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books meme: [1/9] nine otps

jem carstairs and tessa gray (the infernal devices)

“Forty-nine thousand, two hundred and seventy-five days since I last kissed you,” he said. “And I thought of you every single one of them. You do not have to remind me of the Tessa I loved. You were my first love and you will be my last one. I have never forgotten you. I have never not thought of you.

ashes, ashes.

drabble: jily

word count: 244

the sundown series. night two.

and all of a sudden, james asks, “lily, why did you choose me?”

and even he’s surprised he asked the question. perhaps it was the midnight thoughts; the misshapen drunk questions spoken only in the late hours.

his head rests in the lap of an incredible wizard, and he bores his eyes into hers; searching, trying to find an answer.

and for a moment, lily lays there silently, her flaming-red hair falling loosely behind her shoulders. she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “why are you asking, my love?”

lily runs her fingers through the strands of james’ hair, tousling them uncontrollably. the fireplace beside them roars on, ashes flickering specks of light throughout the common room.

“i was nothing but a jerk to you the whole time here,” james murmurs. “you could have had anyone here in this whole damn school. but you chose me. and i don’t deserve you.”

“but here we are, right?” lily whispers, placing a gentle kiss on his forehead. “don’t ask the silly questions, my dear. you were the one who told me we were meant to be.”

lily cracks a smile, cradling james’ cheek and brushing her thumb over his lip. “so don’t back out on me now.”

“no, i won’t,” james says, voice hoarse. his mind is going numb with emotion. “never.”

he often wonders if lily will be the one to leave first, because he never will.

Bed of Lies - Jeff Atkins

You shook your head in disbelief. You had just walked in to see Jeff and his ex tangled in the sheets. They both looked like deer in headlights, shocked that you had found them both. Your hand grasped tightly around the door handle, your face turning a very dark shade of red. You turned around, slamming the door behind you. You walked home that night, leaving Jeff to finish whatever had happened, but it was safe to say that your relationship was over.

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Kiss Prompts

1. The first time you ever kiss in public

2. The kiss that made you want more

3. Where you’re pulled into the kiss suddenly 

4. The first kiss where you accidentally kiss them…..you were about to kiss their cheek but they moved their head and now you’re kissing their lips 

5. Both are nervous, they know what’s coming but they’re both scared and then they kiss…both of them give in 

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Kanej + first kiss

i was tempted just to rewrite the scene where kaz kisses her neck in crooked kingdom, but then decided against it. also: this is longer than i intended, so i apologize. read on ao3

When she leaves, Kaz rarely sees her off. He’s not one for goodbyes—especially ones that are only temporary, that feel hollow even if there’s the fact that somewhere deep inside of him, hidden in some concealed orifice, he knows that it could be the last he sees of Inej. He fights with that part of himself often, argues that the girl who’s proven herself repeatedly could find a way out of any situation she got into.

And every few months, when her ship docks itself at Berth twenty-two and those six quick bells ring out, when she quietly slips into his office and onto his bed while he sits at his desk, when she lies on his sheets staring at the ceiling and he’s glancing at her form to ensure she’s unharmed, his belief in her and her skills is confirmed. They don’t talk much, but he can’t help the smile that will sneak its way onto his face as she tells him of her trials on the sea, of the men and women and children she’s saved, of the men and women she’s killed to free them.

He wonders how many nights she’s spent awake in the underbelly of her ship, prayers spilling from her lips for the lives she’s taken.

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School AU Prompts (based on my experiences)

* “A bird flew into the classroom and our teacher who is very afraid of birds is screaming and diving behind us to seek shelter” au

* “We’re playing field hockey and you hit the ball so high that it hits me in the face, but I’m fine and keep playing and two minutes later you’re screaming at the blood on my face and oh that’s unfortunate” au

* “We both have transparent rulers and we’ve never spoken before but you find this to be the perfect opportunity to start talking to me. Really? This of all things? Matching rulers?” au

* “You asked me if I was emo and Christ, that’s the third time I’ve been asked that today *deeply inhales* BOI” au

* “I have a love for learning French and am determined to be the top student but your first language is closely related to French, so the subject comes naturally to you bUT YOU SLACK OFF AND NOW WE HAVE AN UNSPOKEN RIVALRY” au

* “I’m not athletic and get nervous real easily so instead of participating in gym, I keep scores. While your team switched places in volley ball you whisper to me to sneak your team a couple points and I’m too awkward to realize it was a joke and you have to stop me” au

