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Just a snippet of a soulmates AU

Not many believed soulmates were actually real, but legend says that when you and your soulmate are in the same room time momentarily froze around you, giving a moment of privacy to meet.

So there I was in the small coffee shop on the corner, everything frozen around me. Being a bit of a romantic I realised what was happening in an instant, my heart leaping with joy. Wondering what they were like, I sipped my frappuccino as my eyes eagerly searched the room for my other half. At first I couldn’t see them, there was not sign of movement and a spike of doubt shot through me.
Wouldn’t it just be my luck this is all just some mistake and I don’t actually have a soulmate, I thought to myself.
However, I endeavoured to search for them.

Somewhere behind me I heard something though, a sound of a page turning. Spinning around in my seat, I saw someone peacefully reading, clearly too immersed in their book to notice the situation. Their eyes gently scanning the words on the page as I stared at them, taking them in, this person was my soulmate. A smile spread across my face, but I’m not a patient person. I coughed quite loudly into my hand in an attempt to catch their attention. It almost worked, they looked up from their book but not at me.
A panic look crossed their face, that the morphed into confusion, quickly followed by excitement.
Sitting a little taller in their seat, their eyes began quickly flickering around the room. Realising they were now looking for me I could no longer contain my emotions. I had then meant to give them a small wave but I fear it mostly look at is I was flailing my arm in the air. Well, it definitely caught their attention.

At last our eyes met. And time started once again.

Reddie ❤️🎈

Day Two, Realization: The first time a member of your OTP (or both members!) realized they had feelings for the other. (Prompt from here! http://otp-imagines-cult.tumblr.com/post/133309701572/30daychallenge1 )

The losers were outside of their clubhouse, bathing in the refreshing spring break heat. The sun would be going down soon enough, and that Indicates they’ll all have to leave soon. They procrastinate though, loving to spend time with each other.

Bill sighed first and made his way out, Stan following shortly after. Then Ben and Bev. Then there was just Eddie and Richie, both sitting on the same tree stump. Richie looked over to see Eddie, his head tilted back, basking in the sun.

It was almost a whole school year Richie knew Eddie, and he would be lying if he said he didn’t have a crush on the shorter boy. Eddie was just too smart, too funny, to not be liked.

Eddie was kind of like a rock to Richie. Whereas Richie could get a bit too obnoxious in his jokes, Eddie pulled him back down a few notches. And he supposed he was Eddie’s too; Richie carried a spare inhaler for Eddie just in case, or if Eddie started freaking out over anything, Richie was there.

Richie knew he wasn’t what normal was perceived as, liking boys a little too much for society’s ideals. He couldn’t help it, and when it came to Eddie, he didn’t even think of helping it. Embraced it, really.

The sunlight highlighted off Eddies clear, spotless face, accentuating him. His breathing was steady and he looked over at Richie.

“What are you staring at Trashmouth?”, Eddie asked, nudging Richie.

“Just looking at some loser, nothing much,” Richie commented back. Eddie rolled his eyes and leaned his head on Richies shoulder who tensed up for a second then relaxed. Eddie was happy so that meant Richie was too.

“Eds,” Richie started off but Eddie groaned in response, sitting back up.

“Stop calling me that!” He exclaimed loudly, a blush settling on his cheeks but he was ignored. Richie turned back to being quiet, yet he looked happy and calm. Eddie quieted down after realizing that.

Richie was silent, twiddling with his fingers, but he didn’t look shy. He looked like he was contemplating and calculating his thoughts. That’s a first, thought Eddie jokingly.

“If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?”, Richie asked genuinely, looking Eddie in the eye. Eddie blushed, already knowing his answer to question. How could he not?

Eddie had feelings for Richie. Eddie didn’t know himself if he was queer, but in all honesty he didn’t care if he liked boys or girls or both or neither at all. But he cared what his mother would think and say, along with his small group of friends and the bullies. And don’t even get him started on the germs that could be transferred in one single kiss.

