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can you write a scene where eleven and mike have a moment alone after she closed the gate but before the snowball!? thanks:) i need mike and eleven fics now that I'm done watching season 2

To the surprise of no one and the frustration of Hopper, the cabin soon becomes the gang’s new headquarters. El still can’t go outside, though “soon” has been updated to “pretty soon” and it was agreed by common consent that the boys would visit her regularly so as not to make her feel too lonely. Which, as it turns out, was code for “go there every day after school and every Saturday to play D&D”. Hence Hopper’s frustration. As if one moody teen was not enough, now he has six of them to deal with on a daily basis.

The boys take to teaching her math and science, and Nancy comes up once a week to help her with English and history, so it’s not all play and games. El is a clever thing, and they want her to join the school next year, hopefully, but she has a lot of catch up. It’s overwhelming more often than not – so many words yet to learn – but she tries her best and she makes do. Mike and Will are both very patient with her, and so is Nancy, and it helps.

So Hopper and El are both hallway happy about it. Her because she can still see her friends even if she can’t go outside. Him because a happy El is always better than a moody one, even if she comes with a gang of annoying teens. Halfway happy, the both of them. It’s all that matters.

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Hi! Sorry for asking but, may i request a victuuri saying happy bday? You'll see, my best friend and I are getting apart for external reasons that make us so sad, her bday was this past week and i feel so helpless bc i can't give her anything, a fanart of her otp would be much help, please.

gyaaaaa i wanted to write their name on it~ oh well, but here you go!! i hope things go well with you guys, this was such a sweet request i couldn’t help it ////

How Versailles Did “Arranged Marriage with someone of the opposite sexuality” Right

  My I guess you’d call it meta? on Versailles is getting really cool responses (wow thank you guys I didn’t actually think anyone would read them lol) so here’s another one I’ve been thinking about. 

Let me preface this by saying I love “The Magicians”. I’ve loved the books since they came out, I think the idea of a realistic take on Harry Potter/Narnia is brilliant. I think it’s a wake up call to all of us who have dreamed about having magical powers/going to a mythical land because it’s a series about what that would actually be like for your average millennial. It could be awesome but also suck balls. I think the characters are interesting, the writing is both witty and grounded yet doesn’t stay away from campyness and the Les Mis sequence is one of my favorite things I have ever seen on TV. 

 However, I find what they did to Eliot Waugh questionable  and borderline extremely offensive.  For those of you who are reading this and do not watch the show, Eliot is an openly gay young man who studied theater at SUNY Purchase and is a Magician. He  actually reminds me a lot of Philippe (damn that crossover would be amazing),  very sarcastic, very troubled, yet a truly good  person. He  becomes the High King of this mystical land called Fillory and so he and his friends can get a blade to kill this evil being called the Beast, he needs to marry the daughter of the blacksmith who made the blade. Which is made infinitely more complicated because in Fillory marriages are forever and he cannot physically have sex with anyone else except his wife ever again.  This is kind of a huge problem being that he’s gay.  Now you’d think that for such a progressive show they would find a way to make this not as awful as it sounds. Yeah no, they even go so far as to imply that he’s falling in love with her and his sexuality for about most of season 2 is erased or retconned to be Bi (nothing wrong with that but he was created as a gay character). That’s not good. Also Fen, the girl he marries, is kind of annoying. She’s desperate to get him to fall in love with her in the beginning and is honestly mystified as to why he seems reluctant to sleep with her. She wants him to love her and doesn’t grasp the fact that he’s gay. Anyway this is made all sorts of awkward, they are trying to fix it by also giving him a ‘husband’ because in this fictional land you can have one of each! Still…it’s awkward. 

  Back to Versailles. There were some people when Liselotte was introduced that thought she was going to be THAT girl, the girl that gets in the way of the OTP. One person on twitter even called her a “blonde cow” (do NOT get me started on that…that was beyond disgusting). Now knowing history, I knew that was not going to happen, those two are together until death do them part (quite literally look it up it’s sad but doesn’t happen for a long time don’t worry everybody!). Yet having experienced The Magicians, I was a teeny bit hesitant as to how this whole thing would be handled as Philippe did have children with Liselotte. How would Liselotte come off? Would she come off as clingy or not understanding of the realities of the situation? 