* “You’re the top student in chemistry, but you often get lazy on homework and I’m failing, but when the teacher says I was the only one to have a perfect score on a test, we all get a taste of your petty side” au

* “I blank out during a test, but you mistake it for me not knowing the answer so you whisper the answers to me. I thought I was hearing things, but I hover my pencil over the letter you suggested and you whispered ‘yes that one’ damn I’m gonna ace this” au

* “We have an assignment to write a bunch of poems in English class and I got too into it, so you gawk at my four page poems making me uber uncomfortable” au

* “I know jack shit about this subject, but I’m well versed in random 80’s pop culture, so when our nostalgic teacher tries to make references so we can understand the material, I’m the only one who gets them and you think it’s because I failed the subject so many times that I lived through the references” au

* “I have my head leaning on my fist and crack my knuckles against my chin, but you can’t figure out where the noise is coming from and I have to hide my laughter.” au

* “I started daydreaming and forgot to pull out my work, so the teacher asks me about it and I panic saying it’s already finished. You and your friends start getting loud, so the teacher points to me and says to follow my example and don’t you give me that look” au

* “You teach me phrases in sign language, so when you start talking during a lecture, I sign to you to stop talking because I didn’t want to be caught talking and somehow I’m still the one who got in trouble” au

* “You start off singing 'let it go’ really quietly and progressively get louder until you’re standing and doing the moves and- wait, now you’re sassily walking out the door and is the teACHER SERIOUSLY JUST GONNA LET YOU LEAVE?” au

* “Another fight broke out and a rumor started that it was over buttpads and you keep reminding people. It’s my third class of the day and I SWEAR TO GOD IF I HEAR THE WORD 'BUTTPAD’ ONE MORE TIME” au

* “You just waltz into the band room where me and all my friends hang out in the morning and offer to read a fanfiction you wrote about two of the teachers” au

* “I misspoke and accidentally said something that sounded like a pimp name so I shouted 'if anyone is in need of a pimp name, I just came up with one’ and without missing a beat, you said 'your offer intrigues me’” au

* “I stuttered over my words and accidentally said something really bad and you were the only person who I could convince to punch me and now you feel really bad, it’s okay, my bruises heal quickly, I had it coming, here’s three dollars” au

* “I have nothing to do until play practice which is hours later, so I hide in a storage closet and you’re the one to find me while searching for your tuba” au

* “You think you’re some fancy salesman, selling useless car parts and junk from the streets, but hey I guess the jokes on me, I bought an antique, broken street light glass off you for fifty cents and now I have to carry it around all day, using it as a paper weight” au

* “We share the same birthday and I sit directly behind you in class and one of your friends says 'happy birthday’ to you and now every. single. person is now wishing you a happy birthday, including the TEACHER and not a soul says it to me I MEAN SERIOUSLY THEY ANNOUNCED BOTH OUR BIRTHDAYS ON THE LOUD SPEAKER THIS MORNING” au

* “The teacher is speaking with someone and we hear them point out that we’re the only two people with curly hair in the class and you turn to me and say 'there can only be one’” au

* “We both have a cold and have to sniffle frequently, and we accidentally got the whole class sniffling as a joke and- hey buddy, you started it” au

* “I’m quiet in chorus but when we have a concert with my favorite song as a piece, I make myself HEARD and after the concert you compliment me and say I should sing louder more often and dammit, I shouldn’t fall in love with everyone who’s nice to me” au


* “You’re the lead in the school musical and I work backstage, but it’s my first time and I’m nervous so I call a friend, but you take my phone from me and start saying ridiculous (but hilarious) things to them like its nothing and… hm, I’m not so nervous anymore” au

* “You’re vocally homophobic, but only to impress your conservative friends because you’re scared they’ll leave you, but when we were in kindergarten, I had a crush on you and we kissed on the playground, and I recently came out as trans, so I just have this blackmail on you that you kissed a boy, just try me fucko” au

The Star Crossed Lovers (Connverse)

Replacing my Phinbella heart with this 

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Poor Connie :(

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Steven: “We could be friends”

This is one of the reasons why Steven is my favorite character!

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Their holding hands :3

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Connie: “You don’t need any powers to be here with me”

And this was when Connverse was my new OTP 

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Connie sleeping on Steven back while riding on Lion :3

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Connie blushing :3

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Shy little cinnamon roll asking her bae to dance with him. Also she blushes!

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This is the second time that they were about to kiss!

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Their future child looks so beautiful! 

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Even Garnet support this ship! 

