was depicted, with the flitting excitement between innocence and desire is so damn beautiful, I can hardly take it. It is so evident how much they’ve wanted this part of each other, but it is also so clear that they’re taking this step with great care for the other person. For Magnus, it is about loving and appreciating the part of him being unlocked. For Alec, its about cherishing and appreciating the thing he always wanted but thought he couldn’t have.

— Another important layer of this scene I can’t forget is that not long before, Alec talked with Izzy about taking this step and “if it’s what you want, if it makes you happy then go for it.” And then we see him in this scene with Magnus, embracing the one thing in his life that lets him feel like this. Honestly, up until this point in the show, have we ever seen Alec look so carefree and happy? (Think also to the bed scene the next morning)

— To think that the show creators actually listened to how upset fans were about the fade to black bs in that scene, especially for their healthiest and most developed couple, and THEY FIXED IT. They not only fixed it, they created an amazing moment for these two men who love each other. AND THEN they include the moment where Magnus shows Alec his cat eyes, just between them and makes the whole scene even more beautiful and meaningful. I wasn’t expecting that at all and to think that they’re showing fans what they want, but still managing to surprise us a lot is incredible.

I’ve watched this scene a million times and I will proceed to watch it a million more as part of my Shadowhunters hiatus survival kit, in addition to the amazing scenes from the finale. What a long way we’ve come in this beautiful relationship and how many poignant moments we’ve gotten to see that expresses their love so purely and honestly.

It’s official over. No more pics of the sets, no more behind de scenes videos, no more new season, nothing. After today TVD is official wrapped up and I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this huge show. This show has give me so much.
The vampire diaries will always have a special place in my heart so again thank you everyone.❤️

Acnara´s super long Harrymort/tomarry archive

Ok so, I´ve been wanting to do a harrymort rec list since probably forever. As a Harrymort shipper, I´ve always had a lot of trouble finding long lists of recommendations -or fics at all. You feel me. And, even if at the beginning I was planing in making this a single post, the recent amount of new stories on AO3 about my OTP (Guys, thank you so much), made me decide to make this more of an interactive thing. So, I´ll keep editing this every time i find anything worth tagging.

And here we get to the tricky part. This is full of recommendations, but, in order to make this fair to new authors/not so well known authors, instead of making this a “you must read” list I´m making it an “everything i´ve ever favorited/followed in ff.net and everything I´ve bookmarked/marked for later on AO3″ kind of list. I personally thing everything here is worth your time, either WIP or complete or one-shot. BUT: lots of the WIPs are old, so they are unofficially descontinued. If you have read everything here, I´m sorry :( I´ll try to update it soon, fear not!

The favorites will have a *, and my personal favorites will have ** and probably fangirl comments, sorry about that. I´d also recommend checking out anything written by this authors. 

Ok, enough talking. Take a sit, this is huge.


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you with me? always. - a three part bellamy/raven mix

part 1: bellamy’s pov [listen]

new heights - a fine frenzy // pioneer of your heart - jmr // evening ceremony - active child // samson - regina spektor // closer - fka twigs // from eden - hozier // life support - sam smith // forever love (digame) - anna nalick // i’m like a lawyer with the way i’m always trying to get you off (me & you) - fall out boy // fire - ingrid michaelson // kaleidoscope - the script // don’t swallow the cap - the national // technicolour beat - oh wonder // the end of all things - panic! at the disco // i feel it coming (ft. daft punk) - the weeknd // passenger seat - death cab for cutie

part 2: raven’s pov [listen]

400 lux - lorde // soldier - ingrid michaelson // guns out - young the giant // superstar - broods // i’m yours - alessia cara // trust fall (down we go remix by jensen sportag) - madi diaz // state of grace - taylor swift // who’d have known - lily allen // everything we touch - say lou lou // hours - fka twigs // livewire - oh wonder // morningside - sara bareilles // last dance - dua lipa // young god - halsey // collar full - panic! at the disco // words - naaz

part 3: the two of them, together [listen]

TALK ME DOWN - troye sivan // american money - børns // animal love i - charlene kaye // back to earth (feat. fall out boy) - steve aoki // garden grays - wildcat! wildcat! // for the first time - the script // alarms in the heart - dry the river // love you more - alexi murdoch // cutty love - milo greene // neighborhood #1 (tunnels) - arcade fire // sway - anna of the north // non believer - crash kings // keep me - lucy schwartz // conrad - ben howard

lyrics under the cut:

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True Loves Kiss 

So some how a silly little account like me has got to 1000 followers and can’t put into words how this makes me feel.

I’ve never felt more part of a family as i do in this fandom…..so here is an edit to celebrate. Thank you and i hope you like it. 

Before I kissed you - I learned what it’s like to crave with every single living cell in my body

When I kissed you - I finally figured why chaotic hurricanes are named after people

After I kissed you - I realised that i have been waiting for you since before I was born

otp tags

I love seeing all the cool and creative tags people come up with for ships in this community, so I thought I’d make a list to help people out. Here is a masterlist of #111 possible OTP tags – some are from songs, some are from movies or books, some are ones I made up. If people like this, I may do a part two. Please like or reblog if this helped you!