I was SO impressed by the writing of her character, the writing of their situation, and the resolution between Liselotte, The Chevalier and Philippe. I really didn’t want a freaking love triangle of awfulness to last an entire season, especially when Liselotte was such an amazing character. I think that it was genius that they made her someone most people can identify with and even aspire to be. She’s fun, she’s down to earth, she’s courageous, she’s blunt and she’s a damn good person. She walked in fully knowing that Philippe had a boyfriend and though I know she was probably disappointed to realize that he was not attracted to her whatsoever and physically never would be, she came up with a solution that ultimately got her what she wanted (aka kids so she didn’t get kicked out of Versailles and sent home in shame) and  was a great influence on both Philippes. She had the right idea all along, that this whole mess would work better if the three of them could stop fighting and if the Chevalier would just calm the fuck down and realize she didn’t want to take his place. I love the scene between her and the Chevalier, I think it’s an eye opener for both of them. She comes into things with a very business-like  mindset…and he gives it to her straight, that this isn’t about just sharing a bed or sex, it’s about love and that his heart is broken. His monologue to her is heartbreaking. And I think she kind of knocks some sense into him very gently when she says that the reason he’s acting like this is because he’s terrified and that Philippe loves him but he’s going to lose that love.

   The writers made her important to both men, and I think, at the end when she realizes that she’s in a fucked up situation where her brother in law actually had most of her family killed, at the very least she knows she has two people who she can count on.  Philippe loves her, maybe not physically but definitely loves her as a person. The Chevalier knows she’d never hurt either of them, and that she wants nothing more than to make all of them happy so he has someone to talk to as well. I think the fact that Philippe basically tells both of them that should anything happen to him (IT WON’T) that the Chevalier will marry her and raise their kids says it all.  And the last scene where they are both watching Philippe leave and Liselotte clutches an obviously distraught Chevalier’s hand, you see Philippe smile knowing the two people he loves are going to be ok. And then the final scene of the season, which I assume is some time later, you see the two  of them again together and it’s clear that they are both leaning on each other for friendship and support while Philippe is away. I think the progression from all three fighting  to working together  and ultimately love is so different, and such a breath of fresh air and also shows just how awesome a person Liselotte is. She’s a bit disappointed, but she’s a damn fine human and she wants the people she cares about to be happy. She becomes sort of the missing ingredient to making those two work, the one who will knock some sense into either one of them when Philippe gets too moody or the Chevalier gets too possessive and I hope they’ll get her to also have more fun and embrace the ridiculousness of it all. Yay great character arcs for everyone!

Also SO happy they made it clear that Philippe is pretty exclusively gay and does have trouble having sex with a woman since he is not attracted to women. He doesn’t just magically perform cause ‘welp now I have to’. That was amazing. 

TLDR: Liselotte is a gift of a character, Versailles stayed away from the stupid love triangle trope, and gave us a pretty polyamorous marriage that is respectful,loving, and not uncomfortable. 

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☠ for Kara and ☮ for Cat!

☠ for Kara

Kara blows her powers out and Alex wants to implement the usual protocol—lots of sunlamp time and lots of sister time, snuggled up watching Netflix. Normally, that’s what makes Kara feel okay when she blows out her powers; that’s what makes Kara feel okay even when she has her powers.

But this time she’s still so angry. She wants to keep fighting. She argues that she’s trained just as much as Alex has and gets matching incredulous looks from her sister and J’onn. Kara knows she’s wrong even if she doesn’t want to be—she’s trained as Supergirl, not as Kara. She’s no use without her powers.

Alex gets an agent to drive her home, and Kara calls Cat from the backseat.

“Come to my place,” Cat says after Kara has explained. Before Kara can protest, Cat continues, “I’m not going to let you go home to mope by yourself.”

Kara doesn’t even want to, but she knows Cat won’t take no for an answer. She shows up grumpy and it just gets worse; she drops a glass of water and accidentally slams the bathroom door because she’s not used to doing anything without adjusting based on her powers. Cat draws her a bath and makes her go to sleep early—makes it all more of a demand than any kind of TLC.