But he could stand that. Richie was Richie. Eddie would bend over backwards for him and he knew Richie would do the same for him. Despite the short months they had together, he knew from the beginning they were bound to be very close friends. You really couldn’t see one without the other either really.

“H-here,” he stuttered shyly. He reached over and replaced Richies fingers with his own, holding onto Richies hand. His hand felt pleasantly warm, and was way bigger than his own. He was utterly charmed.

“Here with you,” he muttered, grasping onto Richies hand reassuringly. They both looked away from each other, but could easily tell what their other half was thinking.

They both realized at the same time they were falling in love, or what they thought love should feel like. Holding on while being afraid but then again not because you’re with each other. Leaning into the other with full trust. Looking into each other’s eyes with every emotion there was. Thinking for each other, finishing each other’s sentences.

And to the both of them, this was love.

Tropes that I wish would die in fic starring autistic characters

**cough spacedogs writers pls take note cough cough**

  • When “trouble understanding humor” translates into “literally cannot understand simple fucking puns, the most basic of all fucking forms of humor that people literally learn AS CHILDREN” (Because, y’know, perish the thought that a grown-ass autistic adult might already have a grasp of the SHOCKING concept that a word might possess more than one meaning :0)
  • Any other, non-punny version of an autistic adult failing to grasp that a word might have more than one meaning, or have only a textbook/dictionary understanding of its meaning and lack awareness of the more commonly used vernacular. (Listen…I know this may be astounding to some allistics, but most autistic folks…don’t read dictionaries cover to cover! *gasp* And actually might only know words as they hear them in everyday life, just like everyone else! *double gasp* )
  • The complete and utter inability to recognize or use sarcasm even in its most obvious and showy form (see above, for instance…yeah, clearly as an autistic I totally have no idea what obvious sarcasm sounds like! ::eyroll::)
  • Autistic adults (especially aged in late 20s or 30s and up) who just act too incredibly fucking precious about anyone daring to use a “bad” word in front of them. I don’t know if you can tell yet, but I fucking like to fucking curse, like, a shit ton. Being autistic =/= being an easily offended grandma or a scandalized five-year-old, thanks
  • When a grown autistic adult, especially one that has demonstrated decent capability of taking care of themselves independently in canon, inexplicably gets easily taken advantage of in ways even A CHILD would know better than to fall for, like they’ve never spent five seconds in the real world around other people before (I’m not saying your autistic character can NEVER be taken advantage of, mind you. I’m only saying give us the same amount of credit you would an allistic person not to fall for an obvious, unclever scheme.)
  • Or becomes a helpless little fawn who desperately needs their heroic, noble, allistic love interest to fight all their battles for them from now on and suddenly can’t do anything for themselves anymore. **Note: I am NOT saying your autistic character can’t ask for or receive help with things they find difficult or anxiety-inducing. I’m only saying there’s a limit to my patience if they suddenly need their hand held for fucking everything out of nowhere when they were just fine before the other half of your OTP came along. :\

There are A LOT more problematic tropes for autistic characters than just these out there, but these are the most obvious ones I can think of that will fullstop always ALWAYS make me immediately close out a fic in a frustrated hurry every time, without fail. 

My fellow autistic peeps, please feel free to reblog this and add on other tropes that you would like to see die an ugly, bloody, excruciating death :)

the couch

ridiculously self indulgent drabble about the couch in alec’s office, thanks to the more in-depth shots we got of it in 2x16


alec hates the couch in his office and magnus decides to do his part to make it a little less intolerable

available on ao3 [here]

Magnus was draped across the couch in Alec’s office, a book in his lap and a piece of melting chocolate in his free hand.

Alec glanced up from his files and couldn’t help but smile at the beautiful image he made. The light coming through the stained glass window acted as a rainbow backlight, surrounding Magnus in a beautiful glow. His fingers danced down each page as he read.  “You better finish that before it melts completely.”

