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How Versailles Did “Arranged Marriage with someone of the opposite sexuality” Right

  My I guess you’d call it meta? on Versailles is getting really cool responses (wow thank you guys I didn’t actually think anyone would read them lol) so here’s another one I’ve been thinking about. 

Let me preface this by saying I love “The Magicians”. I’ve loved the books since they came out, I think the idea of a realistic take on Harry Potter/Narnia is brilliant. I think it’s a wake up call to all of us who have dreamed about having magical powers/going to a mythical land because it’s a series about what that would actually be like for your average millennial. It could be awesome but also suck balls. I think the characters are interesting, the writing is both witty and grounded yet doesn’t stay away from campyness and the Les Mis sequence is one of my favorite things I have ever seen on TV. 

 However, I find what they did to Eliot Waugh questionable  and borderline extremely offensive.  For those of you who are reading this and do not watch the show, Eliot is an openly gay young man who studied theater at SUNY Purchase and is a Magician. He  actually reminds me a lot of Philippe (damn that crossover would be amazing),  very sarcastic, very troubled, yet a truly good  person. He  becomes the High King of this mystical land called Fillory and so he and his friends can get a blade to kill this evil being called the Beast, he needs to marry the daughter of the blacksmith who made the blade. Which is made infinitely more complicated because in Fillory marriages are forever and he cannot physically have sex with anyone else except his wife ever again.  This is kind of a huge problem being that he’s gay.  Now you’d think that for such a progressive show they would find a way to make this not as awful as it sounds. Yeah no, they even go so far as to imply that he’s falling in love with her and his sexuality for about most of season 2 is erased or retconned to be Bi (nothing wrong with that but he was created as a gay character). That’s not good. Also Fen, the girl he marries, is kind of annoying. She’s desperate to get him to fall in love with her in the beginning and is honestly mystified as to why he seems reluctant to sleep with her. She wants him to love her and doesn’t grasp the fact that he’s gay. Anyway this is made all sorts of awkward, they are trying to fix it by also giving him a ‘husband’ because in this fictional land you can have one of each! Still…it’s awkward. 

  Back to Versailles. There were some people when Liselotte was introduced that thought she was going to be THAT girl, the girl that gets in the way of the OTP. One person on twitter even called her a “blonde cow” (do NOT get me started on that…that was beyond disgusting). Now knowing history, I knew that was not going to happen, those two are together until death do them part (quite literally look it up it’s sad but doesn’t happen for a long time don’t worry everybody!). Yet having experienced The Magicians, I was a teeny bit hesitant as to how this whole thing would be handled as Philippe did have children with Liselotte. How would Liselotte come off? Would she come off as clingy or not understanding of the realities of the situation? 

I was SO impressed by the writing of her character, the writing of their situation, and the resolution between Liselotte, The Chevalier and Philippe. I really didn’t want a freaking love triangle of awfulness to last an entire season, especially when Liselotte was such an amazing character. I think that it was genius that they made her someone most people can identify with and even aspire to be. She’s fun, she’s down to earth, she’s courageous, she’s blunt and she’s a damn good person. She walked in fully knowing that Philippe had a boyfriend and though I know she was probably disappointed to realize that he was not attracted to her whatsoever and physically never would be, she came up with a solution that ultimately got her what she wanted (aka kids so she didn’t get kicked out of Versailles and sent home in shame) and  was a great influence on both Philippes. She had the right idea all along, that this whole mess would work better if the three of them could stop fighting and if the Chevalier would just calm the fuck down and realize she didn’t want to take his place. I love the scene between her and the Chevalier, I think it’s an eye opener for both of them. She comes into things with a very business-like  mindset…and he gives it to her straight, that this isn’t about just sharing a bed or sex, it’s about love and that his heart is broken. His monologue to her is heartbreaking. And I think she kind of knocks some sense into him very gently when she says that the reason he’s acting like this is because he’s terrified and that Philippe loves him but he’s going to lose that love.

   The writers made her important to both men, and I think, at the end when she realizes that she’s in a fucked up situation where her brother in law actually had most of her family killed, at the very least she knows she has two people who she can count on.  Philippe loves her, maybe not physically but definitely loves her as a person. The Chevalier knows she’d never hurt either of them, and that she wants nothing more than to make all of them happy so he has someone to talk to as well. I think the fact that Philippe basically tells both of them that should anything happen to him (IT WON’T) that the Chevalier will marry her and raise their kids says it all.  And the last scene where they are both watching Philippe leave and Liselotte clutches an obviously distraught Chevalier’s hand, you see Philippe smile knowing the two people he loves are going to be ok. And then the final scene of the season, which I assume is some time later, you see the two  of them again together and it’s clear that they are both leaning on each other for friendship and support while Philippe is away. I think the progression from all three fighting  to working together  and ultimately love is so different, and such a breath of fresh air and also shows just how awesome a person Liselotte is. She’s a bit disappointed, but she’s a damn fine human and she wants the people she cares about to be happy. She becomes sort of the missing ingredient to making those two work, the one who will knock some sense into either one of them when Philippe gets too moody or the Chevalier gets too possessive and I hope they’ll get her to also have more fun and embrace the ridiculousness of it all. Yay great character arcs for everyone!

Also SO happy they made it clear that Philippe is pretty exclusively gay and does have trouble having sex with a woman since he is not attracted to women. He doesn’t just magically perform cause ‘welp now I have to’. That was amazing. 