The next morning, Cat opens the curtains to wake her up. The sun feels vaguely warm, and Kara can’t hear anything outside of the room, and she’s already frustrated.

“Put on clothes you can work out in,” is all Cat says.

Kara doesn’t ask and Cat doesn’t offer details, not over breakfast, not while they’re in the car, not as she leads Kara into a warehouse that looks more like Alex’s scene than Cat’s.

It’s not an empty warehouse, though, it’s a business, and even after the employee explains to Kara how this is going to work, she still doesn’t quite understand.

“I’m just supposed to pick a weapon?” Kara asks.

“Mmhmm,” Cat says. “You can pick more than one—I have this place rented out for the entire day.”

“You think I’m going to spend the whole day breaking things for no reason?”

“Darling,” Cat says, and Kara knows from the tone in her voice that she’s trying hard not to roll her eyes. “You’re going to spend as long as you want to breaking things because you are frustrated and there’s nothing else for you to do. And then I’ll take you home and fuck you until you can’t walk.”

Kara swallows, glances around to make sure no employees are nearby.

Cat hands her a baseball bat. “Start with this. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Kara does. She spends hours wrecking things—multiple TVs, a complete set of china, every type of kitchen appliance you can think of. She rips a couch apart with her bare hands, actually feeling how much her muscles strain as she does it. She’s already exhausted by the time Cat takes her home, and then Cat lives up to her promise to the point Kara all but passes out by the time they’re done.

She doesn’t know how long she sleeps, but when she wakes up, she can hear people having a conversation two floors away, and she smiles into her pillow.

The next time she loses her powers, Cat takes her back to the warehouse.

☮ for Cat

Kara really wishes Cat and Alex would be better friends. All they ever do is snark at each other. Kara doesn’t think it’s unreasonable to want her sister and her girlfriend to get along, but whenever she mentions it, she gets nothing more than an eye roll and an assurance it’s fine.

Alex gets hurt, not badly, but publicly. The street they’re fighting on is closed for construction, so there aren’t many people around, thankfully, but there are news crews too close for comfort. They’ve got a camera trained directly on Alex as she takes a shot to the side that knocks her off her feet. Kara finishes the fight soon thereafter, and they get Alex checked out as she complains that she’s fine while wincing every time someone touches her ribs. It’s a pretty regular post-fight situation, which is why Kara doesn’t understand when Cat rushes into the DEO, face pinched.

“How’s she doing?” Cat asks, worry in her voice that is usually reserved for Carter.

“How’s who doing?” Kara says.

Cat looks at her like she’s grown another arm. “Your sister? Who went down and didn’t get back up?”

Kara almost laughs, but the concern on Cat’s face is too serious. “She got back up,” Kara says. “She’s probably yelling at a doctor about how she shouldn’t have to take the rest of the day to rest and should be working instead.”

Cat’s shoulders relax, and it clicks in Kara’s head.

“You were worried about her? This much? You don’t even like her!”

Cat rolls her eyes and stalks off toward med bay. Kara watches her go, stuck in place by shock. Cat actually cares about Alex?

By the time Kara catches up, Cat is perched on a chair beside Alex’s bed and Alex is grinning.

“I can’t believe you were worried about me,” Alex says.

“Please,” Cat scoffs. “I simply didn’t want to deal with Kara moping if you’d been seriously injured. And aren’t you supposed to be a secret agent? I would think getting attacked on television isn’t the best strategy.”

Alex just laughs at her. Kara can’t help but beam.

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supercorp! 25 or 47?

I did bothhhhhhhhhh. K cool. 

25) Who wears the other ones clothes?

Lena doesn’t own much in the way of comfort clothes as Kara puts it. She has a section of her closet devoted to gym clothes, but that’s still tight yoga pants and tank tops, organized into matching outfits. She doesn’t own a pair of sweatpants and the only sweatshirt she owns, the one with Metropolis University emblazoned on the front, is hidden so deep in her closet that sometimes even she can’t remember where it is.

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Could you do #18 and #19? Separately or together.