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Watching the snow together 

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I really thought Steven was going to confess his feelings to Connie

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Connie doesn’t care of your opinions, Steven. She only care of what you like 

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He has so many pictures of him and Connie hanging out

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He doesn’t want Connie to get hurt

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World reference 

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I’m getting hurt 

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Oh geez 

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Oh Steven 

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My official OTP 

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“I want to. I want to be part of your universe” 


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Yes! She wants to more use to the Crystal Gems!

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Pearl support this ship too! 

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Best Friends fight together

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Holding hands again

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The best duo 

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This was basically my reaction when I found out Steven is actually 14 years old

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Wow, Steven is actually planning on marrying Connie when they grow up

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Their hugging again :3

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My second favorite Steven Universe ship, first being Ruby and Saphire. As much I want them to together, that’s not the main focus, which I respect. It sucks that I have to wait but it will be worth the wait :D

Hold On - Jeff Atkins (Bed of Lies Alternate Ending)


Regular = Reader dialogue

Italics = Mrs. Atkins

Bold and Italicized = Jeff 

Someone on wattpad suggested that he lives and they makeup and an anon on here suggested some Grey’s Anatomy quotes! Tissues may be needed. BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.

You shook your head in disbelief. You had just walked in to see Jeff and his ex tangled in the sheets. They both looked like deer in headlights, shocked that you had found them both. Your hand grasped tightly around the door handle, your face turning a very dark shade of red. You turned around, slamming the door behind you. You walked home that night, leaving Jeff to finish whatever had happened, but it was safe to say that your relationship was over.

 You ignored him at school, his contact name changed, his calls always denied. You made it very clear how angry you were.

 “Y/N, your father and I are going to a movie and then dinner! Money is on the counter if you get hungry!!” Your mother yelled from the foyer. You heard the door close and the car drive away. You were alone.

You were finishing up some homework when you had gotten a text from Jeff. 

i’m coming over

You rolled your eyes and ignored it. He wouldn’t come over unless you told him it was okay. But you were wrong. Around 5 minutes later, there was a pounding on the door. You went downstairs and sat on the last step.

“I’m not leaving until we fix this!!” He yelled through the heavy door.

 “You’re gonna be there for awhile then.” You mumble, picking at your nails.

 “Open the damn door, Y/N.”

 No, if he wanted to fix things he’d wait. 10 minutes passed and he was still there, pounding harder on the door. You cheeks were wet and tear stained, your nose pink.

 “Y/N, please.”

 You huffed, getting up, hesitating to open the door. Your hand slowly pulled on the door handle, revealing Jeff with a bouquet of flowers. You rolled your eyes and walked away, now leaning against the countertop of the island in your kitchen.

“I miss you so mu-”



“Why’d you do it, Jeff?”


 “She put herself on me, I’d never do that to you.”

 “Do you ever think of me when you lie to people?”


 “Do you?!” You were curious, how many times had he lied to other people? His bright blue eyes had become coated in tears, same as yours have. Not because of sadness, but of anger.

“I never lied to other people!”

 “I don’t understand why. You had all the power to stop it. Yet you let it get to that point! I can tell you’re lying!!” You yelled at him, you were furious.

 “I’m not lying to you, I’m being honest!! You’re so fucking difficult sometimes.” He yelled in return.

You chuckled that chuckle that every guy dreads hearing, the one where they knew there was no going back and restarting the conversation.

“Get the fuck out, Jeff.”

“Y/N, You don’t get it! I didn’t do it!! Don’t you get it?! You’re smart it shouldn’t be that hard to understand!!!!”

“Don’t yell at me!! It takes two to fuck, Jeff. You’re just as guilty as she is. I’ve made my point, there’s the door!” You shouted, slamming your hand down on the counter. “Go out that goddamn door and don’t come back.”

He drops the flowers on the counter, being sure to forcefully close the door behind him. You grabbed the flowers and went upstairs to your room where you opened your window, throwing the flowers towards his car.

“I don’t want your damn ‘i’m sorry’ flowers either!” You watched as his eyes traveled to your window, picking up the flowers and shaking his head as he walked towards his car. He threw the flowers in the garbage at the curb of your house. It wasn’t long before he drove off.

You only cried harder, your back sliding down your bedroom wall. You were irritated and upset with Jeff. He was different than all of the other guys, you were hoping to be high school sweethearts.

A knock at your bedroom door interrupts your train of thoughts. You quickly wipe under your eyes and calm yourself down before opening the door.

“Honey, was Jeff here? We saw flowers in the trash outside. 