TLDR: Liselotte is a gift of a character, Versailles stayed away from the stupid love triangle trope, and gave us a pretty polyamorous marriage that is respectful,loving, and not uncomfortable. 

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kill me with 34

OMG! What the fuck is wrong with you, man? D: Now in revenge, i’ll write other kind of dying.

34. In a pool of your own blood

ff.net // AO3

Hyde’s day had been a nightmare.

Not only Kelso and Brooke thought it was a good day to have a big fight and leave their eldest daughter with him so they could resolve their crap alone, but the latest album shipment to Grooves was completely wrong. The distributor had screwed up his order, and he was the one who had to fix it.

He hated this part of being The Boss. He tried his damn best, but on days like this he wished he could still be the lazy kid in the basement. But nope.

Nowdays he was the owner of a growing chain of music stores that also supported small bands, giving them a chance to get heard. He was also a very stressed-out-at-the-moment husband and a very worried-for-the-past-week father.

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So we all love when Lena sees Supergirl get hurt because of her Extra Gay Worried™ reactions but WHAT IF Lena is also present when Kara gets hurt?

Like we all know that Lena knows Kara is Supergirl but Kara hasn’t confirmed it yet. So if Lena sees Kara Danvers getting hurt in a way a human probably wouldn’t survive, you know there’s going to be a part of her thinking

Oh god what if I’m wrong?

Shattered Kingdom - Bughead - Part 2

Part 1 / AO3 Link / Inspiration

Summary: His kingdom was shattered. Darkness crept in his kingdom and tore it apart from within. The princess from the rivaling kingdom was the only one who could repair it. 

Prince Forsythe hated tradition. Even when it was his birthday, and he was supposed to hold a banquet.

Usually, banquets never ended well. Normally, these banquets would end with some sort of disaster. Last year, someone got drunk and puked all over someone’s desert, which ended up in a drunk fist fight. And that ended the banquet on a sour note.

The year before that, King Forsythe threatened someone’s life — and although it was meant jokingly, no one took it that way. People rioted. It was a dark time.

So you can imagine Prince Forsythe’s fear of the banquet he was supposed to hold this year.

“Brother,” Princess Bean said from the doorway, “it won’t be that bad.”

Prince Forsythe glanced over at his sister — a beautiful girl in a beautiful sage green dress — and said, “every year leading up until now has been a disaster.”

Princess Bean walked in, and took half of the silverware from him. Then, she began to help him set the table.

“Make this year different,” Princess Bean said, placing silverware on neatly folded napkins, “give them something to talk about.”

She flipped her long, curly black hair over her shoulder, and smiled at her brother.

“Alright,” he replied. Normally he’d have more to say — but today he was afraid of how many guys he’d have to protect his sister from.

Princess Bean hugged him, and he caught a whiff of her sweet hair oil. When she pulled away, she said, “and don’t worry about disasters, okay?”

King Forsythe cleared his throat from the doorway. “Son, it’s time for you to give your speech.”

Forsythe followed his father to the balcony, where he began to deliver his speech.

The crowd of people was larger than normal. But that was always the case on days like these. Normally, on traditional days, when Prince Forsythe gave a speech instead of his father, the crowds were huge. It normally consisted of about two hundred people. On traditional days? The number was doubled.

His father stood at his right side, a body guard on Prince Forsythe’s left.

“Days have never been more dire,” the Prince began, “never before in history has one kingdom been more hostile toward our own. It’s at times like these when we need those closest to us in order to survive.”

The crowd mumbled its approval.

“Things are getting rough — darker. We must fight to survive. In fact, I take this moment to formally declare war with the Cooper Kingdom.”

The crowd shouted its excitement. The king glanced over in surprise, his body language stiff.

“Messengers, pass on this message to the Cooper Kingdom: Fight against the Jones Kingdom, or perish.”

Once his speech was over, though, he somehow found himself thinking of Princess Elizabeth Cooper, and hoping that somehow, she’d make it out of this war alive.

But as quickly as that hope had entered his mind he banished it. He didn’t want to be going soft toward the Cooper girls, especially not Elizabeth.

Queen Alice had never been more distressed. Princess Elizabeth sat with her sister, Princess Polly, on the bench in the garden.

Princess Polly had told her everything. Queen Alice received a message from the Jones Kingdom — they were going into war, whether they liked it or not. Elizabeth had never seen a kingdom more dark than the Jones Kingdom.

And she could only help if they asked for it, but they didn’t seem to be in the asking mood.

Polly patted Elizabeth’s knee. “I know you want to help,” she said softly, “but you can’t, not yet.”

Elizabeth smiled. “Thank you, Polly.”

One of their maids — her name might’ve been Bethel — came outside to water the plants.

Elizabeth said, “Bethel?”

She turned, and smiled, “yes ma’am?”

“Do you want to be promoted?”

Bethel grinned, “but of course! What’s my new job, your highness?”

Elizabeth stood, and took off her white gloves. Her pink dress flowed with the wind as she stood.

“Be my spy. Gather intel on the Jones Kingdom — tell me everything.

Bethel curtsied. “I shall go get dressed for the part, your highness.”

“Please, call me Elizabeth.”

A/n: How’d you like it? Don’t be afraid to tell me!

How to win a girl’s heart: A 13-Step Guide by Shikamaru

1. Win the match. Stop. Say: ‘’Give up.’’

2. Get saved by her.

3. Cry. And take advice from her.

4. Chuunin exams? Be her escort.

5. When someone asks if you two are dating, change subject.

6. Wait her to come outside early. And ask her ‘’Have you had breakfast?’’

7. Make her think good things about you. Make her believe you.

8.  Get caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Dream about her.

9. Make her worry about you. Tell her ‘’here’s nothing going on that he can depend on her for’’. Get punched by her. Apoligize.