Magnus looked up at Alec with a temporary expression of surprise, eyes wide at the interruption, but soon his lips drew up in a smirk. “Are you bothered I’ll get chocolate on your lovely sofa?” His tone was heavy with mockery.

“I don’t care. That couch is horrible.”

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anonymous asked:

I just love your analysis on the Toni / Jughead / Betty situation. I don't think Jughead is less attached to Betty, I just think she's just more comfortable showing it. Remember, Jug was gonna give up living with his family to stay in Riverdale with Betty. As far and Toni and Jug go, do you get the feeling like she has an ulterior motive? She did choose to be his mentor and I get the feeling there's something else at play here.

Personally,  I don’t think Toni set out to break up Bughead. I think she set out to recruit Jughead and along the way, she developed a crush. I mean, can you blame her?  Jughead projects that mysterious, vulnerable, dangerous lost puppy quality that, according to Disney’s Weekenders, girls go gaga over.  I mean, look at this fandom. Just LOOK AT IT.

That, and Jug really did do a piss poor job of the way he’s handled his relationship with Betty whenever Toni was around. He showed her that he lies to her; that he can’t trust her; that he fears what she’s going to think if she finds out he’s contemplating joining the serpents. If the perspective were flipped, if we didn’t know Betty but knew Toni, and Jughead showed up, we wouldn’t be rooting for Betty at all. For that matter, we wouldn’t have any qualms about Toni kissing Jughead in the trailer after his beat down. Or if it were Betty in Toni’s shoes. Either way, I think there would a significantly smaller amount of people complaining!  In fact, I rarely hear anyone ever complain about someone saying ‘all the right things the other person wants to hear’ when that someone is one half of our OTP.  We say: persona a just resonates with person b so well and they’re meant to be. Admit it: as Bughead fans, we’re a teensy bit biased :)

Mind you, I do have my suspicions about Jughead getting jumped in that hallway and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Serpents (and even Toni) had done it to convince Jughead to join them. 

As for Toni herself…  I’m pretty neutral-warm about her character.  Don’t get me wrong: I get that uncomfortable wormy feeling in my stomach every time I see that kiss on my dash. However, if I’ m going to be honest, I’m more upset with Jug and his behavior in episode 2x04 than I am with Toni and her decision to make a move (or Jug’s decision to reciprocate in that moment given the circumstances).  All in all, now that I’ve processed it, I’m not really all that mad about the kiss. I’m just grumpy about Jughead while balancing that with my appreciation for character flaws and the understanding that the boy has a couple of issues he needs to work through… 

anonymous asked:

thank you so much for answering! you weren't patronizing at all !! but i think you misunderstood me a little? what im asking is after kyoto winds what game should i play next? are there uhm, drama cds or?? tysm for answering QwQ

OHHHHH!!! Sorry, I figured ‘layout’ meant ‘how the game is laid out/played’ when you were talking about how the entire franchise is organized, heh…

Uh, to answer your actual question, Kyoto Winds is kind of… a new thing. Thus, there isn’t much localized material involving all the new guys and/or events, so whatever you do next probably isn’t going to involve a lot of what you’ve already experienced… at least until the translation of Hana no Shou (the second half of KW) comes out. But in the meantime, there are several options:

  1. Character/Drama CDs. Yes, these do in fact exist, and I know that at least some of them have translations… uh, somewhere. But I’ve also heard that some of them got taken down? I think? Yeah, I’m not the best authority on these…
  2. Anime. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is a thing. The two things you should know right off the bat are that the sub is way better than the dub, and the first season is Hakuouki while the second is Hakuouki Hekketsuroku. But again, I’m really not the best person to ask about it; my area of expertise is in a select few games, and also in…
  3. HakuMyu! Ten live-action musicals! I’ll spare you my enthusiasm in this summary, but they’re fantastic. They’re only available for download, not streaming, but it’s 100% worth the space on your computer. And then some. Really, I can’t speak highly enough about those productions and/or everyone involved in them. The plain ol’ stage play is another story entirely…
  4. Fanfiction. Okay, so it’s not canon, but there are some pretty glorious fanworks out there, whenever you run out of official things to look at. I know for a fact that @impracticaldemon​, @sabinasanfanfic​, and @shell-senji​ have put some great stories out there, and I know @eliz1369​, @kazama-hime, and @hidetheremote​ write too (even though I’ve never gotten around to reading their stuff)! [Sorry if I missed anyone, as I’m sure I have; there are so many amazing content creators in this fandom!]
  5. Edit: Other Games. Really, this depends on what consoles/platforms you have, so I can’t really answer which ones you’ll be able to play. One thing you should know about Hakuōki is that it’s essentially the same game across all platforms, just with minor differences and/or added content, so it’s not like you’re really missing anything. Except the other half of the game (but only for six routes and two of them were modified for KW so idk if you’d be interested). And also my OTP being canon. Good times.

Q: What’s the most frequent question you get on instagram?

D: ‘What’s my age?’.

C: Really?

D: I get that all the time.


Dinah recording Camila dancing


We don’t get to pick the things that fix us, Red. Make us whole. Make us feel purpose. My moment of clarity – it came from the strangest of places.

what about cosplayer/convention AUs though

  • my costume just tore and I was kind of freaking out but you pulled me into the bathroom and fixed it with safety pins and magic AU
  • the person whose hotel room I was supposed to share never showed up so you’re letting me crash on your floor AU
  • I was walking back to the hotel at night and these creepy drunk guys wouldn’t stop harassing me until you swooped in and chased them off and escorted me back to my room AU
  • we’re cosplaying fandom’s OTP and now everyone at the meetup wants us to pose for shippy pictures and whoops I guess we just for-realses kissed AU
  • we’re each cosplaying one half of our mutual NoTP and after you refused to pose for shippy pictures I bought you overpriced convention center lunch so we could discuss why this pairing sucks at length AU
  • I bought a photoshoot from you but you’re kind of ridiculously attractive and it’s distracting / the cosplayer I’m trying to photograph is kind of ridiculously attractive and it’s distracting AU
  • we were assigned tables next to each other in Artist’s Alley and after chatting between customers all weekend we’re basically BFFs AU
  • I’m dying of starvation in this panel line and you actually came and brought me food when I sent out a distress call on Twitter AU
  • we’re both cosplaying characters from the same obscure fandom and that means we’re basically soulmates AU

Remember that time half of your rl otp sang a song about sitting outside the place the other half got married to someone else in. Remember how there was also a song on the album where a friend of both called them out on their crap because they’d been fighting. Remember how there’s another song about how they’re otp except lol it would take another like 3 years for them to realize it wasn’t just fiction they were singing about but themselves. Good times.

I think a big part of this whole head trip is that we went from 2 and a half years of barely a mention of Ziva or Tiva to an entire storyline around them in which she died, the ship became canon for all eternity with the reveal that they have a daughter, we heard open acknowledgment that they each loved one another and then Tony left to focus on his family (of an unknown number) all in 45 minutes. That’s half a season, minimum, of revelation and we were trying to somehow absorb it in the space of one episode. It’s like getting as hot as you possibly can in a sauna then throwing yourself into a pool full of ice; it’s overwhelming and you’re unsure if it feels good or not and even though you thought you wanted it, it could also cause cardiac arrest.


I wrote some more AU otp prompts:

You can check out some more prompts HERE

- Help, I’m lost.

- I just came home from a trip to find a stranger asleep in my bed. Apparently you’ve been hanging out in my house well I was gone.

- You hate needles, so I’m coming along to your doctor’s appointment to comfort you.

- You wouldn’t let me in to see what you’ve done to my childhood house, (I think I creeped you out) so I’m just going to jump over you back fence, cause I really want to see my old home once again.

- I always fall asleep on the bus/train to work/school and you’re the kind soul who wakes me up just in time for my stop.

- I haven’t seen you in a long time so I thought I would stop by to say Hi.