Oh, together for sure!

18. Which member of your OTP gets cranky when they’re tired

19. Which member of your OTP makes the other late for work because 5 minutes of cuddles is NEEDED

Prompts are now closed.

“Juggie, Juggie wake up.” Betty poked at Jughead’s chest, doing her best to prod him awake, “C’mon Juggie you have to get ready for work.”

Jughead grumbled into his pillow, refusing to move. Betty laughed, rubbing her hand along his back in an attempt to coerce him out of bed. “You don’t want to be late again Jughead.”

“But I’m so tired,” he whined, pulling the blankets up over his head and turning away from her, “I don’t wanna go to work. Let’s just stay home all day.”

Betty sighed, pulling the sheets back and ruffling his hair lovingly, “Sorry, looks like we actually have to be adults today. Now stop being such a grump and let’s get going. I’m going to get breakfast.”

Betty started to pull herself out of bed when, without warning, Jughead rolled over and threw his arm across her, “Juggie!” she squealed, wriggling beneath his weight in an attempt to break free, “We can’t do this this morning - we don’t have time!”

Jughead held his grip, nuzzling his nose in her hair and speaking groggily into her ear, “Babe, you know I can’t get out of bed without some affection first thing in the morning. I have to start the day of right.” He punctuated his statement with a kiss to her temple, his fingers sliding around her waist and tracing along the skin of her stomach. Betty squirmed when he hit her ticklish spot, grabbing at his hands to still them.

“Jug!” She gasped, pulling his hands up to his chest, “Don’t do that!” She stared at him for a moment, trying to gauge how likely he was to try again. “I’m going to let go now, okay? Are you going to let me get out of bed?”

Jughead nodded, but Betty could tell from the sly smirk on his face that he had no intention of keeping such promises. Still, she had to let go eventually - they really did have work. Slowly, she loosened her grip on his hands, backing up as cautiously as possible. She made it all the way to the edge of the bed before Jughead sprang up, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her up against him.

Betty laughed, shaking her head at his ridiculous neediness. “You’re such a baby in the mornings,” she mocked, pressing a short kiss to his nose.

“You love it.” Jughead teased, pressing forward and bringing his lips to hers. His hand slid up her cheek and tangled itself in her hair, her legs instinctively intertwining with his. She moaned a bit against him, happily wrapping her arms around his neck and letting him roll on top of her.

“I suppose,” she giggled into his mouth, “we can spare a couple more minutes.”

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kill me with 34

OMG! What the fuck is wrong with you, man? D: Now in revenge, i’ll write other kind of dying.

34. In a pool of your own blood

ff.net // AO3

Hyde’s day had been a nightmare.

Not only Kelso and Brooke thought it was a good day to have a big fight and leave their eldest daughter with him so they could resolve their crap alone, but the latest album shipment to Grooves was completely wrong. The distributor had screwed up his order, and he was the one who had to fix it.

He hated this part of being The Boss. He tried his damn best, but on days like this he wished he could still be the lazy kid in the basement. But nope.

Nowdays he was the owner of a growing chain of music stores that also supported small bands, giving them a chance to get heard. He was also a very stressed-out-at-the-moment husband and a very worried-for-the-past-week father.

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One Sentence Summary:

A friends-to-lovers romance where our human heroine & clawed, knife-toothed, gray-skinned non-human beta hero are arranged married.  

What part made you fangirl squeal:

  1. Every damn 75,500 word.
  2. Literally any time Brishen opened his mouth and said any of his swoontastic, respectful, kind words to our heroine.
  3. When both flat out told each other in a blunt but non-mean spirited way “Yo, you ugly.”

Favorite Character:

LITERALLY BOTH! Brishen is a sweetie hero & Ildiko is a walking meat Popsicle with a spine of steel. 

How smexy was the smex?

She teaches him about the G-spot AND making out, French-style. Plus dat sloooooooow burn sexual tension that only pops off after heart-feels start to flutter? WHAT YOU THINK THE SMEXTASTIC LEVEL BE!