10. Get saved by her again. 

11. Ask her on date.

12. Want advice from her about honeymoon. Make a misunderstanding. Worry about her. Make everything ok.

13. Now you’re a married couple and you have a son. Congrtz.

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raven reyes' wardrobe though: her adorable and puffy red jacket. that tattered blue t-shirt that looked so cozy and well-worn. her space suit, especially the raven-imprinted helmet. her boots (especially in the scene where she first steps foot on a bed of crunchy autumn leaves). that white henley shirt with the grey sleeves that's just like A++ and too much for my bi ass. those fingerless gloves she wears for maybe an episode (madonna ain't got nothing on raven).

you asked for this, so expect it to be long. lets geek out about raven’s wardrobe and her general otherwordly fashion sense because goddamn the fashion police is trying to get to her all the time wanting to give her some advice, but? she always looks good.

let’s start with this one

if your otp is raven x a dark greenish sweater vest ft. fingerless gloves then welcome to the club. the ecology between her and this outfit largely revolves around the fact that raven is a smartass. the statement she makes with it: ‘I’m gonna find out your secret and then i’m gonna fuck you up’. why else do you think her gloves are so long? her detecting skillz are on point. the observer is aware and she is going to go hard. also, check the color coordination. she clearly knows her style, a specialist in the arts of colors for sure.

the famous red bomber jacket aka raven’s new clothing line called ‘i’m gonna rip you to shreds’

raven’s clothes are like chopping up onions. they are layered and you end up crying a lot - tears of joy of course. sometimes you wonder if raven’s clothes are just a part of her body anyway because how does one look so cute and fierce with a red bomber at the same time, let alone during a mission? the damn chemistry… it’s not even science anymore. raven x red jacket is pure passion and their love is going to cut you like a razor (watch out alie, she’s coming for you). also, color scheme! red jacket plus well-worn and cozy blue tattered shirt! u know what that means? raven is actually bi. BI.

a little bird in space

whenever i see raven in her space suit i forget that earth is filled with some spooky things like mutated animals or reapers. because why the fuck have that, when you can have this

she just looks super cute in it. how she works a space helmet with her signature on it because yes this is raven fucking reyes in space, the little bird. the lil sticker with her name on it that finn gave her, how big the space boots look, like where the hell are her feet? she is so tiny and you just wanna hug and protect her but goddamn you don’t really need to, because space makes her feel good. the suit makes her feel good. she looks the happiest when she is wearing it, when she gets to explore space in it, see the world from a whole new angle. that’s the thing about the suit. it looks heavy, but raven makes it appear so weightless because she feels so weightless when she is wearing it, just getting to float around (yes, the irony of that word doesn’t escape me), and enjoy life in its fullest. i think we can all agree that she deserves more spacewalks, and less pain. the things i’d do for raven to find the Polaris pod in polis tbh.

moving on.

they say the problems never end, but you know what else really never ends? raven’s great fashion sense. and raven x shirts is what dreams are made of

raven in a dark red wine t-shirt? check

raven in a classic henley shirt with dark grey sleeves? check

raven being so extra and owning a hollister sporty burnout v-neck shirt that looks just a bit different from the henley with the grey sleeves? check

raven in a black tank top with flexing muscles? check. also, you see alie in the bg right? the thing is, alie never controlled raven. raven is actually in control of alie. that woman is so attracted to the unknown magnetic force of raven’s outfits (its fucking raw magnetism i swear), especially that tank top and those arms, that she’s practically hypnotized. alie only knows fashion from ‘bratz fashion boutique’ for the nintendo DS, she’s never seen anyone dress like this before. so in her eyes it ain’t even science anymore, it’s a whole new world. and leave it to raven to dess- i mean, fight like a genius. she’s got this.

or this one? ravens got a thing for darker sleeves. i told you she appreciates color coordination, it sustains her.

also, skinny jeans are out they say. time for raven to hit the streets

the green pants are my aesthetic and the details you can see on the jeans in the picture to your right is my kink.

and then raven’s boots.

her presence is undeniable *crunch crunch* girl is never out of style. also, who needs leg warmers when you can just tug your hands into your boots??? she is about to become the greatest fashion icon, watch her (if she isnt already duh).

one of these days she’s going to bring back heelys and everyone will actually love her for it. cause raven can make everything cool.

“Frederick, I’m going to work whether you like it or not! N-now put me down-!”

"You are ill and you are going to rest whether YOU like it or not. And I’m going to make sure you recover, or I’ll die trying. Now were getting you back to bed, understand?”

so I’ve been experimenting with my style lately and this happened// trying my hand at fanart and I mean who else to try and doodle than number one OTP fredrobin–
My guess is Robin is sick and trying to work hard as usual but Frederick wants her resting. She tries to escape and he scoops her up to plant her back in bed, only for her to protest- hence the heated argument in his arms xD

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Hi! 49 for Royai if you want :)

Muchas gracias. 

This is very short and sweet. I hope you like it. 

49.  “Your voice is sexy.” - “Your ass is sexy.”

OTP Drabble Challenge from @prompt-bank

Roy smiled as Riza burrowed under his arm. There was something very endearing about drunken Riza. He didn’t get to see her very often. Her cheeks were flushed, her hair was askew and her eyes were sparkling.