- I think my date just stood me up, wait why is this random guy sitting down at my table.  

- My great Uncle (or something) left half of his house to me in his will. The other half he left to you, a complete stranger.

- I decided to finally watch that weird movie/read that weird book you never stop talking about.

-I really want to go to this event but I’m broke, turns out its half price if you bring a date.

- I only remember you because you stole my favourite toy from me when we were kids.

- I just found out that I’ve been calling you the wrong name all these years, why have you never told me.

Light- Part 8

Parts 1-6

Part 7

Description: Y/N is Tony Stark’s Daughter and the light of his dark world. She is brilliant, beautiful, and talented beyond measure. She has always been dedicated to the work she does for the Avengers and the world, she never really thought much about boys or men, just her work no matter if it was in science or art her work always was more important to her than dating. She went on dates once in awhile but love really was not on her agenda until she and Pietro Maximoff slowly creep their way into each others hearts.

Word Count: 2320

Warnings: None

A/N: I don’t have much of a note this time. I just hope you like it! Also It’s 5:16 and my vision is starting to go wonky from looking at the computer so long…Take a moment to look away from your screen and appreciate your eyesight…Thank you.


The snow began to pile up as December took over New York. It may have been early in December but it was defiantly late in the season to start buying Christmas presents but seeing as Y/N was a procrastinator when it came to gift buying she had yet to buy a single gift for anyone. So she decided to take Wanda and go gift shopping for their friends.

As they walked through the snowy streets of New York they talked about their mission for the day.

“So have you gotten any gifts yet Wanda?”

“I did the other day when I went with Pietro and Steve shopping.”

“Okay so who do you still have to buy for?”

“Everyone but you.”

Y/N laughed at her friend “Okay so this is going to be a long day.”

They walked into the first store and began to rummage through the stock. Every few minutes one of the girls would pick something up trying to decide if it would fit one of their friends, sometimes asking the other for their opinion.

“So, Y/N, what is going on with you and Pietro?”

“Wow Wanda, I thought you of all people would know what’s going on with us. Do you think he would like this sweater?” Y/N held up a dark blue cable knit sweater for Wanda to see.

“I am trying my best to stay out of it, and he would love anything you got him, but blue is his color.”

“Thanks. So naturally you know everything.”

“Well almost everything. What happened the other night in your room?”

“You know what I am sick of your questions about my love life. How about you? What’s going on with you and The Vision?” She could see Wanda start to blush as she looked over a burgundy sweater similar to the one Y/N had for Pietro.

“I enjoy the company of his mind that is all. Would your father like this?”

“Don’t get Dad anything, he has everything he could ever want and then some; if you really want to get him something get him a cheap, tacky tie. He won’t ever wear it but he’ll be super grateful that you thought about him and splurge on your birthday. We all do it, I can tell you right now that come the Christmas party he will open at least 9 tacky ties. Also you didn’t answer my question. What is going on with you and The Vision?”

“I told you, I just enjoy his company.

“That’s how it started with Pietro, I just enjoyed his company.”

“So there is something going on with you and my brother?”

“No! That’s not what I meant. I just meant that…UGH!”

“Answer my question please. What happened in your room that night? Pietro was very upset when he came home.”

“Came home? You mean he left? Where had he been?”


“When did he get back.”

“Very late, or early rather. He had been running all night I am guessing. Y/N please, tell me what happened?”

“We kissed again.”

“You did? That is amazing!”

“No it isn’t. I was playing a song for him, the song I’m playing for Dad and Pepper at the wedding, and when it was over we kissed. It felt like every nerve in my body was on fire, my heart was pounding for hard that he probably could hear it and I have never felt something so amazing in my life. The first time we kissed, it was so short that I hardly felt it before he was gone; but this time I got to feel every second of it. Then when we pulled away I asked if this meant he knew how he felt about me. He said no and I kicked him out of my room. I just kicked him out because I couldn’t bare to look at him any longer knowing that I wanted him so badly and he doesn’t want me. Then I felt guilty for kicking him out and now I feel worse because I hurt him enough to make him run all night long.” Wanda came up and hugged her friend.