Name That Trope:

Beta Hero, Friends-to-Lovers, Opposites Attract, Arranged Marriage, Human/Non-human Pairing

Whose Line Is It Anyway:

“I will cut out any tongue that would try and besmirch you. I’m adept at spear and sword as well. Just name who you want me to skewer for you.” - Brishen

Got any bitching to do?

LITERALLY NONE! My only complaint is that book 2 is more of this OTP & I GOT OTHER SHIPS THAT NEED SAILING DAMMIT!

Visually Depict Yo Book Feels:

Famous last words:

I WILL STAKE MY FANGIRL REPUTATION ON THE FACT THAT YOU SHALL lOOooOOOOoOOOOoooOooOOooOOooVE THIS BOOK! The whole thing is our heroine navigating her cultural differences with her new hubbie while he falls hard for her WHILE THEY BOTH GO FROM EWWW TO AWWWW! Get thee to a bookstore or library, YOUR SOUL DOTH NEED THIS, DAMMIT!


For a more in depth and LOL-fest discussion on romance novels and romance Asian dramas, HERE BE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

So we all love when Lena sees Supergirl get hurt because of her Extra Gay Worried™ reactions but WHAT IF Lena is also present when Kara gets hurt?

Like we all know that Lena knows Kara is Supergirl but Kara hasn’t confirmed it yet. So if Lena sees Kara Danvers getting hurt in a way a human probably wouldn’t survive, you know there’s going to be a part of her thinking

Oh god what if I’m wrong?

How to win a girl’s heart: A 13-Step Guide by Shikamaru

1. Win the match. Stop. Say: ‘’Give up.’’

2. Get saved by her.

3. Cry. And take advice from her.

4. Chuunin exams? Be her escort.

5. When someone asks if you two are dating, change subject.

6. Wait her to come outside early. And ask her ‘’Have you had breakfast?’’

7. Make her think good things about you. Make her believe you.

8.  Get caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Dream about her.

9. Make her worry about you. Tell her ‘’here’s nothing going on that he can depend on her for’’. Get punched by her. Apoligize.

10. Get saved by her again. 

11. Ask her on date.

12. Want advice from her about honeymoon. Make a misunderstanding. Worry about her. Make everything ok.

13. Now you’re a married couple and you have a son. Congrtz.

While the new Zeki scene was a bit extreme, it will never be on Yu//me’s level of extreme. Ka//na//me groomed Yuki into a living doll since birth, guilt tripped her because of the tragedy that happened in his life and wanted her to forever stay the same little girl he fell in love without accepting Yuki is a grown woman who now can take care of herself and hates being treated like a bird in a cage. He only accepted her after he knew he can’t make Yuki happy.

So anyone who compares both ships and think they are the same because Hino is into messy bloody love scenes can stay away from me.^^


request for: @superwholocksnape

pairing: Reader x Crowley, Reader x TFW

word count: 582


You looked around in disbelief. “I’ve never seen so many me’s before.”

“Welcome to a comicon, love.” Crowley laughed lightly, standing beside you.

“Right, well, you two go check the LARPing section while Sammy and I go check the stands.” Dean said, before shaking his head at the ‘Dean’ that walked by. “He’s not even wearing the jacket right.”

“Dean,” Castiel appeared in front of the oldest Winchester. “What is a Destiel and why do fake Dean’s keep trying to kiss me?”

“Son of a bitch.” Dean placed his head in his hands. “What did you tell them?”

“That, although we have a more profound bond, we are just friends.” Cas nodded.

“Profound bond, huh?” Sam nudged his brother.

“Let’s go find these douches.” Dean grumbled.

“But Dean, what is a Destiel?” Cas asked, once more.

“I’ll explain on the way.” Dean sighed, and walked off with Cas.

“We’ll meet you guys back here.” Sam informed us, walking off with Dean and Cas.

Crowley held his arm out. “Shall we love.”

Grinning, you nodded and took Crowley’s arm, letting him guide you over to the LARPing area.

“Have you ever been to one of these?” Crowley asked.

“No.” You shook your head.

“Brace yourself.” Crowley told you.

“I love your costumes!” A voice screeched from behind the two of you.

“Costumes?” You looked over at Crowley.

“I tried to warn you.” Crowley shrugged before turning to the girl behind us.