When he turned up on her doorstep with a bottle of wine, he thought she was going to send him away.

It was their first night back in East City after their operation in Ishval. It had been a tough, being back there, but all had gone as well as it could.

Tonight there was lightness about them, like the burdens had been lifted from their shoulders. They both knew it was a temporary respite, and so it should be, but tonight they were going to enjoy the calm together.

With his arm wrapped around her and his fingers playing with her hair, they could almost be a normal couple. Just a normal couple having an evening in instead of a two officers illegally fraternising.

There were a lot of things Roy had to give up, but being with Riza was no longer one he would tolerate.

“Have you ever noticed how everyone thinks I’m your nanny?”

“Been listening to gossip again?”

She turned in his embrace so that she was facing him, “Am I bossy?”

Roy’s eyes widened wondering what caused her to settle on that topic. “You’re not bossy. You just have exacting standards, I like that in a lady.”

“Hmm - do you now?” Her tongue slipped out and licked her lips. “And what else does General Roy Mustang like in his ladies?”

“There’s only one lady,” he replied. “I’m not sure if you know her.”

She smacked his chest, and he smirked.

“Tell me what you like about this lady.”

“You are the only one for me,” he whispered. “Your voice is sexy. You-”

“Your ass is sexy,” she interrupted.

He raised an eyebrow. “Is that why you followed me, Lieutenant? You wanted to check out my nice tight ass.”

“Not the only reason, but I admit it’s a perk.”

“I feel so violated.”

Riza rolled her eyes.

 “I suppose I better give you some space then,” she teased.

“I have a better idea.” Roy pulled her onto his lap.


Okay y'all, major plot idea / want / need coming your way. So there’s this little rich girl with that typical “I grew up with absentee parents so I have this serious need for attention” attitude and she is always acting out and going to these extremes to make people love her. She has a reputation for manipulating men and getting too clingy when they start falling in her traps. Enter a total scoundrel and con man who was literally raised as a weapon by his gold-digging mother to seduce rich girls and steal their money. At first they strike up a friendship over their scheming ways and shared love for the finer things in life - he even agrees to help her sabotage some girl who is an obstacle to her latest wannabe lover. But as they start spending more time together, they start developing feelings for each other bc they have just both been so deprived of love. They finally start to give in and even though it starts out as just sleeping together, they begin to reveal their genuine feelings for each other (after many screw ups because neither of them really know how to love someone). But oops he never happened to mention his past and that he actually made an effort to meet her because SHE was supposed to be his next target. Angst and drama ensues


request for: @superwholocksnape

pairing: Reader x Crowley, Reader x TFW

word count: 582


You looked around in disbelief. “I’ve never seen so many me’s before.”

“Welcome to a comicon, love.” Crowley laughed lightly, standing beside you.

“Right, well, you two go check the LARPing section while Sammy and I go check the stands.” Dean said, before shaking his head at the ‘Dean’ that walked by. “He’s not even wearing the jacket right.”

“Dean,” Castiel appeared in front of the oldest Winchester. “What is a Destiel and why do fake Dean’s keep trying to kiss me?”

“Son of a bitch.” Dean placed his head in his hands. “What did you tell them?”

“That, although we have a more profound bond, we are just friends.” Cas nodded.

“Profound bond, huh?” Sam nudged his brother.

“Let’s go find these douches.” Dean grumbled.

“But Dean, what is a Destiel?” Cas asked, once more.

“I’ll explain on the way.” Dean sighed, and walked off with Cas.

“We’ll meet you guys back here.” Sam informed us, walking off with Dean and Cas.

Crowley held his arm out. “Shall we love.”

Grinning, you nodded and took Crowley’s arm, letting him guide you over to the LARPing area.

“Have you ever been to one of these?” Crowley asked.

“No.” You shook your head.

“Brace yourself.” Crowley told you.

“I love your costumes!” A voice screeched from behind the two of you.

“Costumes?” You looked over at Crowley.

“I tried to warn you.” Crowley shrugged before turning to the girl behind us.

“Oh my goodness, you two are my OTP.” The girl grinned. “Crowley and Y/N are so cute together.”

You blushed profusely. You didn’t think anyone knew about your crush on Crowley, let alone ship it.

The girl continued. “I mean we all know that Y/N likes Crowley and although it doesn’t say that Crowley likes Y/N back, we all know he does. He’s only nice to her and gets her everything she wants. That’s the definition of subtext.”

Crowley let go of your hand and wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closely to his side. He looked over at you. “Maybe she’ll be the Queen of Hell one day.”

You looked back at him, smirking. “She might kill all the demons.”

“Half.” Crowley bargained with you. “Otherwise she won’t have anything to rule over.”

Another girl walked up and looked at the two of us. “I’m definitely voting for you two.”

“Voting?” You asked in confusion.

“For the costumes.” The girl explained. “And you two look really cute together.”

Crowley placed a kiss on your forehead. “We do, don’t we? If you’ll excuse us girls, Y/N and I have to go find Moose, Squirrel, and Giraffe.”

One of the girls squealed. “When you find Dean, send him my way.”

You laughed lightly. “I will.”

“So what do you think?” Crowley asked.

“About what?”

Crowley stopped walking and turned to face you. “Would you like to go to dinner tonight?”

You nodded, smiling from ear to ear. “I’d love to.”

“Good.” Crowley smiled, pressing his lips to yours. When he pulled away, his eyebrows furrowed.

“What’s wrong?” You asked.

“I don’t like the way that Crowley is staring at you.” He grumbled, shooting daggers at the man behind you.