“He was. I made him leave.” Your mom knew about what had happened between you and Jeff, she understood where you were coming from.

“Obviously things aren’t better.”

You shook your head. “I just wanted to know why, why he did it, why that night, and why with her of all people. He got defensive, I made him leave.”

Your mom nodded and rubbed your back with one hand. Just as you finished, your phone rang.  It was Jeff. “I should, uh, I should answer that.”

“Remember, it took me 9 months to make you, don’t let someone shatter your heart in 15 seconds.” You nod and shut the door behind her.


You let the phone ring the first time, you couldn’t bring yourself to answer it.


You and Jeff had been the high school’s ‘OTP’ since you started dating freshmen year.


 It wasn’t okay, what he did. But you didn’t want to throw away all that history


The phone rang the second time, you immediately answered.


“Jeff! Hey listen, i’m sorry for earlier.”


“I know that i was very bitchy but I never should’ve snapped like that.”


“We have so much history and I’d hate to throw that all away.”


“I want us to move past this, I really do.”


“You were my first crush, my first boyfriend, my first date…”


“You were my first kiss, my first time, the first person I felt so secure and safe with.”


“I’d hate to throw it all away.”


“You’ve helped me through everything. It could’ve been a horrible grade, Hannah’s death, and just seeing Bryce in the hallway.”


“I feel like I over think things way too easily, I’m sorry.”


“All I want is for us to be us again.”


“Y/N, Jeff got into an accident after he had left your house. He’s banged up pretty bad, be he’s okay. I’ll send you a text so you know where to go.”

Your heart didn’t shatter, but it broke a tiny bit.

You immediately rushed to the hospital to be greeted by Mrs. Atkins. 

“He’s been looking for you, dear.” Your makeup smeared on your cheeks, your hair a mess.

“He doesn’t want to see me. I destroyed anything we had. He doesn’t want anything to do with me.” You mumble, wiping under your eyes.

“He’s been asking for you since he got here. He wants to fix things with you. He’s been telling me for awhile.” She replies, handing you a tissue.

 “You sure?”

“Of course, dear. I’ve never seen him head over heels with any other girl. He really loves you. He wouldn’t cheat on you when he’s been talking about your future together.” You chuckle, he had mentioned it to you once before, but it had escaped your mind when you found him. 

“Thank you, Mrs. Atkins. I really needed that.”

“Anything for my future daughter-in-law.” She pulled you into a tight embrace. You missed her, Jeff, his family, his humor, you missed everything. You slowly walked into his room, knocking on the door lightly. The dark haired boy that you fell in love with since freshman year had bandages around his arm, one of his legs and his head. 

“Baby, I’m so sorry.” You said, gently grabbing his hand.

“Princess, it’s okay. I get it. You had the right to be upset.”

 “But I shouldn’t have acted the way that I did.” You told him. You felt his rough knuckles with your thumb. “I’d be so lost if you left me alone.”

“I know.” He stated, pulling you into a tight embrace. It felt like home. His arms wrapped tightly around you, just enough. But then his hands fell, monitors started going off, his eyes closed. Doctors and nurses burst through the door, pulling you off of Jeff.

“Jeff! Please don’t leave me! We’re meant to be!” The door slammed in your face just as you fell to your knees.

“Y/N! What happened?”

 “He hugged me and then next thing I know, his eyes are closed and the monitors are going crazy.” You cried. 

Eventually he was stable and you were able to see him again. Cautiously, you walked back into his room. “I was scared.” You whisper, sitting in the chair next to him.

“No, don’t be scared. I’m not going anywhere. We’re meant to be.”

“Let’s go home. I just wanna take you home.” You place your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

 “I’m right here.”

 “Jeff, I’m sorry for thinking that you cheated. I’ve known you for the past four years and I know you like the back of my ha-”

“Y/N, stop. It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not. I know you so well. I really should’ve believed you.” Jeff moves a strand of hair behind your ear.

 “I love you, Y/N.”

“I know, you’re mom told me about what you’ve said about our future.”

 “Of course she did. It’s annoying”

“It’s adorable. I love you, too. No matter what happens, no matter what you decide to do, I’m gonna love you until the end of time. Now, tell me about this future you have planned.” Jeff lets out a heavy sigh.

“We’re gonna get married. And we’re gonna have two or three kids. A girl and two boys. We’re gonna be happy.” A smile emerges on your face, before you kiss his lips. “You’re smart. You’re beautiful. You’re perfect. A guy couldn’t do any better.”