“Oh my goodness, you two are my OTP.” The girl grinned. “Crowley and Y/N are so cute together.”

You blushed profusely. You didn’t think anyone knew about your crush on Crowley, let alone ship it.

The girl continued. “I mean we all know that Y/N likes Crowley and although it doesn’t say that Crowley likes Y/N back, we all know he does. He’s only nice to her and gets her everything she wants. That’s the definition of subtext.”

Crowley let go of your hand and wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closely to his side. He looked over at you. “Maybe she’ll be the Queen of Hell one day.”

You looked back at him, smirking. “She might kill all the demons.”

“Half.” Crowley bargained with you. “Otherwise she won’t have anything to rule over.”

Another girl walked up and looked at the two of us. “I’m definitely voting for you two.”

“Voting?” You asked in confusion.

“For the costumes.” The girl explained. “And you two look really cute together.”

Crowley placed a kiss on your forehead. “We do, don’t we? If you’ll excuse us girls, Y/N and I have to go find Moose, Squirrel, and Giraffe.”

One of the girls squealed. “When you find Dean, send him my way.”

You laughed lightly. “I will.”

“So what do you think?” Crowley asked.

“About what?”

Crowley stopped walking and turned to face you. “Would you like to go to dinner tonight?”

You nodded, smiling from ear to ear. “I’d love to.”

“Good.” Crowley smiled, pressing his lips to yours. When he pulled away, his eyebrows furrowed.

“What’s wrong?” You asked.

“I don’t like the way that Crowley is staring at you.” He grumbled, shooting daggers at the man behind you.

You laughed lightly and began pulling him away. “Let’s go make sure Dean hasn’t killed off the Destiel pairings.”

“Fine,” He said, dramatically. “But if he tries to talk to you, I’m calling the Hellhounds.”

You rolled your eyes and dragged him away, excited for your date tonight.

I put this in tags on a reblog, but I feel the need to put it in an actual post and gush about the RaviOli feels for a moment.

How much do I love the double meaning in the exchange between Chase and Liv (”Have I told you how much I like your new Look? I’m glad you finally got on board.”) followed immediately by Liv walking into the morgue in her old, pale look?

On one level we have her rejection of the Fillmore Graves method - Chase may not have put the plan in motion but he was following it through, FG is a bottom-line, big-picture company, and will do unethical things if they feel they need to - the ends justify the means. Liv is not “on board” with that and when Chase suggests that “tanning and dyeing” (or in her case wig-ing?) is a show of support for the Fillmore Graves way, Liv can’t wash that bronzer and tear that wig off fast enough. 

But also.

She doesn’t just show up any old place in her old look. The next scene is her walking into the Morgue, empty except for her and Ravi. 

She walks away from a person who is complimenting something shallow - and not just shallow, I mean there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to be pretty right? but a disguise, something that represents Liv hiding her “true” self.

And Liv walks right to the person who has always, always seen the true her. Who has never been put off by her pale looks. Who thinks she’s “kind of amazing” and “beyond bad ass.” Who still saw her and trusted her when she raged out on hitman sociopath brains. Who is always in awe of her. She walks right to Ravi.

And if there was any doubt that Ravi and Liv are the true heart of this show and truly belong together, we get Ravi’s speech, started off with his simple declaration:

“I want it to be you.”

If Ravi is coming from a purely scientific point of view, one scratch is as good as another, right? He doesn’t say “Major won’t want to” or anything; he doesn’t want to go to Blaine who won’t care about ethics. He doesn’t want to ask them, he wants this moment to be him and Liv.

For Ravi, the story started with himself and Liv. It will continue or end, for better or for worse, with him and Liv.