You laughed lightly and began pulling him away. “Let’s go make sure Dean hasn’t killed off the Destiel pairings.”

“Fine,” He said, dramatically. “But if he tries to talk to you, I’m calling the Hellhounds.”

You rolled your eyes and dragged him away, excited for your date tonight.

You And Taquila...

Oops… Yup this one straight attached itself to my brain and denied me sleep. Lol. Garvez… Oh boy the things drinking can do.

Her head is pounding and she remembers why she insists they go to the same bar every time. It’s because taquila is a fickle friend to her. She can have exactly one margarita with normal alcohol content or two shots, but no more than that or… well there used to a country song about taquila making clothes fall off and well yes, yes it did. She had had two drinks and they were strong and now she’s pretty sure she’s dying.

She’s getting ready to be brave enough to open her eyes, when she hears the shower running. ‘Oh God! Oh my God!’ Is all she can think as the horror of what she may have done sets in. Did she bring home a complete stranger or possibly worse not a complete stranger?!? She is relieved that she’s fully clothed, but the sleep shorts and tank top mean that she changed.

She sits up slowly even though she wants to feign sleep, leans out to look at her disheveled living room, and immediately flops back down face burnt red. Her bra is hanging off the lamp and she’s pretty sure she saw her pants on the arm of the couch. The shower stops and she closes her eyes, but she really needs an aspirin and some water.

She reaches blindly for her cellphone and her fingers brush a cool bottle of water. She risks opening her eyes to find a bottle of water and her bottle of aspirin on the nightstand. She’s sure she had enough time to take it and 'go back to sleep’ before whoever is in that bathroom comes out. She takes a pill and greedily gulps the water. Before she can react her bathroom door opens and a shirtless Luke Alvez appears.

“Hey you feeling okay?” He questions, retrieving his shirt from the floor by her bed.

This cannot be happening. It cannot. She’s never drinking anything more then glass of wine ever again. “Uh-huh.” Is what she manages to answer.

His face lights up, it should be illegal to smile like that this early. “Good. Dry toast or greasy food for your hangover?”

“Greasy food.” She responds before she can stop herself. Surely this was platonic thing, like with Derek. It has to be, because there’s no way that they would have… That he would even want…

“Cool. I’ll go grab something​ real quick. I gotta walk Roxy.” He pulls on his shirt and kisses her forehead, lingering for just a moment. “Come on Rox.”

The dog that was apparently sleeping in her living room jumps up and wags her tail as she waits by the door.

“Luke?” She can’t let him go without asking, she just can’t. “We didn’t… I mean I’m sure we didn’t, but we… You and I…” She’s stammering and making no sense.

He shakes his head, “No we didn’t.”

She’s not sure why she’s happy and disheartened all at the same time. “Of course we didn’t you wouldn’t want…”

“Drunk. I didn’t want you drunk.” He interrupts and paces slowly back up to her bed. He runs his thumb over her cheek, before leaning in and kissing the opposite one. “Since you forgot, Miss Garcia, I’ll tell you again. I want you, but I also don’t want to be a regret. So if you still want me when I get back, we’ll go from there.”

Oh boy. I love the concept of this… Not sold on the end. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Love to my Loves ❤️❤️

Becoming Real: Double Date Day

In this installment of Becoming Real, Diana goes out with her new girlfriend, Malin, as well as her bestie Emma, and her new girlfriend Alicia. @coveofmemories @the-slytherin-ice-queen @cosmicjennifer @mxolh @ultrarebelheart @remember-me-forever-silent-angel @tinyplanet-explorers @burnbrightdoll


“Okay, so where are you and Malin going?” Luke asked. As a profiler, he and Spencer feared the worst pretty much all the time. But they also didn’t want their worries to get in the way of Diana having a life, so every time she went out, they needed to know where, for about how long, and with whom she was going.

They were going to be gone nearly the whole day. “I’ll be home for dinner, but with school I barely get to date my girl so we wanna spend the whole day at the park. Emma and Alicia are coming too.”

“Oh, that sounds nice,” Spencer said. “Now what is the code word if something ever happens to you? 

When Kate Callahan had worked for the BAU more than 20 years earlier, she had a code word, pepper, with her niece, and it had saved her life, so when Diana came to a point in her life where that kind of thing might be necessary, they decided to implement the same idea.

“PB CUP,” she said, smiling at them and giving them a thumbs up. They all tried to think of something she could easily remember and would make sense to the three of them. “If anyone comes near me or Malin, I will kick them in the nuts and run like hell.” 

Luke laughed, coming up to his daughter’s side and giving her a kiss on the top of the head. “That’s my girl,” he said. “Have fun with Malin today.” 

“I will,” she said, heading toward the door. “Love you, Dad! Love you, Daddy!”

Simultaneously, they screamed back at her. “Love you too!”

“Hey, sexy,” Malin said, as Diana walked up to her side. The two shared their love for crazy hair; Malin’s was still electric blue, and now Diana had her mermaid hair. They were curtained by the crazy swirl of colors as Diana’s lips touched Malin’s. Emma ran up behind Diana, poking her in the shoulder before jumping into Alicia’s arms. After nearly a year of pining after Alicia, Emma had finally told her how she felt. 

Malin and Diana were practically making out in the middle of the park, but were interrupted, bursting into a fit of laughter when they opened their eyes and realized that Alicia and Emma were standing on either side of them just staring. “Want a show?” Malin asked. “Because I’m sure we could give you a good one.”