“What a flatterer you are, but that sounds wonderful.” Mr. and Mrs. Atkins stood in the doorway watching the two of you, big smiles on their faces. They were ready for you to officially join their family, even though you practically already were. You were so special to that family, they’d never be the same without you.

Pillow Fort

“How’s our pillow fort doing, Commander?” Akira asked as he patrolled the room with a toy assault rifle in his arms. His four-year old son, Haruto, peeked from the top of the pillow fort and scanned the area for any sign of the target’s presence. Both were wearing plastic army hats, along with faux bullets strapped to their chests.

“Pillow fort’s ready to go. Are all weapons locked and loaded?” Haruto replied as he checked the area once again.

A light knock on the front door alerted them of the Mom-ster’s presence.

“The target is here! Quickly, hide!” Haruto said as the pair dived into the pillow fort, armed and ready for the attack.

“What if the target finds us, Commander?” Akira inquired. Haruto said nothing about the matter as both of them heard the front door open. Ann’s voice can be heard from downstairs.

“Akira, Haruto? I’m home!” Ann declared. She could still hear her son’s hushed voice from upstairs.

“The Mom-ster is here!” Haruto squeaked. Ann giggled at the little nickname her son had given her.

Mom-ster, huh? They won’t get away with that! Ann thought. But there’s no harm done with the nickname, right. Perhaps it would be best for her to play along for now to not ruin the fun. Sure, Haruto and Akira may be a bit on the naughty side, but she had learned how to properly discipline the both of them at once. However, she was truly blessed with a loving son and an equally great husband who could provide for his family.

“Where are you?” Ann coyly asked as she raised a flaxen brow at the opened door to their room, and she spotted a shoddily-made pillow fort in the far side of the room.

Could that be where they’re hiding?

“Come out now, the both of you!” Ann said in a sing-song voice, pretending to be completely oblivious about their shenanigans.

She approached the pillow fort and snatched the top pillow of the pair’s pillow fort, revealing both father and son inside.

“Aha! There you are!”

“Eep! The Mom-ster has seen us! What should we do, Commander General?”

“We attack her with our super move!”

“What super move?”

“Kiss attack!” Haruto declared as the pair tackled the blonde to the bed. The latter struggled for a bit before succumbing to the attack that let up a few minutes later.

“Welcome home, mom!” Haruto shouted from the top of his lungs, crushing his mother with his arms, followed by Akira who gave her a loving kiss on the cheek.

“Miss me?” Ann quipped, giving each a small kiss on their foreheads. “I missed you both, you know.”

“Yeah. Life’s been kinda boring without you, honey.” Akira greeted.

“Greetings aside, both of you are not gonna get away with calling me Mom-ster.” Ann scolded, as both father and son winced, bracing themselves for the upcoming punishment.

“Akira’s gonna be sleeping on the couch tonight,”

“What?! Haruto’s in on it too!”

Ann playfully stuck her tongue out at her husband.

“I leave you with a choice then: couch or no snuggling for the next week.” Ann pressed.

“Couch then.” Akira replied. Sleeping on the couch sometimes was uncomfortable for him during bad weather, but no snuggling for one week? Not on his watch!

Akira smiled at his wife and child as he grabbed a pillow and a blanket and headed downstairs. A few hours later, Ann went downstairs and poked her husband in the cheek and the tip of his nose, causing the raven-haired man to groan and stir from his slumber.

“Hey. Can I sleep with you here tonight? The bed’s kind of cold without you in it.” Ann said.

“Sure. That would be nice.” Akira replied. “And here I thought you were sure about my punishment?”

“Oh, stop it you.”


Akira rested on the sofa first, followed by Ann easing her weight on top of him, ridding of what little space between their bodies.

“I love you.” Ann declared before softly kissing him on the lips, with Akira reciprocating just as actively. They pulled away for air.