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anonymous asked:

what's wrong with legend of blue sea.? it's better then moon lover and stop reblog anything about moon lover. im so sick of it

LotBS was good sometimes and mediocre other times. I loved the sageuk parts and will forever wish the whole drama was a sageuk. Also the otp was super fluffy though and I loved Joon Jae tbh, but you’re kidding yourself if you think it was even slightly better than Moon Lovers.

And honestly I will probably die before I stop reblogging Moon Lovers so you’ll probably just have to unfollow me ~


everything just takes me back

to when you were there

to when you were there

and a part of me keeps holding on

just in case it hasn’t gone

i guess i still care

do you still care?


There was passion and comfort and need and joy, there was a strength that knew no boundaries, a sense of kindred souls made one, and that whole being far, far greater than the sum of its parts.

– X-Men 2 Novelization, Chris Claremont

Meet Me At the Fair Part 1 (of 2)

I hope you’re ready to indulge your sweet tooth because I’ve got some Shawnni/Corso fluff that’s of the tooth rottening variety……

“C’mon Farmboy, get your butt in gear and get that bag packed.  I’m itchin’ to get off this backwater rock.”  Even though his face was turned away from hers, Shawnni knew he was probably rolling his eyes.  “I’m serious!  We stay much longer we’re gonna end up puttin’ down roots and be stuck here forever.”

Her words didn’t seem to be encouraging him to move any faster.  They never did.  He moved slowly and methodically, arranging all of his items with care and precision.  It was her way to gather everything up in a jumbled heap and then try to force her bag closed.  She was performing a balancing act at that second, a knee on top of her belongings, pushing down while her fingers tugged at the straining zipper.

Corso grinned in amusement as he watched the display.  “Stars knows how you manage to cram everythin’ into that bag.  No wonder you can never find anythin’ afterwards.”

“I’ll have you know that I have a system,” she said with a huff.  “And it’s absolutely perfect.”

“Oh I’m well aware of your system.  It’s when you bat those pretty blue eyes of yours and ask if I’ll find whatever you’ve lost.  Works like a charm every time.”

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au - After Lydia announces her engagement to Stiles, the Stilinskis decide to start a series of recording for their unborn child.

Part 2 of the Baby Stilinski Vlogs Series. (Part 1) Also, Sarah, you dig me.


Oh, it’s a lonely path you walk, isn’t it, little orphaned hero.  Always part of a team, never part of a family.

We could be your family, the other Links and I.

This post from imaginefourswords was giving me emotions, so I finally managed to contribute to the fandom by drawing a thing: the “tempting the hero to the dark side” scene, in a role-reversal universe.