Emma linked her arm in Alicia’s and Malin did the same with Diana before they started walking around the lake. It was a beautiful day. Just cool enough for a sweater, but not cold. Malin and Diana had traded sweatshirts, so they were wearing each other’s clothes. As they began to walk, a breeze whipped up from the lake, bringing a chill through Diana’s body. She cuddled into Malin’s embrace, wrapping her arms around her torso while Malin unzipped the hoodie and wrapped one side around Diana.

“Alicia has the right idea,” Diana laughed. As the shorter of Emma and Alicia, Alicia had decided that the way to travel was by way of a piggyback ride, which was amazing for Emma because Alicia had her head nestled in the crook of her neck.

Immediately, Malin pushed Diana behind her back and latched onto her legs. “I’m always up for giving piggyback rides,” she said as Diana jumped on her back. Once Diana was situated, she ran as fast as she could, which considering she had an person on her back was quite fast. Malin was insanely strong. Emma tried to keep up, laughing as Alicia started to weigh her down and they fell to the ground. “Turn around,” Diana said. When they turned, they saw Emma and Alicia making out on the ground. “Let’s go join them,” she laughed. “Looks like fun.”

“Should all four of us makeout?” Malin laughed. “Or should we just chill next to them?” Knowing Malin, she wouldn’t have a problem with either.

“I mean, I’d be fine with either,” Diana said, hopping off Malin’s back and falling to the ground. Malin walked around the other side of her, coming down so she was kissing Diana upside down. “You know I’ve kissed her before,” she said, pointing to Emma.

“Really?’ she asked. “Why didn’t that happen?” She was alluding to a relationship between the two, which they had talked about, but decided against.

Emma pulled her lips away from Alicia’s for two seconds, but Alicia still planted a kiss on Emma’s cheek. “Well, we talked about it. Because she wasn’t sure if she was bisexual, so she asked me to kiss her, and I did. She’s got nice lips, right?” Malin laughed, enthusiastically nodding her head. “Anyway, we both decided that we’re the type of people that probably can’t remain friends with our exes, and if we ever broke up, I wouldn’t want to risk losing her. She’s my bae. So we decided against dating. Although, whoever ends up with you, will be one of the luckiest man or woman in the universe.”

“Aw, thank you, babe,” Diana said. Both Malin and Alicia made a fake gagging noise and then pulled their respective ladies up off the grass. “Ready to continue walking? I wanna take pictures.” 

They continued around the lake and eventually found a place with a tiny, baby waterfall so they decided to take a ton of pictures in front of it. “We need pictures in combinations of all of us,” Alicia said. Over the course of the next hour, the four girls took pictures in every combination imaginable. Some were smiling, some were kissing, some were making stupid, weird faces, but all of them were fun. A few of the other people in the park that passed them even made comments on how cute they all were together. Diana and Malin did get a couple of looks for the hair, to which both responded with a middle finger.

Malin looked down at her watch. “Alright, I think we have to get going. I know you have dinner with your dads and you have to study for your genetics test. You two,” she laughed, pointing to Emma and Alicia, who were still all over each other, “probably have to go back to Emma’s place and do dirty things together, and I have band practice.” The one thing Malin wanted in life was to play music. She’d do anything to get there, and no matter whether they were together or not, Diana knew she’d get there one day.

As they walked back toward the entrance to the park, all was quiet. Diana and Emma leaned into their respective girlfriends, hands intertwined as they scrolled through the pictures they took during the day. Malin was the oldest of the four, so she drove Emma and Alicia home before stopping at Diana’s house. “Have fun at practice, okay,” Diana said, leaning into the driver’s seat window to give Malin a kiss.

“I will babe,” she replied. “I’ll call you later?”

“Absolutely!” When she turned around, Spencer was already there, door wide open with the smell of chicken and pasta wafting from the house.

“Have fun today?”

“Yes,” she said happily. “It was a perfect day.”

ok but do you ever cry when you think about the fact that early on in season 2 all jemma wanted was her best friend back, she just wanted to go back to the way things were before but we got to watch her realise towards the season’s end that she didn’t want that anymore, she didnt just want her best friend back but she wanted every part of him in every way because jemma simmons finally realised that she was so in love with leopold fitz she couldnt ever imagine life without him i just

we'll still have each other| kiane

summary: now that it’s raining more than ever, know that we’ll still have each other. [yes rihanna trash leave me alone]

pairings: king/diane, sorta one-sided diane/meliodas.

sidenote: *slides in* wow. Something with an actual story and not just pointless drabbling?? i thought this day would never come. dedicated to my DEAR friend Kiri, sorry this took me so long bby. have some cavity kiane.


A single rain drop hit her nose. Another slid down the expanse of her cheek, laughingly slow, like a tear drop paving a path for its brothers.

She had been expecting rain. She was even wearing her black rain boots, with bright white polka dots, and a light navy blue jacket to cover her school uniform.

She had forgotten an umbrella. How stupid of her.

She stared down at the sidewalk, watching the pale cream color dull into a deeper beige as the raindrops coated it, slowly at first, then all at once, like someone had decided to pour a bucket over the entire city.

Pieces of her hair became plastered to her cheeks from the force of the rain she didn’t care now, nothing mattered anyways.

The day had started off so well, too.



“What are you going to do today Diane?” Elizabeth asked her, school had just ended and they were on their way home to start the weekend.

“Nothing,” she replied, clutching her lunch box anxiously. She wasn’t going to tell Elizabeth what she had planned, she’d probably end up interfering anyway.

