otp: you want her go get her


How do we get her back?

“The beast turned clumsily, too far and too fast. Quick as a cat, Brienne changed direction. ‘There’s the wench I remember’. She leapt in to land a cut across the bear’s back. Roaring, the beast went up on his hind legs again. Brienne scrambled back away. ‘Where’s the blood?’ Then suddenly he understood. Jaime rounded on Hoat. “You gave her a tourney sword.” The goat brayed laughter, spraying him with wine and spittle. “Of courth.”
“I’ll pay her bloody ransom. Gold, sapphires, whatever you want. Pull her out of there.”
“You want her? Go get her.”
So he did.

He put his good hand on the marble rail and vaulted over, rolling as he hit the sand. The bear turned at the thump, sniffing, watching this new intruder warily. Jaime scrambled to one knee. ‘Well, what in seven hells do I do now?’ He filled his fist with sand. “Kingslayer?” He heard Brienne say, astonished.
“Jaime.” He uncoiled, flinging the sand at the bear’s face. The bear mauled the air and roared like blazes.
“What are you DOING here?”
“Something stupid. Get behind me.” He circled toward her, putting himself between Brienne and the bear.”