The Fox and The Hound (3/5) (Sirius Black series)

Paring: Sirius Black x Reader

Warnings: Swearing Summary: In this part, James and Remus devise a plan with the girls to get their friends together. The first step of their plan goes to action. How will Y/n and Sirius react? A/N: Part Three! Yay! Message me if you want to be tagged! Tagged: @thebookgeeek @joebobisachickenfart @evolutionofkatep Message me if you would like to be tagged! ************************************** “So, let me set this straight. You want Marlene and I to help you meddle in our best friend’s love life?” Lily stared in disbelief at the two Marauders standing in front of her. Marlene shook her head in amusement. “I figured we’d have to do something about them.” She smirked, clasping her hands together. “What’s the plan?” She asked. Lily gasped. “Mar! You can’t possibly be thinking about joining one of their foul schemes, are you?!” Lily exclaimed, her eyes wide. “Not thinking about it at all, Lil. I know I’m going to join one of their schemes. Especially if it means getting my OTP together.” Marlene grinned. “Okay, Lily flower, you in?” James smiled at her. Lily sighed. “I suppose it wouldn’t be terrible to give Sirius and Y/n a little shove.” She smiled softly, pushing a fallen strand of red hair behind her ear. “What’s the plan, boys?” Marlene grinned, a mischievous look in her eyes. “We’ve already written down a list of steps. Feel free to show them the Y/n. We’ve got nothing to hide.” Remus smirked, handing Lily a piece of parchment. Lily and Marlene glanced down at the steps, grinning when the read them. James and Remus had obviously given this a lot of thought. “Okay! You guys have steps for Sirius, right?” Marlene asked. The boys nodded. They said their goodbyes and headed off to their assigned dorms. As Lily and Marlene reached the girls dormitory, Y/n was entering as well. A light pink blush was spread across her face. Lily and Marlene smirked at each other. “Y/n! We have something to show you!” They both grinned from ear to ear as they entered the room behind the blushing girl. They handed the girl the piece of parchment that the boys had given them. Y/n’s eyes glanced over it, reading every word. Lily Flower and Marlene’s Guide to get their best friend a boyfriend   Step 1: Get them to admit they like each other or else the whole rest of the plan fails     Step 2: Set them up on cute dates and shit like that     Step 3: Force them to hang out and talk about things they have in common     Step 4: They should be practically married by this point so let’s just throw them a wedding     Step 5: Make them have incredibly cute kids so that they can make the rest of us the godparents and name these amazingly adorable kids after us Y/n giggled, her face now a dark shade of red. “Well, you can mark off the first step. I am completely and utterly in love with Sirius Orion Black.” She confessed, bright smiles appearing on Lily and Marlene’s faces. They high fives each other as Y/n rolled her eyes.


~Meanwhile in the boy’s dormitory~ “You guys cannot be serious.” Sirius groaned, looking down at the parchment in his hands. “Nope. You’re Sirius.” James laughed at his joke, Remus and Sirius cracked a small smile and shook their heads. The parchment, similar to that they gave to the girls, read: Mooney and Prong’s very specific guide to make Padfoot marry Red     Step 1: Make Pads admit his stupidity and love for our precious Red :)     Step 2: Make them go on those cliche dates like in those stupid muggle movies Lily made us watch (preferably take Red down to the Black Lake and admit your love for her in the pouring rain, that’s our favourite)     Step 3: Force them to hang out with each other until they’re madly in love with each other (NOTE THAT IF YOU START ARGUING AND FIGHTING, YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG)     Step 4: Make them get married (the girls called dibs on planning the wedding dammit)     Step 5: Make them have kids and name them after us (also make us the godparents but mainly remember to name them after us. Note from Remus: Even the middle name would work, just saying. Note from Prongs: James is more of a first name, though. Keep that in mind. Remus is more of a middle name, though. Note from Remus: I just slapped James in the back of the head.)


“Well, first step is down. I’m madly in love with Red.” Sirius laughed, shaking his head. James and Sirius high fives as Padfoot, similar to Red, rolled his eyes. There’s part three! Hope you guys liked it! This was one of my favourite parts to write! Update: Part 4 has been posted!

I’m here because I want to be

I really, really love Hinata and I grow wary of her hatedom that sees her standing with Naruto during the fight with Pain as the ultimate proof that she’s fundamentally selfish and horrible.

In one sense, yes. Hinata choosing to stand by Naruto is selfish. But it’s the good kind of selfish. She wanted to stand with Naruto because she loves him. She did not force him or inject herself where she was unwanted.