“We should go shopping tomorrow, I need new socks.” Elizabeth chatted. Diane wasn’t really listening, she had too much planned today, too much going on. She loved Elizabeth, but she sure could be oblivious sometimes.

When they got to Elizabeth’s house, Diane was all too eager to say goodbye to her. She had been waiting weeks for this day, and finally, she was going to confess. She was going to confess her love to Meliodas, it was all happening today.

She had snuck a note asking him to meet her after school at the football field. Football practice was cancelled because of the rain that was scheduled, already the clouds were beginning to darken, but it didn’t dampen her spirits one bit.

The trip to the fields took less than a minute, and the butterflies in her stomach were stirring up a ruckus. She was nervous, and excited, and hopeful all at once. She felt like she was in elementary school again, seeing him for the first time.

She grabbed a silvery section of the bleachers and hoisted herself up to see better. The metal was cool to the touch, and she eagerly scanned the field.

There he was. He had actually came! He was standing by the scoreboard on his phone.

She wondered who he was texting. Probably Ban.

Another part of her brain said that it was Elizabeth, but she swept the nagging thought away quick enough. She had noticed their closeness over the past year, and it had ticked her off a bit, since she had him first, technically, but she loved Elizabeth, so she’d never confront her.

She inhaled deeply and began the trek to the goal post. Everything would be ok.

When she was halfway there, Meliodas hadn’t even looked up from his phone. She felt her heart tighten and she weighed the option of running away.

But it wasn’t worth it, she’d run away too many times. This was her last chance.

“Meliodas,” she called when she was within earshot. He looked up from his phone and threw her a casual wave.

“Yo, Diane. What are you doing here?” He asked, looking mildly confused. He must’ve not realized she was the one who’d asked him to meet.

“I wanted to meet you here.” She said, folding her hands behind her back anxiously. Hi eyebrows furrowed slightly.

“That was you? What’s up?” He wondered allowed, still keeping that dopey curious face.

“I wanted to tell you something…” she closed her eyes and summoned all of the courage she had in her. “I…”

“Is it going to rain?” He interrupted her suddenly, holding his hand out, almost waiting for a raindrop to fall into the palm of his hand.

Frustrated, Diane puffed out her cheeks and decided to go out on a limb.

“I love you!”

It took a few seconds to affect him, he curled his hand into a fist and dropped it back to his side. Then, he sighed, like he had been expecting this whole ordeal to go down one day, and leaned his back against the goal post. It was old, so it made a small squeaking sound in protest.

“No you don’t,” he responded simply. Flabbergasted, Diane opened and shut her mouth, hoping for intelligent words to pour out with no avail.

“Wh-at?” She barely managed to annunciate. He shrugged.

“Come on Diane, you don’t really love me. And I don’t love you, not the way you want me to. I think you know that.” He told her softly.

“That’s…” she digested his words slowly, painfully, like needles sinking into her flesh.

He didn’t love her. He didn’t like her back, not at all…

“You’re my friend, Diane. And you always will be. But you don’t love me, you should realize that. It’s pointless to pin after me when you could do so much better.” He spoke with such resounding confidence, Diane wanted to believe him. But she was too hurt to even speak.

She had spent so long loving him, it didn’t seem like there’d be any world for her to return to after this rejection.

“Hm. It is going to rain, you should get home.” Meliodas said before inhaling and turning around to walk home.

She stood there, in the football field, watching him walk away.

That couldn’t be it. That couldn’t be all. This was her moment, her time to shine, it wasn’t supposed to be this way-

She looked down at her hands in awe.

What was wrong with her?



She wants to walk home, but her feet are frozen, the rain just falls harder and harder and somewhere along the line she starts crying, too.



Puddles begin forming on the street beside her, and cars fly by, eager to get home, to see their families after a long day at work.

She just stares at the ground, like she is waiting for it to grow a pair of lips and give her some decent advice.

What could possibly come next? Every chapter of her life up until now had been next chapter, you’ll live happily ever after, with Meliodas by your side.

But the chapter was over, and she had no happily ever after. She had no prince.

Maybe she was the dragon in this story, and everybody knows dragons don’t get happy endings.

But didn’t she deserve one too? Dragons want a happy ending, just like any princess.

She steps in a deep puddle and some water drips down into her socks. Great.

She’s sure she smells like a storm and looks like one tore right through her, but she doesn’t really care.

What was the point of looking pretty if you had no prince to be pretty for?


Her heart pauses at the sound. Could it be, Meliodas had come back for her?

She looks up, eyes wide with wonder, but blinks in confusion when she sees someone else running towards her.

“Good god, you’re soaked! Here,” he remarks,  holding his umbrella up higher, just so it covers up her dripping wet body.

King is not built for running, he is tiny for a boy his age and is wheezing like a dying hamster. It’s somewhat endearing, partly because she knows she looks no more attractive than he.

“Thanks King.” She speaks hollowly, making no movement to indicate genuine gratitude.

“Are you…?” He stands up after a few seconds of heavy breathing. “Ok? Are you ok? Did someone hurt you? You’re-“ his hand stops a few inches from her face. “You’re…crying…”

“I’m fine.” She assures him, in the least reassuring voice she’s ever conjured.

“Who did this? Who made you cry?! I’ll-“

“King, it’s fine. It doesn’t matter.” She makes a tiny effort to wipe her tears away, but frowns when nothing but dark black smudges on her hand. Right. Her makeup.

“No! If someone hurt you, that’s not ok! I…” He trails off again and it’s then Diane realizes that neither one of them are very good with words.