  • otp: it's a pretty name.
  • otp: i'm a friend
  • otp: it looks better on you
  • otp: i was hoping to find you
  • otp: it was lucky you came
  • otp: when he's around it's like the lights dim everywhere else
  • otp: maybe i like you
  • otp: i don't wanna get you dead
  • otp: you even look pretty when you go to sleep
  • otp: sleep tight
  • otp: that is so romantic
  • otp: perfect gentleman
  • otp: when i'm around you all i can think about is how badly i want to kiss you.
  • otp: you're in love with a vampire
  • otp: it was unbelievable
  • otp: he's never done anything to hurt me
  • otp: i have feelings for him
  • otp: i just wanted to see if you were okay
  • otp: i care about him
  • otp: i have to walk away
  • otp: it's painful
  • otp: it's too hard for me to be around her
  • otp: a vampire in love with a slayer
  • otp: do you think i could stand it if anything happened to you
  • otp: i really like your dress
  • otp: i missed you
  • otp: i'm not gonna fight you
  • otp: you can't just turn and walk away from me
  • otp: i can walk you home
  • otp: one thing already has led to another
  • otp: i'm just trying to protect you
  • otp: when you kiss me i wanna die
  • otp: you're never gonna get between those two
  • otp: things used to be simple, then she came along
  • otp: yeah, i get jealous
  • otp: do you love me
  • otp: i love you
  • otp: i wanted to make sure you were okay
  • otp: you're the one freaky thing in my freaky world that still makes sense to me
  • otp: let's get you some place safe
  • otp: nobody messes with my boyfriend
  • otp: you shouldn't have to touch me when i'm like this
  • otp: i didn't even notice
  • otp: you stay away from her
  • otp: he's good
  • otp: what did you do to him
  • otp: if we don't go now he could die
  • otp: kiss me
  • otp: finally something i wanna do
  • otp: when I look into the future all i see is you
  • otp: all I want is you
  • otp: i'm right here
  • otp: surprise me
  • otp: i like seeing you first thing in the morning
  • otp: the part where we say goodbye is getting harder
  • otp: what if I never feel this way again
  • otp: i'll be back
  • otp: i have something for you
  • otp: it's a sign of devotion
  • otp: where it with the heart pointing towards you
  • otp: it means you belong to someone
  • otp: don't go
  • otp: take me instead of her
  • otp: you almost went away today
  • otp: i love you, i try not to but i can't stop
  • otp: just kiss me
  • otp: she made me feel like a human being
  • otp: i was so worried
  • otp: my first instinct is to run to him
  • otp: you're still the only thing he thinks about
  • otp: i need her
  • otp: i'll die without her
  • otp: i can't stop thinking about her
  • otp: you made me the man i am today
  • otp: he was the first, i mean the only
  • otp: i wanted to say goodbye
  • otp: you are the one thing in this dimension i will miss
  • otp: you can't kill me
  • otp: i know you loved him and he proved more than once that he loved you
  • otp: i love you
  • otp: close your eyes
  • otp: i'm gonna keep helping you get better
  • otp: i worry about you
  • otp: be careful
  • otp: you'll be in love until it kills you both
  • otp: what i want from you i can never have
  • otp: there's got to be some way we can still see each other
  • otp: tell me you don't love me
  • otp: i had to see you
  • otp: i'll never hurt her
  • otp: stay with me
  • otp: forever
  • otp: i'll never leave
  • otp: i want you so badly
  • otp: i want to take comfort in you
  • otp: you have the power to do real good
  • otp: i love you so much
  • otp: i tried to make you go away, i killed you and it didn't help
  • otp: i hate that it's so hard and that you can hurt me so much
  • otp: i wish i wished you dead, but i don't, i can't
  • otp: if I can't convince you that you belong in this world, i don't know what can
  • otp: strength is fighting, we can do it together
  • otp: it's important to keep fighting
  • otp: it's sweet and thoughtful
  • otp: you could never be hopeless or boring, even if you tried
  • otp: you walked down the steps and i loved you
  • otp: i could see your heart
  • otp: more than anything I wanted to keep your heart safe, warm it with my own
  • otp: i can't watch you die again
  • otp: i love you, nothing can change that, not even death
  • otp: i am not ready to lose you
  • otp: i like you
  • otp: i wanted to take you out somewhere fun
  • otp: it feels nice just to feel
  • otp: i love her
  • otp: you were a real soldier
  • otp: is there anything i can do to make it better
  • otp: you still my girl? - always
  • otp: i just wanna make sure you're safe
  • otp: i won't let anything happen to you
  • otp: no matter what i'll always be with you
  • otp: i love you, even if you're covered with slime
  • otp: you look good
  • otp: i hated hurting you, more than i could stand
  • otp: i've been with dozens of girls and more and there's no comparison
  • otp: in exactly 243 years i've loved exactly one person
  • otp: i can help you
  • otp: we'll be okay
  • otp: i think you look perfect
  • otp: you're all she can see of tomorrow
  • otp: i've been thinking about our future
  • otp: you deserve more
  • otp: you know how much i love you
  • otp: don't love you? i didn't know i had a choice in that
  • otp: i want my life to be with you
  • otp: how am i supposed to stay away from you
  • otp: right now i'm just trying to keep from dying
  • otp: i feel like i can't breathe
  • otp: i miss you
  • otp: it's a big night, i didn't wanna miss it
  • otp: dance with me
  • otp: you're gonna be okay
  • otp: i can't leave you
  • otp: i need you
  • otp: i didn't wanna go without seeing you
  • otp: you have to live
  • otp: it is never over
  • otp: i won't let you die
  • otp: i'm not going to say goodbye
  • otp: if I was blind i would find you
  • otp: forever, that's the point
  • otp: i was there to protect her
  • otp: she will always be part of me and that's never going to change
  • otp: when you're around i feel you whether i see you or not
  • otp: as far as kisses go i thought it was well above average
  • otp: it was incredible
  • otp: i need to be sure you won't get hurt
  • otp: i'm not saying i don't want you, you know how much i do
  • otp: this is the dream
  • otp: it feels pretty amazing
  • otp: we'll make it work
  • otp: i want to stay awake so this day can keep happening
  • otp: this is the first time i ever really felt this way
  • otp: it's perfect
  • otp: we're together
  • otp: how can we be together if the cost is your life
  • otp: i won't just stand by and watch you fight, maybe die, alone
  • otp: more than ever i know how much i love you
  • otp: how am i supposed to go on with my life knowing what we had
  • otp: i felt your heart beat
  • otp: i'll never forget
  • otp: his moment of true happiness occurred because he was with her
  • otp: i loved him more than i will ever love anything in this life
  • otp: i would have given everything i had to be with him
  • otp: do you have any idea what it was like for me to see you with her
  • otp: i see you again and it cuts me up inside
  • otp: in all those years no one ever mattered, not like she did
  • otp: i came here because you were in danger
  • otp: i just wanted to make sure she was all right
  • otp: i can stay in town as long as you want
  • otp: how's forever
  • otp: i just wanna bask
  • otp: shoulder to shoulder, i'm yours
  • otp: i can't risk you
  • otp: ours is a forever love

is this or is this not tagatha?

“Some nerve you have
To break up my lonely
And tell me you want me
How dare you march into my heart?
Oh, how rude of you
To ruin my miserable
And tell me I’m beautiful
‘Cause I wasn’t looking for love, no”

and then this part

“And I wasn’t trying
To melt this heart of iron
But the way you hold me makes the old me pass away
And I would be lying
If I said I wasn’t scared to fall again
But if you promise me you’ll catch me
Then it’s okay”