“I love you too.” Akira softly replied as blissful sleep overtook him, relieving him of the worries of the world. With Ann by his side and a loving son like Haruto, life couldn’t get any better.


i have no explanation for this other than i wanted to procrastinate studying for a test!!! so under cut there are 159 otp tags that u can use for ur cute 1x1s or indies or any ships at all!!! i got all of these from lyrics of one of my fave bands of all time, the nbhd separated by album/ep!! enjoy and pls like/reblog if u find this useful :)

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Hi, sorry i was wondering if you have any suggestions for otp names? i love your blog is very helpful btw

i’ve never had a request like this but i’m super excited to answer it?? they’ll all probably be song lyrics ( some adapted to work better ) because i just find that easier and also, song lyrics are very common for otp tags/names/verse ( whichever you wish to call them ), so here’s a bunch of otp names for a range of different ships and brotp’s: 

otp: thinking out loud, otp: wish you were here, otp: stay with me, otp: love me like you do, otp: as long as you love me, otp: where are you now that i need you, otp: never let you go, otp: nothing like us, otp: stuck in the moment, otp: die in your arms, otp: somebody to love, otp: catching feelings, otp: heart wants what it wants, otp: come and get it, otp: love will remember, otp: you belong with me, otp: i knew you were trouble, otp: back to december, otp: everything has changed, otp: bad bood, otp: our song, otp: i know places, otp: all you had to do was stay, otp: pictures to burn, otp: how you get the girl, otp: the story of us, otp: see you again, otp: when i look at you, otp: can’t be tamed, otp: 7 things, otp: someone else, otp: wherever you go, otp: give your heart a break, otp: gift of a friend, otp: fix a heart, otp: two worlds collide, otp: shouldn’t come back, otp: this is right where it begins, otp: promised myselfi wouldn’t let you complete me, otp: is there somewhere you can meet me, otp: didn’t mean to fall in love tonight, otp: could we pretend that we’re in love, otp: something that we’re not, otp: let’s cause a little trouble, otp: maybe you could devastate me. otp: we wrote a story in the fog, otp: thinking about the feelings that we hide, otp: would it really kill you if we kissed, otp: loving him was red, otp: losing him was blue, otp: no one has to know what we do, otp: swallowing my pride, otp: i realised i loved you in the fall, otp: i swear i’d love you right. otp: you’ll be mine and i’ll be yours. otp: your eyes look like coming home. otp: it used to be mad love. otp: bandaids don’t fix bullet holes. otp: they are the hunters, we are the foxes, otp: i’ll take care of you, otp: dealing with a heart i didn’t break, otp: best i ever had, otp: we’re running out of time, otp: set fire to the rain, otp: make you feel my love, otp: can’t make you love me, otp: is it too late now to say sorry? otp: missing more than just your body. otp: falling in and out of trust. otp: no one’s ever left my quite this sore, otp: once upon a time you were my everything, otp: you always be by my side, otp: knew that i’d love you to the day i die, otp: we’re a secret, can’t be exposed, otp: heartbreak girl, otp: beside you, otp: long way home, otp: english love affair, otp: what i like about you, otp: heartache on the big screen, otp: everything i didn’t say, otp: close as strangers, otp: wrapped around your finger, otp: the only reason, otp: love in the sky, otp: where you belong, otp: they don’t know about us, otp: midnight memories, otp: summer love, otp: last first kiss, otp: crazy in love, otp: drunk in love, otp: best thing i never had, otp: bed of lies, otp: right by my side, otp: one last time, otp: love me harder, otp: almost is never enough, otp: just a little bit of your heart, otp: best mistake, otp: break your heart right back. otp: be my baby, otp: next to you, otp: don’t be gone too long. otp: we found love, otp: love the way you lie. otp: hate that i love you. otp: better together, otp: everlasting love, otp: feels like vegas, otp: scars to your beautiful, otp: river of tears, otp: focus on me, otp: good for you, otp: girls like girls, otp: never forget you, otp: how deep is your love, otp: every time we touch, otp: all the small things, otp: here in your arms, otp: she will be loved, otp: teenage dream, otp: say my name, otp: since you’ve been gone, otp: this love is a sure thing, otp: the one that got away, otp: unconditionally, otp: thinking of you, otp: international smile, otp: not like the movies, otp: it takes two, otp: lay it all on me, otp: stand by you, otp: the trouble with us, otp: fire and the flood, otp: on my mind, otp: the girl is mine, otp: wildest dreams.

ult stevetony: ‘when in rome’

for my stony bingo card.

Tony’s slowly sipping wine. It’s not his favourite type, but it’ll do; it’s only just the morning. He’ll find something nice for the evening.

Steve’s heading towards him, frowning already, Tony sighs. This mission is plain boring, and really, forcing the Ultimates to go to Europe and chase made-up dangers? Steve should agree with him, but he clearly doesn’t.

But then Steve reaches him. “Ran out of vodka, Stark?” he asks.

Tony laughs, delighted, raises his wine glass. “You know what they say, darling. When in Rome …”

“Change your poison of choice, I see,” Steve says.

“I don’t really need a poison, now, do I?” Tony asks.

