otp: you were being my hero


~Karamel Appreciation Week~

Day 2: favorite quotes

Wow. I really wasn’t planning to choose this many quotes. My initial plan was four, because I knew choosing ONE would be completely impossible, but when I started thinking about the episodes I ended up with about 15 quotes that I liked, and reducing them to 8 was hard. Karamel has such great scenes with such great quotes that it’s impossible to say I like one of them more than the other, because I like all of them for different reasons. But these are the 8 that made me feel the most giddy, that brought a huge smile on my face, that I watched so many times that I memorized the quotes, sooooo here we go :)

I wanna help you keep the world spinning. To prove that i was spared for a reason. (2x09)

I was sick and alone. and you were leaning over me. and you must’ve been sad or something, because your eyes were insanely blue. I mean, they always are, but they were like comets. And I’d never seen anyone so stunning. And I kissed you. And it was okay that I was gonna die because I’d gotten to kiss you. (2x10)

Last year, I thought I could have it all, and then I thought I couldn’t. Then I had to pick. So I chose being Supergirl over having a relationship. And then you came along, and I thought you were thoughtless and selfish. And I kept writing you off, and you kept proving me wrong. And it just got me thinking, maybe I can have it all. (2x12)

You are my kryptonite. My feelings for you. I’ve never felt anything like this about anyone in my life. I didn’t know there were this many feelings to even be had. (2x13)

And I love you. With everything that I have, I love you. (2x16)

You’ve changed. You’ve become someone incredible and unselfish. (2x17)

I’m not going to forget the way you sacrificed yourself for me. Ever. (2x17)

“I’m just happy. Like dopey grin, butterflies in my stomach happy.”  
“I’m happy you’re happy.” (2x15)

Maybe being Supergirl and having you is enough. (2x15)

Maybe there’s a hero in you after all. (2x07)

married-to-anime  asked:

If you were to do a superhero AU would you make it so they were all superheros or on my one part of the OTP (like for MiniCat it'll be Tyler as the hero and mini as the normal guy who gets involved) *random inspiration*also side note, it'll be awesome if delirious was a mercenary whilst the others were hero's (for a one part of the OTP super hero au)

I wasn’t totally sure what you were asking for, but if you’re asking if I can make Wildcat a hero and Mini a normal person, then go and look in my fic tag! I already wrote one! And there’s one currently being written!

As for the Delirious being a mercenary type deal, that’s actually a neat idea! I made Cartoonz a pyro, and he just kinda shoots fire everywhere and I was having problems thinking of Delirious’ powers. He’s just there to have a good time, man.


Thank you, Ricky Whittle ♥  

Rest easy, Lincoln. We will miss you and we will always love you. 

For Lincoln.. the grounder with a heart of gold, who always thought he was a monster but never was, who just wanted to belong, the gentle protecter, for being the reason we knew that not all grounders are bad, for seeing past the separations of their civilisations in order to find peace, for being a fundamental reason in to why skaikru and grounders are were they are today, for his morals, for being loyal, for being everyone’s favourite cinnamon roll, for being my favourite. for always being a hero. Lincoln deserved better. 

For Linctavia… for being the boy from the ground who fell in love with the girl from the sky.. who wouldn’t let anyone hurt Octavia. who protected her without even knowing her. who always put her first. who gave gave her a home and found a home in her as well. for giving me the greatest otp I could have asked for. 

For you.. for always loving your fans, for always retweeting our fan work, for your hilarious tweets and periscopes with the cast, for being so kind to everyone, for being a big linctavia shipper like the rest of us, for always protecting and standing up for yourself & telling teaching us its okay to do the same for ourselves, for just being a straight up boss, for honestly changing the way I see and treat the world. Thank you for being everything I could have imagined and more when I met you. 

Ricky, you deserved so much better than what you were given. You honestly deserve the world and all the success it can offer. We can’t wait to see you in American Gods!! and every other thing to come your way! :))


- Your forever fans