“You should not feel guilty. It was his own fault and he knows that. He does want you he just is still so unsure about it all. I am so sorry you are in this mess.”

“Well at least I still have one Maximoff by my side.”

“He is still by your side, he is just trying to give you both a little space. He is trying so hard to figure himself out and the more he kisses you the more he knows what he wants.”

“I’ll remember that. Thank you Wanda. Let’s get out of here and get some Lunch. We still have a lot of shopping to do, and you still have to talk to me about you and Vision.” Y/N winked at her friend as she playfully slapped her on the arm laughing.

“Okay…I will tell you everything over lunch.”

* * *

December marked 7 months until Pepper and Tony’s Wedding. The couple had been making major decisions for the last few weeks but one thing that had not been decided on yet was a dress. Pepper had very little time off and being the CEO of a company made it hard for her to just drop everything to make a dress appointment. But today so finally had some free time and she was ready to try on some dresses. She had invited Y/N and decided that it would be nice for it to be just the two of them to go together. They walked into the store finding themselves surrounded by white. They hadn’t even made it to the receptionist before they could hear whispers of ‘That’s Pepper Potts and Y/N Stark’ and were soon ushered onto a couch. Champagne was poured for the two of them; as they waited to meet the consultant they started to chat about their lives.

“So how is the company doing?”

“Wonderfully, you should really let me show you how it’s done sometime so you can take over one day.”

“Oh I don’t know about that. I’m a lot like dad, I like the tech not so much the business of it all.”

“Well it will be yours one day if you want it or not so it’s a standing offer. How have you been while I’ve been busy working?”

“I’ve been fine.”

“Tell me the truth. How have you been?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Does it have anything to do with a certain Maximoff boy?”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because sweetheart, I might not be around all the time but I’m not an idiot. Anyone with half a brain knows what’s going on between you two. Also The Vision is a little bit of a gossip; did you know he and Wanda-”

“Yes! She told me the other day while we were out. I couldn’t believe it! My OTP!”

“While we are on the subject of relationships. What’s going on with Nat and Bruce?”

“They are dating. I thought they were exclusive, like boyfriend/girlfriend but Nat says they aren’t. Though they disappear from the tower every Friday night and don’t get back until late so their dates are consistent. That says exclusive to me. Do you know what’s going on with Steve and Sharon?”

“Last I knew he had worked up the courage to ask her out and she said yes. I think they went on a date a few weeks ago but I won’t swear to it.”

“Probably, I remember like 2 weeks ago he left for a few hours without telling anyone where he was going.”

“How are things going with the Barton Family?”

“Well I hear that Laura could possibly be pregnant again so I guess things are going pretty good for Clint.” The two laughed and were soon approached by a short, young looking women. She held her hand out for them to shake as she introduced herself.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. My names is Barbara, I’ll be your consultant today.”

“It’s completely fine we were just bonding while we waited. I’m-”

“Pepper Potts. And YOU are Y/N Stark. We’ve been expecting you. Mr. Stark called about 45 minutes ago to remind us that you were coming. He also told me about the wedding so I took the liberty of already pulling a few picks, I hope you don’t mind.”

“What exactly did he tell you about the wedding?”

“That it was going to be over the top and that he thought you should have a dress with a ‘Wow factor’.”

Pepper gave Y/N a worried look and set her champagne glass down.

“Well it’s worth a shot. Let’s do this.”

The first dress Pepper walked out in was way too over the top. It looked like she could use it for a flotation device for 6. The second was just as bad, it looked like it could have been worn to an 80’s prom.

“I think I wore this exact dress in blue in the 80's” Pepper laughed and looked at Y/N.

“No right? Please tell me this one is a no.”

“A resounding no! Your father has the worst taste.”