Steve looks at him sharply; something like concern in his eyes, and no, Tony can’t take it; he’s Iron Man precisely because he doesn’t want pity or months left to live.

“If something happens here, you should be sober,” Steve says finally, and good, good, they’re back to familiar territories.

“I’m basically sober,” Tony says brightly. “Nothing stronger than wine all day.”

Steve stares at him.

And I designed the suit. I can pilot it drunk.”

What would be the point otherwise, really?

Tony licks his lips—he probably looks like he’s wearing a very dark lipstick already; the joys of red wine—and Steve tenses.

Huh, Tony thinks, and does it again.

Steve’s breath catches.

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Smiling while kissing… ughh, RUDE.

inhale, exhale, and reset - mapped - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Post-Series, Fix-It, Post-Finale, Polyamory, Anal Sex, Reconciliation, First Kiss, First Time, Treasure Island? What Treasure Island?, Reunions

After James is reunited with Thomas, he continues to watch more than one point in space at the same time.

Girl can SING (Part 3)

Can you do one where brendon and the reader just started dating and this is her first red carpet and she’s nervous about the interviews cause they may not like her but beebo calms her down and the interviews kinda focus on her more surprisingly and bren’s like I told you they would love you (can it be the 3rd part of girl can sing maybe????)

@jared-padaloveme @multifandom-slytherin@rindulacre

A/N: this ended up working pretty well with the plotline! Hope you enjoy :)

Before you even made it back to the bus that night, fans had plastered pictures of your kiss on every social media outlet. The captions were adorable for the most part.

“OMG yes Brendon!”

“This was so cute I almost DIED”

“I CALLED IT! I knew it the very first time I saw her on his Snapchat!”

“OTP material right there”

“OH MY GOD You should hear her sing!”

Some of the comments were not so nice.

“I see Brendon is lowering his standards”

“Ugh please get rid of her”

“I don’t know why Brendon is spending his time on this ugly shit”

You try to remember the positive comments. You try to remind yourself that the people posting hate were probably jealous 14 year old girls. You try, but for each nice thing said, it felt like there were a thousand negative ones.

Regardless, Brendon still makes you as high as a kite. Sometimes you’d go out to amazing restaurants, and others you would just stay in to watch Netflix and movies, snuggling all day. He had this ability to make you smile for no reason in particular. You were practically inseparable and felt like you were getting closer to him with every second.

Panic released a single the next week, one that you had recorded on. The fans were saying the nicest things about it, talking about how much they loved it, how your voice sounded amazing with Brendon’s, and how well written the song was. Despite all of the praise, you found yourself stuck on the negative comments.

“Why is Brendon letting his fling ruin the band?”

“This bitch’s voice could not get any worse.”

“Please take me back to before Panic turned to shit with this girl”

“I didn’t know Brendon was into butter faces”

Some of the confidence Brendon had instilled in you was fading. You think it might be getting noticeable because Brendon keeps asking you what you’re thinking about. You always come up with a lie or a casual “nothing”.

The Grammy’s are today. You could not believe you would be walking the red carpet, with Brendon Urie, no less. He was in the shower, and you were sitting on the bed, scrolling through your phone. You look at a picture of you and Brendon on instagram. You can’t help but smile.

Your eyes then fall upon a comment that makes your smile drop.

“I don’t understand why y/n had to come and ruin the band.”

It’s not the first time you’ve read a comment like that, and it certainly won’t be the last. But it hits you in just the wrong way. You think about how tonight everyone would be looking at you, judging you, asking you questions… Suddenly you feel yourself regressing into the shy, insecure girl you were before you met Brendon. Tears fell from your eyes and you nibbled your lip.

You felt sick to your stomach. Was it true? Were you ruining the band? What if interviewers start asking you that? What if a disgruntled fan tried to hurt you? You continued to cry.

You hear the bathroom door push open and you quickly roll onto your side so Brendon can’t see your face. You hold your breath, hoping he didn’t see.

“Y/n?” his voice was thick with concern. You’re caught.

Well, no point in hiding it now. Your body shook a little as you let out another sob. You feel the bed sink down behind you and a hand is placed on your shoulder, encouraging you to roll towards it. You obey and Brendon sets eyes on your red face that’s wet with tears and your eyelashes soaked.

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Do you have any idea how much I loved the Seelie Court kiss in the books? How much I anticipated for them to be together despite the fact that they “were” siblings back then. It happened and I literally screamed at my book and was happy and yet totally overwhelmed by the feelings. 