That’s just life. You put yourself out there and go for what you want and sometimes you’re lucky enough to get it.

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Pst, if ur still taking prompts “dance with me” for jaytim pls?

The mini quiche is knocked out of Jason’s hand and then suddenly he’s got his arms full of Tim. 

“Dance with me,” Tim hisses, nudging Jason into movement. 

Jason sends a forlorn look to the pastry on the ballroom floor. “I was eating that.”

“And I was being hunted by Mrs. Hanover.”

“Oh,” Jason hums in understanding, settling his hands more firmly on Tim’s waist. He starts to sway in time to the music. “Yeah that old broad is a cheek pincher. Face and ass.”

Tim shudders.

“So what’s the plan here,” Jason asks. “She’ll be on you the second I let go. Look at her, she’s still got her good eye on you.”

Tim risks a glance behind him and Mrs. Hanover waves, a great many strings of pearls hanging from her wrist. “Well. Then I just won’t let you let me go.”

“What’ll you do to ensure my cooperation?” 

“What do you want?” Tim asks. His hair is slicked back and his eyes look so big. Jason’s doesn’t often get to admire them so closely. 

Jason pulls him in an inch. Lets himself enjoy the moment. “I’ll think of something.”

You And Taquila...

Oops… Yup this one straight attached itself to my brain and denied me sleep. Lol. Garvez… Oh boy the things drinking can do.

Her head is pounding and she remembers why she insists they go to the same bar every time. It’s because taquila is a fickle friend to her. She can have exactly one margarita with normal alcohol content or two shots, but no more than that or… well there used to a country song about taquila making clothes fall off and well yes, yes it did. She had had two drinks and they were strong and now she’s pretty sure she’s dying.

She’s getting ready to be brave enough to open her eyes, when she hears the shower running. ‘Oh God! Oh my God!’ Is all she can think as the horror of what she may have done sets in. Did she bring home a complete stranger or possibly worse not a complete stranger?!? She is relieved that she’s fully clothed, but the sleep shorts and tank top mean that she changed.

She sits up slowly even though she wants to feign sleep, leans out to look at her disheveled living room, and immediately flops back down face burnt red. Her bra is hanging off the lamp and she’s pretty sure she saw her pants on the arm of the couch. The shower stops and she closes her eyes, but she really needs an aspirin and some water.

She reaches blindly for her cellphone and her fingers brush a cool bottle of water. She risks opening her eyes to find a bottle of water and her bottle of aspirin on the nightstand. She’s sure she had enough time to take it and 'go back to sleep’ before whoever is in that bathroom comes out. She takes a pill and greedily gulps the water. Before she can react her bathroom door opens and a shirtless Luke Alvez appears.

“Hey you feeling okay?” He questions, retrieving his shirt from the floor by her bed.

This cannot be happening. It cannot. She’s never drinking anything more then glass of wine ever again. “Uh-huh.” Is what she manages to answer.

His face lights up, it should be illegal to smile like that this early. “Good. Dry toast or greasy food for your hangover?”

“Greasy food.” She responds before she can stop herself. Surely this was platonic thing, like with Derek. It has to be, because there’s no way that they would have… That he would even want…

“Cool. I’ll go grab something​ real quick. I gotta walk Roxy.” He pulls on his shirt and kisses her forehead, lingering for just a moment. “Come on Rox.”

The dog that was apparently sleeping in her living room jumps up and wags her tail as she waits by the door.

“Luke?” She can’t let him go without asking, she just can’t. “We didn’t… I mean I’m sure we didn’t, but we… You and I…” She’s stammering and making no sense.

He shakes his head, “No we didn’t.”

She’s not sure why she’s happy and disheartened all at the same time. “Of course we didn’t you wouldn’t want…”

“Drunk. I didn’t want you drunk.” He interrupts and paces slowly back up to her bed. He runs his thumb over her cheek, before leaning in and kissing the opposite one. “Since you forgot, Miss Garcia, I’ll tell you again. I want you, but I also don’t want to be a regret. So if you still want me when I get back, we’ll go from there.”

Oh boy. I love the concept of this… Not sold on the end. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Love to my Loves ❤️❤️