“Tell me about it. Have you seen the iron man suit? Totally tacky.” They laughed again then Pepper walked back to the dressing room to change into the next dress. Y/N sat on the couch staring into her drink, letting her mind drift. She was so confused about Pietro. She had been so sure that it was just a one sided physical attraction but when they kissed it had made her feel like she was on fire. They connected on an emotional level. They could talk about anything with each other and she really felt like her life without him would be incomplete, something would be missing that wasn’t missing when they were together.

Pepper had been standing on the pedestal for a few minutes looking at the expression on Y/N’s face.

“Something must be really bothering you for you to not even notice I came back. This dress is the worst one yet I thought you would have something to say about it right off the bat.”

“Oh gosh Pepper I am so sorry I was just off in another world.” Pepper walked over to the couch and sat down beside the younger women.

“How about you tell me about what’s going on with you and Pietro.”

“It’s complicated.”

“It can’t be as complicated as mine and your dad’s relationship.”

“That’s true. Well it started off with me thinking it was just a stupid physical attraction. Just a crush. But then we spent so much time together and we talked so much and we got so close that it became less physical and more emotional. More than just a crush and then he kissed me and acted like it never happened. Then he kissed me again and said he still didn’t know what he wanted out of this, he didn’t know what he was feeling for me and so I got mad and yelled at him and we haven’t really spoken too much since.”

“Wow that is complicated. If you ask me I would say, don’t give up on him. I think this is just as tough on him as it is on you. Remember when your dad kissed me then left me out on the balcony? It took him nearly 2 years to kiss me again and ask me out. Sometimes men are just as scared about relationships and being hurt as we are but from the sound of it, you two can’t stay away from each other and that’s not something to give up on, unless it starts to hurt you. Then you might have to.”

“Thank Pepper. You’re the best.” The two hugged and Pepper began to stand up.

“I know. I have one more dress to try on and I think it’s the one.”

Pepper walked out a few minutes later wearing the most beautiful dress Y/N had ever seen. It hugged Pepper’s body in all the right places, It was entirely lace, with sleeves and a train. The front was an illusion deep v-neck and it was backless.

“This is it! No more looking this is the one!”

“I think you’re right little Starkling. This is the one I picked out…obviously not your father.”

Barbara walked away to ring up the price of the dress and accessories and Y/N walked up and stood next to Pepper.

“You look so beautiful. I can’t wait for dad to see you in it.”

“Me either. Hey Y/N I have been meaning to ask you something. You know that we are having a super small wedding party right? Tony is asking Steve to be his best man and I am going to have a maid of honor and that it. I was wondering if, maybe, you would be my maid of honor. It would mean a lot to me, and your dad.”

“Oh my goodness yes! I would love nothing more than to be your maid of honor Pepper. Thank you so much for asking.”

“Thank you for accepting!”

Soon the dress was ordered and the two were walking out of the store pleased with the way things had worked out that day. Pepper got her dress and Y/N felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders, as if she had just spoken with her mother.

It’s been a hell of a ride, folks. It’s incredible that so many people can find so many different things to love in the same story. Whatever character, ship, place, story, fighting style, bijuu, or arc you fell in love with, I’m glad we were all here to experience it together.

I never imagined when I picked up my first volume of shounen jump and read my first page of Naruto what this story would mean to me. And when I started this blog 2 years ago, I never imagined other people would find such joy in it. I’ve adored NejiHina for years, and finding other people that care as much about it has been amazing. Despite setbacks, despite judgement, despite one fucking half of our otp dying (or, resting for a really long time off-panel if you live in the same delusional state I do), NejiHina has remained strong. You guys rock, seriously! 

I love all of you, and this blog will stay active, hopefully for years to come.


Half of two of my otps are married(Hayley +Caitlin ) , half of another is asleep for as long as her best friend lives(Elena) , the other are now officially adopted siblings(brallie) , there’s another one where one of them has become “the dark one”(Emma) I even have an OTP where half of it is literally dead(Allison) sooo … What was it again that you were saying about losing hope for stydia because they’re both DATING other people ??!
—  #theflashanatic