THAT kiss happened in the latest SH episode and idk it was just so underwhelming that I could cry.
I am so unhappy with the Clace development and I really hate the writers for destroying one of my first OTPs. At this point I actually prefer Jaia over Clace just for the fact that Jace deserves so much better than Clary who acts totally hostile towards him. 



Manwha: A guy like you
Chapter: 30 Korean raws
Website: Lezhin.com/ko


Summary: jinha shows go siwon what really happened at the freshmen retreat and that he made the first move. After seeing this memory he tells jinha that he regrets saying terrible things to him and asks why does he like him. Jinha responds by saying he has loved him ever since they were little and that he was the only one for him. Jinha confesses to go siwon and the chapter ends with them kissing. THE BEST PART WAS THAT GO SIWON DIDINT REJECT IT YAY

hamabee  asked:

Okay Mari, how bout some percabeth wedding headcanons?

  • You can read my headcanon for the proposal here
  • They get married on July 31. It’s the day that’s on the middle of their birthdays (July 12 and August 18.) Annabeth was already 24, Percy was still 23.
  • The wedding ceremony was on Montauk. That’s one of the most special place to Percy and it just felt right. They didn’t have that many guest, just family and close friends.
  • Percy’s little sister was the flower girl.
  • Piper was Annabeth’s maid of honor and Grover was Percy’s best man, they didn’t have more groomsman or bridesmaid, but Jason, Leo and Frank were Percy’s honorary groomsman and Hazel was Annabeth’s honorary bridesmaid. That meant that while they didn’t have a big part on the ceremony, they had a huge part on the pictures and bachelor(ette) parties.
  • Chiron was the one who officiates the wedding, they wouldn’t have done it other way.
  • Annabeth’s wedding dress.
  • Percy cried when he saw her walking down the aisle to him. She also cried when she saw him waiting for her, he was grinning so much and his eyes were shining and Annabeth was sure he had never looked more handsome than in that moment.
  • Frederik was a loss of words when he gave Annabeth to Percy, honestly, what he could say to Percy that Percy didn’t know already? Take care of my baby girl? He already knew Percy would do anything for Annabeth, he loved her and he would make sure Annabeth would be the happiest girl on earth.
  • Percy was so nervous he stuttered during his vows, but his were words filled with love, they were exactly what Annabeth needed for him to stay. Her vows were more simply, their guest probably didn’t understand why she just say a 5 words, but “You are my something permanent.” were the only words that felt right and Percy’s tears and bright smile told her they were also the words he wanted to hear.
  • They said “I do” with the sunset as their background.
  • Their guest throw baby blue and white rose petals at them when they walked down the aisle.
  • After the ceremony, Percy and Annabeth went and take their wedding pictures, while the other guest started leaving to CHB where the ceremony was going to be.
  • Since there were too many demigods attending the wedding, they decided to make the ceremony where everybody is safe. Pegasus and chariots took the guest from the ceremony to the reception. Nico and Hazel shadow traveled Annabeth and Percy (and the rest of the seven) to Camp where Drew and other members of the Aphrodite cabin were ready to retouch Annabeth’s makeup and hair.
  • There were fairy lights everywhere at the reception, the wedding colors were white, baby blue and gray, and all the cabins helped make this place magical.
  • Grover was the one who introduced them “It’s my pleasure to introduce, for the first time ever, my best friends: Mr. and Mrs Jackson.
  • Their first dance was filled of laughter and tears, Percy kept whispering in her ear and Annabeth kept bursted laughing.
  • Annabeth and Frederick father-daughter dance was “My Girl”, they both cried.
  • Annabeth and Percy were smiling the whole wedding, they danced with everyone, but there was a moment when they sneaked away to the beach, they needed a moment for themselves, they didn’t say much, just standing there alone was more than enough for them. They went back in time for Annabeth to throw her bouquet (the demigod weren’t allowed to use special powers to get it.) Piper caught it.
  • Percy removed Annabeth’s (blue) garter with his teeth, the moment was filled with catcalls from campers. Frank accidentally caught the garter and by accidentally, I mean, it landed on his face, poor Frank, he couldn’t blush any harder.    
  • When Percy and Annabeth said their finals goodbyes and were about to leave for their wedding night, a familiar voice screamed. “The lovebirds need to cool off!” Percy and Annabeth’s faces was a mix of shock and laughter, they allowed their friends to carry them to the lake and throw them, it was a tradition after all, and it was their first underwater kiss as Mr and Mrs Jackson.