“It’s my fault,” she admits, trying her best to wipe her sopping makeup off. “I was dumb.”

“You…you’re not dumb, Diane.” He tells her, adjusting the umbrella to it’s a little bit higher. She is a few inches taller than him, but it was still endearing to see him try.

“I really am,” she sniffs, looking down at him sadly. “He never loved me, did he? I never stood a chance, you know that King.”

His face contorts in realization. Diane wonders if everyone did know about her crush, it seemed like Meliodas was the one who new more than anyone else.

“Well – yeah, maybe he doesn’t like you now, but that’s not because you’re bad, or anything!” King says, his tone is rushed, and she can instantly tell he’s just trying to cheer her up. He’s always done that, always been the one to pull her back on her feet. It’s selfish of her to want to keep King to herself sometimes.

“Do you think there’s something wrong with me?” She asks him, but it’s more directed at herself than anyone. What flaws did she have that drove Meliodas away? Was she too tall? That had always been a problem in her life…

“N-no! There’s nothing wrong with you! I mean-“

She raises one of her eyebrows at him. He blushes, and looks down.

“I mean,  you’re just…” He stops, almost like there’s a word lingering on the tip of his tongue.

“I’m just…what?” She asks him, looking down with blatant wonder and curiosity.

He smiles at her nervously and shrugs.


She stops walking for a second, and so does he. It seems like both of them are equally embarrassed.


“I mean…I just…”

“Thank you.”

He looks up at her, worried expression slowly fading.

“Thank you King, really.” She wipes her eyes again, only minimal dark smudges appear. She’s sure they make the weirdest pair, a sobbing, raccoon, faced girl and a small, fairy-faced boy.

“You’re…welcome, Diane.”

“You’ll always be my friend, right?” she asks, a wide smile gracing her cheeks.

His heart stops. She is so beautiful.


Because for her, he’ll be anything.

“Good, because I think I need a lot of ice cream,” she laughs a little bit, peeling a bit of wet hair off of her forehead.

He laughs along with her, tightening the grip on his umbrella to make sure she isn’t getting any rain on her.

They walk home to the beat of the falling rain, and the sunshine on Diane’s horizon is just a chapter away.







GIRL GOES TO A PARTY searching for druglords






twitter hate ♡ grayson

– requested by anon

“This one’s cute!” You show Grayson a picture of you both on your phone, which makes him smile.

“I love that one,” He says. The picture was of you on your tippy toes, giving Grayson a kiss on the cheek as he smiles widely, “We should post it!” He says and your eyes widen,

“Are you sure that’s a good idea Gray?” You ask hesitantly and he looks at you,

“Why not? We’re dating, couples post pictures together all the time.” He says and you sigh,

“If you say so.” You smile and he gives you a quick kiss on the lips, grinning as he began the process to post the pictures.

You were happy that he was so excited, but you were also a bit nervous. You knew what always came out of a relationship with someone as famous as Grayson, and you knew that some things would not be pretty.

“There, it’s posted.” He smiles at you and takes your hand, pulling you off of he bed, “C'mon, let’s go somewhere.”

“Where?” You ask curiously and he grins,

“Ice cream?” He asks you with puppy eyes, knowing you wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Again, Gray?” You giggle and he nods his head vigorously like a little kid, “Fine!” You answer and his smile grows wider.

“Yes!” He cheers and you guys race to the car, “My lady,” He says and opens the door for you, making you giggle.

“Why thank you.” You say and he smiles cheekily, closing the door once you sat down.

You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, telling you that you had a notification.

You look at your phone to see that your twitter was blowing up,

@graysprincess: @GraysonDolan what are you doing? your wayyy too good for her.
@loversdolann: @yourusername he’s out of your league, why are you even trying?

@gdolan: she won’t last a day lmao

@cutiegray: aww, goaalss! @yourusername

@dolanhotties: we all want you to be happy @GraysonDolan, just not with her lol

@fmeupdolans: she’s so fake, why are you even with her @GraysonDolan

@sweetdolans: I love this! otp honestly

Those were only some of the comments you were getting. Some of the comments you were receiving were nice, but that didn’t take away the feeling you had in the pit of your stomach.

“Alright, are you ready to go eat some ice-cream!” Grayson asks you excitingly but you just stare at all the comments that were rolling in, “What’s wrong?” He asks, snatching your phone away from you.

He sighs deeply, looking slightly angered, “You shouldn’t read those comments. They don’t mean anything.” He puts your phone in his pocket and you look outside the window, attempting to hide your face.

“Y/N, seriously, those comments are irrelevant. They’re just jealous baby.” He reassures you and grabs your chin gently, turning your face towards him. He wipes the tears off of your face and frowns a bit, “Tell me what’s wrong and I’ll fix it.” He says and you shake your head, placing your hands on top of his,

“Your fans mean so much to you, and to know some of them hate me makes me upset.” You confess. You knew you could tell Grayson anything, which is why you weren’t afraid to speak your mind when it came to things like this.

“You mean a lot to me too, Y/N. It doesn’t matter what they think of us, it’s my relationship, and I love you.” He tells you and you give him a small smile, leaning in to kiss him.

“I love you too,” You say when you break apart, giving him one more small kiss on the lips.

“Ready for ice-cream?” He asks and you nod, intertwining your fingers.

As you drive to the ice cream shop you look out your window with a small smile, wondering how you got so lucky.

a/n – df this was cute. I ship y/n and grayson hard in this lmao. hope you guys enjoyed!